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Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Bengaluru Bulls
Telugu Titans
BENGALURU BULLS won the match
That's all from this clash! Switch tabs to follow all the live action from the game between the home team Jaipur Pink Panthers and Haryana Steelers here.
A complete performance from the Bulls led by Pawan Sehrawat, who picked up 13 points while Amit Sheoran finished with a well-deserved 'High-5'. For the Titans, Rahul Chaudhari was the only bright spark as he collected 13 raid points from the game. 

A loss for the Titans now compounds their qualification scenario for the playoffs as well. 
FT: Bengaluru Bulls win 44-28 over the Telugu Titans.

With this win, the Bengaluru Bulls become the first team to qualify for the playoffs from the Zone 'B' table.
40' Rahul Chaudhari strikes one back with a hand touch on Mahender SIngh.
40' Pawan Sehrawat goes deep towards the right corner and gets a hand touch on Mohsen Maghsoudlou.
38' Mohsen gets his act right on the left corner with a decisive double thigh hold on Rohit Kumar.
38' Nilesh Salunke is brought down by a combined dash from Ashish Sangwan and Pawan Sehrawat.
37' Vishal Bharadwaj yet again commits an error as he looks for a back hold on Rohit, who turns in time and collects an easy point.
37' Rahul Chaudhari is turned back on his way as Amit Sheoran's dash from the left is met by support from the rest of the defense.
Bengaluru Bulls lead 40-26 with four minutes left on the clock.
36' Rahul Chaudhari struggles through an ankle hold from Raju Lal Choudhary. 
36' One point each yet again as Rohit Kumar is dashed out by Anuj and Manoj Kumar but Anuj also goes out of the court.
35' One point awarded to both teams as Rahul Chaudhari is turned off the court by a dash from Mahender, who also goes out with some momentum from the dash. 

Bengaluru Bulls lose their review as they challenge the decision.
34' Pawan sweeps his hand and gets a firm reaching hand touch on Mohsen Maghsoudlou.
33' Bonus point awarded to Rahul Chaudhari.
32' All-out on the Titans! Mahender Singh runs from the left cover as he traps Rakshith with a colossal frontal block.
Rakshith comes in for Farhad Milaghardan.
Titans down to one man on the mat.
31' Mohsen Maghsoudlou steps out of the court on Rohit Kumar's raid and gifts away a point to the Bulls.
31' Kamal Singh is brought down by a precise ankle hold from Ashish Sangwan.
31' Kashiling Adake slaps the face of Rahul Chaudhari to pick his third point of the night.
30' Super 10 for Rahul Chaudhari! The 'poster boy' gets a hand touch on Pawan Sehrawat to run away with a point.
Kamal Singh comes in for Anil Kumar.
28' Super tackle from Farhad Milaghardan! The Iranian pulls off a solo tackle as he turns Rohit on his back to keep him flat on the mat. 
28' Bonus point pinched by Rahul Chaudhari on the left corner.
27' The Titans' errors do not seem to stop as Pawan yet again benefits from a half-hearted ankle hold from Abozar on the left corner.
25' Vishal Bharadwaj dives on the ankles of Pawan Sehrawat but in vain as the raider gets away yet again.
25' Rahul Chaudhari jumps through the ankle hold attempted by Amit Sheoran and collects a point.
Bengaluru Bulls certainly running away with the game as they lead 29-17 with 16 minutes left in the game.
23' Amit Sheoran latches onto the ankles of Nilesh Salunke as the seasoned campaigner is thrown down on the mat. 

