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Bengal Warriors vs U.P. Yoddha - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Bengal Warriors
U.P. Yoddha
U.P. YODDHA won the match
Up next, we have the PKL Playoffs with the top three teams from the two zones going through.

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That's all from the action tonight as the league stage of the Pro Kabaddi League comes to an end.

Check the latest points tally right here.
U.P. Yoddha Beat Bengal Warriors (41-25) and move to the playoffs.
40' Bhupender Singh's jersey comes off after the tackle by Rishank Devadiga as the raider rolls past the midline.
40' Adarsh T does well to score two points escaping the block by Sachin Kumar after having scored the touch point early on.
39' Bhupender Singh gets tackled at the left lobby after a strong block by Aashish Nagar. He ran despite the whistle and got past the midline but is ruled out due to the whistle being blown already.
38' Azad Singh gets tackled near the midline after the strong combination tackle by Bhupender Singh and Ran Singh.
37' Strong raid by Amit Nagar as he escapes the ankle hold by Narender and catches another touch on his way to the midline.
36' Rishank Devadiga scores a toe touch and has reached nine points on the mat tonight.
35' Baldev Singh comes in to raid and gets the easy bonus point but is tackled with the double thigh hold to get another all-out on the Warriors.
34' Do-or-die raid for Sachin Kumar against two defenders and he escapes the ankle hold attempt by Ran Singh at the left corner.
33' Do-or-die for Bengal Warriors as Amit Nagar comes in to raid. He is tackled with the ankle hold by Nitesh Kumar, who picks up his 'High 5' on the night.
31' Sachin Kumar shows great speed across the match catching Manoj Dhull on the right corner of the Warriors' defence.
30' Ameares Mondal is awarded the point after he was held back by the scruff of his jersey.
29' Super Raid!! Rishank Devadiga pulls off a stunning raid as he gets his hand past the midline after escaping the ankle hold by Bhupender Singh and got two more touches on his way to safety.
28' Sachin Kumar adds another tackle point as he locked in the ankle hold on Mithin Kumar who had picked up the bonus point.
27' Strong double thigh hold by Ziaur Rehman as Prashant Rai gets tackled at the baulk line. 
26' Sachin Kumar inflicts the all-out on Bengal Warriors after putting Ziaur Rehman out of bounds and gets the easy touch on Adarsh T.
26' Ameares Mondal is tackled at the right corner after the ankle hold by Nitesh Kumar.
25' Super Tackle!! Rishank Devadiga goes up against two defenders and is tackled down after the diving ankle hold by Adarsh T. Mondal came in quickly to support his corner defender.
25' Adarsh T comes in for Mithin Kumar
24' Mithin Kumar comes in for the do-or-die raid and gets an easy bonus point at the left corner.
24' Rishank Devadiga corners Ran Singh at the left corner and gets the hand touch to reduce Bengal to two men on the mat.
23' Do-or-die raid for UP Yoddha and Shrikant Jadhav is successful again as he escapes the ankle hold by Manoj Dhull on the right corner.
22' Bhupender Singh is tackled at the left corner with a strong ankle hold by Sachin Kumar and the covers dash in to keep the raider down.
21' The second half begins in Kolkata as UP Yoddha lead 19-11 over the home side.
Ameares Mondal comes in for Surjeet Singh
Mithin Kumar comes in for Jang Kun Lee
Half Time: UP Yoddha 19 - 11 Bengal Warriors
19' Amit Nagar escapes the initial tackle but is brought down at the left lobby as the dash came in from Rishank Devadiga.
19' Do-or-die raid now for Shrikant Jadhav and he scores the quick running hand touch on Ziaur Rehman in the cover position.
18' Amit Nagar scores a touch point with a well-taken high kick at the left corner on Narender.
17' Surjeet Singh picks up a toe touch point at the left corner catching Sachin Kumar napping.
16' Rishank Devadiga is tackled at the right corner as Manoj Dhull locks the ankle hold/
15' Bhupender Singh is tackled at the right corner as the defenders surround the raider after his bonus point attempt.
14' Do-or-die raid for Shrikant Jadhav and the chain is broken yet again as Ran Singh and Amit Nagar fail to keep him down.
12' Bhupender Singh comes off the bench and gets the early bonus point. He is trapped with a sturdy ankle hold by Nitesh Kumar on the right corner. All-out for the UP Yoddha as they take a 6-point lead (14 - 8)
11' Prashant Rai breaks away from the chain tackle by Surjeet and Rehman to reduce the Warriors to the last man on the mat.
11' It is Bengal's do-or-die raid now as Jang Kun Lee faces five defenders. He gets tackled with the strong thigh hold by Nitesh Kumar as the covers rush in with the support.
10' Rishank Devadiga steps up for the do-or-die raid. He is able to score the point after escaping the ankle hold by Ran Singh on the left corner.
8' Another Super Tackle!! Narender traps Amit Nagar at the right corner with an ankle hold as Jeeva Kumar rushed in with the support. Scores level at 7-7 now with eight minutes played so far.
7' Do-or-die raid for Shrikant Jadhav but he fails to escape the thigh hold by Ran Singh as Baldev Singh rushed in with the assist quickly.
5' Super Tackle!! Maninder Singh goes up against three defenders and is trapped with the double thigh hold at the baulk line by Shrikant Jadhav. The deficit down to just one point now.
5' Rishank Devadiga escapes the thigh hold by Amit Nagar and reaches the midline.
4' Jang Kun Lee gets the quick toe touch on Nitesh Kumar and gets away from the block that followed by Sachin Kumar. UP Yoddha down to two men in the fifth minute of the match.
3' Prashant Rai runs into the double thigh hold by Ziaur Rehman just past the baulk line rooting the raider to the spot.
2' Maninder Singh comes in for his first raid and strikes Shrikant Jadhav with a good running hand touch at the right In position.
2' Rishank Devadiga shows great awareness getting the touch on Ran Singh who put in a hasty tackle attempt.
1' Jang Kun Lee picks up a big scalp getting Prashant Rai with a running hand touch at the left In position.
1' Rishank Devadiga starts off proceedings with a quick bonus point at the left corner.
It is a must-win match for the UP Yoddha with a chance to move ahead of the Patna Pirates.

Can they win tonight under pressure against the in-form home side? Stay tuned !!
The toss is won by Bengal Warriors and they put the UP Yoddha in to raid first.
Starting Lineups:

Bengal Warriors - Ran Singh (c), Surjeet Singh, Ziaur Rehman, Baldev Singh, Amit Nagar, Maninder Singh, Jang Kun Lee

UP Yoddha - Rishank Devadiga (c), Prashant Kumar Rai, Shrikant Jadhav, Nitesh Kumar, Jeeva Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Narender
Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 6 as the final match of the league stage sees the Bengal Warriors take on UP Yoddha in Kolkata.
Patna Pirates’ defeat last night against Gujarat Fortunegiants means a win tonight against the Bengal Warriors will send U.P. Yoddha through to the Playoffs. Bengal Warriors, on the other hand, stand a chance to end the league as Zone B leaders if they manage to pull off a win provided the Bulls lose their fixture against Pink Panthers earlier in the evening.
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Indoor Stadium, Kolkata
Match Start Time
Thu, 27/Dec/2018 21:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengal Warriors vs U.P. Yoddha
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
Zone B
Pro Kabaddi 2018