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Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Bengal Warriors
Tamil Thalaivas
BENGAL WARRIORS won the match
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FT: Bengal Warriors win 28-21 over Tamil Thalaivas.

A comfortable win for the Bengal Warriors keeps their hopes alive for a place in the playoffs while the Tamil Thalaivas fall to their 12th win from 15 games and are knocked out of the race for the playoffs.
40' Ajay Thakur caps off the game with an empty raid.
40' Subramaniam is yet again Maninder's target as he gets a running hand touch on the right cover.
Time-out in place. 

Bengal Warriors lead 27-21 with a minute left on the clock.
39' Sukesh Hegde powers through an ankle hold from Baldev Singh to collect a consolatory point.
38' Ziaur Rahman goes in for a half-hearted tackle on Thakur and is late to retreat as Thakur turns to get a point on the left cover.
38' Bengal use their review to claim a bonus on Maninder Singh's attempt.
Bengal Warriors lead 26-19 with just three minutes left on the clock.
37' All-out on Thalaivas! Surjeet Singh takes up the onus as Hooda is thrown off the court by a strong dash from the Warriors' skipper.
37' Ran Singh collects two points as he steps aside from Jasvir's block and pulls away from Sunil's back hold.

Thalaivas down to the lone man on the mat. 
37' Victor Obieoro comes in as a substitute but is carried off the mat by a dash from Ziaur Rahman.
Bengal Warriors lead 20-18 with a little less than four minutes left on the clock.
36' Ajay Thakur is dashed off on the Do or Die raid as Surjeet Singh's dash is enough to remove his opposite number.
35' Amit Hooda's top outing continues as he picks up his 7th tackle point with a firm ankle hold on Jang Kun Lee.
33' Athul MS looks to jump over the chain tackle from Baldev and Jang Kun Lee as the Thalaivas are down to four men on the mat. 
Time-out in place. 

Bengal Warriors lead 18-17 with a little more than seven minutes left on the clock.
32' Hooda does extremely well to force Bhupender deep into the right corner as Arun rushes in with a dash and throws Bhupender off on the Do or Die raid.
30' Top skill from Baldev Singh as he spots Sukesh blind-sided as runs in from the right corner and forces Sukesh to stay away from the mid-line.
30' Maninder gets a kick on Jasvir but is shoved off the court by a strong dash from Amit Hooda, who also picks up a High-5!
28' Super tackle for the Thalaivas! Ran Singh tries the toe touch on Hooda but is dashed off by Jasvir and Subramaniam.
Ziaur Rahman comes in for Ravindra Kumawat.
27' Surjeet Singh steps to his right as he blocks Ajay Thakur's escape route on the Do or Die raid.
26' Super raid for Bhupender! Four points for Singh! Collects the bonus point, wards off the dash from C Arun and then gets through the chain tackle from Sukesh Hegde and Jasvir Singh to get his hand across the mid-line.
Bhupender Singh comes in for Ziaur Rahman.
P Subramaniam comes back in place of Athul MS.
24' Athul strikes on his first raid with a reaching hand touch on right corner Baldev Singh.
Athul MS comes in for P Subramaniam.
23' Bonus point picked up by Jang Kun Lee.
22' Sukesh attempts the bonus but is gifted a point through a poor ankle hold from Ravindra Kumawat.
21' Maninder goes a little too deep towards the right cover as Amit Hooda brings him down with a low ankle hold.
The second half is underway at Panchkula!
HT: Bengal Warriors lead 11-10 over the Tamil Thalaivas.

Surjeet Singh's efficiency in the cover position has been the driving factor in Bengal's slight domination in the first half while Maninder Singh has contributed with five raid points. 

The Thalaivas face just a one-point deficit and will need Ajay Thakur to fire in order to cruise to a win which could keep their hopes of qualification alive. 
20' Empty raid from Maninder Singh to end the first half.
20' Surjeet Singh brings out his famous ankle hold as Ajay Thakur is pulled deep into the Bengal half.
19' Maninder pushes away a thigh hold attempted by C Arun to collect his fifth raid point of the game.
18' Baldev Singh's ankle hold is in vain as Ajay Thakur dives towards the mid-line to pick a point on the Do or Die raid.
17' Subramaniam continues to have a sad day as his dash on Maninder is feeble and the raider powers through to collect a point.
16' Amit Hooda latches on to the ankles of Ravindra Kumawat as the raider is pinned down on the mat in a flash.
Scores now leveled on 8-8 with five minutes to go in the first half.
15' Poor raid from Sukesh on the Do or Die as he runs into the open arms of Ran Singh with the rest of the defense enveloping the raider.
14' Bhupender comes away with a raid point as he turns away from C Arun's dash from the left cover.
Bhupender Singh comes in for Ziaur Rahman.
12' Ajay Thakur runs into the lobbies after getting a hefty running hand touch on right corner Baldev Singh.
12' Repeated attempts on the bonus proves worthy as Jang Kun Lee picks up a bonus point.
10' Maninder tries to pinch the bonus point before Amit Hooda dives on the ankles of the raider to keep Singh away from the mid-line on the Do or Die raid.
10' Surjeet Singh takes up the challenge as his solo block on Ajay Thakur keeps his opposite number down on the Do or Die raid.
8' Ravindra Kumawat looks for a touch on the right corner but is shoved out of the court by a dash from C Arun.
7' Surjeet Singh snaps into action with a short block to trap Sukesh Hegde on the Do or Die raid.
5' Formidable ankle hold from left corner Sunil roots Maninder Singh down on the mat. 
5' Sukesh Hegde picks up a bonus point.
4' Subramaniam in the right cover is Maninder's bunny yet again as Singh pulls off yet another running hand touch on the Do or Die raid.
3' A fantastic reverse kick from Thakur as Ravindra Ramesh is caught off-guard and jogs away to the benches.
2' Bonus point for Jang Kun Lee under the nose of the right corner.
2' Sukesh wards off a dash from Ziaur Rahman to tumble away with a point.
1' Maninder Singh brings out a clinical running hand touch as he sends Subramaniam off to the benches.
Ajay Thakur becomes the third man to pick up 700 raid points in PKL history.
1' Early error from Ran Singh who looks to keep Ajay down with an ankle hold but the Thalaivas skipper escapes easily.
Bengal Warriors win the toss and opt for court. Tamil Thalaivas to raid first!
Big news coming in from the Thalaivas is that Manjeet Chhillar will not be playing today!

How much will the Thalaivas miss his impact? Stay tuned for all the live updates from this game!
Starting VIIs - 

Bengal Warriors: Ran Singh (C), Surjeet Singh, Maninder Singh, Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat, Jang Kun Lee, Baldev Singh, Ziaur Rahman.

Tamil Thalaivas: Ajay Thakur (C), Jasvir Singh, Sukesh Hegde, Amit Hooda, C.Arun, P Subramaniam, Sunil. 
The second game of the day features the Bengal Warriors clashing with the Tamil Thalaivas at the Tau Devilal Sports Complex in Panchkula. 

Bengal can do well with a win to push their chances of qualification for the playoffs while the Thalaivas languish at the bottom of the Zone 'B' table with just five wins from 18 matches. 
Tau Devilal Sports Complex, Panchkula
Match Start Time
Fri, 14/Dec/2018 21:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
Zone B
Pro Kabaddi 2018