Telugu Titans lose their review as they challenge a call against the bonus.
23' Pawan Sehrawat continues his top run in this game as he threads the gap between the chain tackle from Mohsen and Anil Kumar.
22' Rohit yet again gets the better of an attempted ankle hold from Farhad Milaghardan.
21' All-out on the Titans! Mohsen yet again picks up the bonus point but goes into the lobbies without a touch.
Back live now at Panchkula!
HT: Bengaluru Bulls lead 22-16 over the Telugu Titans.
20' Pawan Sehrawat caps off the first half with two more points as he gets a touch on Abozar Mighani and also tags Nilesh Salunke on his way to the mid-line.
20' Rohit Kumar brings out a surprise ankle hold as Rahul Chaudhari is shoved off the mat by the rest of the defense.
19' Two more points to Pawan Sehrawat who gets away from Anil's ankle hold and also manages a kick on Vishal Bharadwaj, who comes in for support. 
18' Rohit Kumar pulls things back as he evades a tackle from Farhad Milaghardan to pick up a point.
17' All-out on Bengaluru! Chaudhari powers his way through an ankle hold from Amit and also wipes out Raju Lal.
16' Pawan Sehrawat is turned on his back by a double ankle hold from Mohsen Maghsoudlou.
15' Oh, no! Poor tackle from Kashiling Adake as he goes in for an expensive tackle on Chaudhari but only gifts away an easy point.
14' Adake sweeps his right leg to get a firm touch on the right cover.
13' Super tackle for Bengaluru! Amit Sheoran locks a hold on Farhad's ankles as the Titans' raider looks to wriggle his way out but is kept in the Bengaluru half by Adake.
13' Kashiling Adake picks up a bonus point.
13' Ashish Sangwan attempts a block at the center on Chaudhari but the latter powers his way through the collect an important point.
12' Vishal Bharadwaj latches onto the ankles of Rohit Kumar as support comes in from the right side to bring down the opposition skipper on the Do or Die raid.
10' Super raid for Chaudhari! Skips away from Raju Lal's ankle hold and gets away from Pawan's support while also collecting another touch point on Mahender Singh on his way back.
10' Rohit Kumar produces a running hand touch on Abozar Mighani to pile more misery on the Titans.
9' All-out on the Titans! Mohsen gets the bonus point but is rooted on the mat by a strong double ankle hold from Ashish Sangwan.
8' Rohit Kumar slips on his raid but recovers extremely well to slip away from Anil's ankle hold and also gets a touch on Vishal, who was looking to dash out his opposite number with a run from the left corner.
8' Salunke is thrown down by a strong short block from Ashish Sangwan on the Do or Die raid.
5' Super tackle for the Titans! Mohsen Maghsoudlou dives on the ankles of Pawan as Nilesh comes in for support and keeps Pawan from the mid-line.
5' Rahul Chaudhari errs as he steps into the lobbies without a touch and is sent off to the benches.
4' Pawan strikes with two points as he slips away from Abozar's ankle hold and slides through a dash from Milghardan. 
3' Anil Kumar produces a mighty double ankle hold at the center of the mat as Rohit Kumar falls on the mat. 
3' Nilesh Salunke has his first point with a trademark bonus attempt.
2' Vishal Bharadwaj over commits to a tackle on Pawan Sehrawat as the raider turns away to get a hefty touch on the left corner.
1' Bengaluru draw first blood through Amit Sheoran's firm back hold that keeps a check on Rahul Chaudhari.
Telugu Titans win the toss and opt for court! Bengaluru to raid first. 
Starting sevens - 

Bengaluru Bulls: Rohit Kumar (C), Pawan Sehrawat, Kashiling Adake, Ashish Sangwan, Mahender Singh, Raju Lal Choudhary, Amit Sheoran. 

Telugu Titans: Vishal Bharadwaj (C), Rahul Chaudhari, Nilesh Salunke, Mohsen Maghsoudlou, Abozar Mighani, Farhad Milagardhan, Anil Kumar.
Table toppers from Zone 'B', the Bengaluru Bulls will be looking to seal a spot in the playoffs with a win when they face off against familiar foes Telugu Titans in the fourth day of the Jaipur Pink Panthers' home leg at Panchkula, Haryana. 

The Bulls sit pretty on the top of the table with 11 wins from 18 matches and will be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs with a win while the Titans, fresh from their win in the last of their home games face a must-win situation to stay in the race for the playoffs.

We have an exciting match on our hands, stay tuned to all the live updates right here!
Tau Devilal Sports Complex, Panchkula
Match Start Time
Tue, 18/Dec/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
Zone B
Pro Kabaddi 2018