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Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Bengal Warriors - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Dabang Delhi K.C.
Bengal Warriors
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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Right then. The Warriors defenders went missing from the action as the defensive unit picked just three points and failed to keep Naveen and Chandran Ranjith at bay. 

Dabang Delhi K.C now have two wins from four games while Bengal fall to their first loss in this season. 
FT: Dabang Delhi K.C win 39-30 over the Bengal Warriors. 

The Warriors have fallen to their first loss of the season courtesy of an all-round show from Delhi. 
40' Buzzer raid from Naveen and he goes away empty-handed. 
40' SUPER RAID for Ran Singh! Top effort the Singh to initially force Joginder off the mat and then collect two touch points. 
39' Schoolboy error from Chandran Ranjith as he loses out on time in his raid. 
38' Jang Kun Lee has been shoved off the court by a dash from Vishnu Landge. 
38' Ran Singh puts in a double ankle hold but in vain as Naveen escapes to pick another point. 
Dabang Delhi call in for a review as they believe Maninder stepped into the lobbies before the tackle.

Review Successful!
Third successful one from Delhi and Maninder has to go out. Super tackle for Delhi!
38' Powerful from Maninder! Vishal comes in for the block at the center of the mat, Maninder powers through the block and leads Vishal into the Bengal half!
37' Maninder this time lures a tackle from Rajesh, who looks to dash Maninder out but the tackle is weak. 
36' Pahal on this occasion is the culprit, tries an advance ankle hold and Lee skips away to collect a Super 10!
35' Two more points for Jang Kun Lee! Vishnu Landge goes in for an expensive thigh hold, Joginder runs in for support but the Korean drags himself to the mid-line. 
34' Naveen picks two points on the Do or Die raid! Powers through the ankle hold from Ran Singh and also gets a touch on the left cover. Super 10 for Naveen!
33' Top raid from Lee as he gets through a chain tackle from Vishnu Landge and Rajesh Narwal. 
32' Joginder Narwal's ankle hold cuts down Maninder's pace as Vishal Mane does well to keep Maninder away from the mid-line. 
32' Viraj Landge's dash is shoved away by Maninder who gets away with another point. 
31' Ranjith removes Ran Singh as he tumbles away from an attempted dash from the Warriors' left corner.
31' Ran Singh gets a hefty hand touch on Vishal Mane on his first raid!
Dabang Delhi K.C lead by 13 points with a little more than 10 minutes left to play. 
30' Naveen Kumar gets Mahesh Goud with an excellent toe touch. 
29' Chandran Ranjith picks another bonus point. 
28' Pahal strikes yet again as he brings down Maninder with a double ankle hold. 
28' Lee picks up a point of his own as he gets a toe touch on Vishnu Landge. 
27' Ranjith in for the Do or Die raid! This time he has been brought down by a dash from Surjeet Singh. 
26' Maninder Singh looks stunned as Joginder Narwal and Ravinder Pahal combine to bring down the raider. 
25' Mahesh Goud's escape route is closed down by Pahal's double ankle hold. 
Wow! Everyone needs a breather from what has just transpired. 

Delhi now have a huge 10-point lead with a little over fifteen minutes to spare. 
24' Wow! All-out inflicted on Bengal! Chaos on the mat as Dabang Delhi pick up five points from the raid! Vijin Thangadurai and Ran SIngh stepped into the lobbies trying to retreat, Ranjith then goes to the other corner, gets a touch on Surjeet Singh and also turns away from the block attempted at the center of the mat to wipe out the Bengal defense!

Review called by Delhi. Joginder Narwal is convinced that Lee stepped into the lobbies on the previous raid. 

Review successful! Excellent review from Joginder and Lee has to go away to the benches. 
24' Jang Kun Lee has been granted a bonus point. 
23' Mahesh Goud falls to the trap of an ankle hold from Joginder Narwal!
Review successful! No touch point for Mahesh Goud on the occasion.  
22' Mahesh Goud claims a point on Rajesh Narwal and gets the point. Narwal is flabbergasted and reviews this decision. 
22' Naveen Kumar picks up yet another bonus point. 
21' Easy point for Lee as Vishal Mane is late to retreat. 
Can the Warriors regain their form or will Delhi continue to impress? The second half has all the answers. 
HT: Dabang Delhi K.C lead 16-13 against Bengal Warriors. 

The Warriors' defense has lacked teeth in this encounter which has been the major talking point. For Delhi, Naveen has led the way with six points and has piled pressure on Surjeet and Co. 
20' Lee finishes the first half with an empty raid. 
19' Two points for Jang Kun Lee as he picks up a bonus point and powers through Viraj Vishnu's dash. 
19' Point for Ranjith on the Do or Die raid as Maninder steps out of the court to gift an easy point.
17' Bonus point for Mahesh Goud but he has been dashed off the court by Vishal Mane. 
16' Tewthia looks for a block on Naveen, who turns away and picks an easy point. 
15' Surjeet Singh comes in with a strong double thigh hold as Ranjith falls to the solo tackle. 
14' Ziaur Rahman's poor form continues as he is sent out by a running hand touch from Chandran Ranjith. 
13' All-out on Bengal! Lone man Tewthia comes in for the raid, picks up a bonus but the time piles pressure on Tewthia, who is turned down on the mat by Joginder. 
Bengal Warriors have called for a review. Looks like Naveen is assumed to have stepped out before the tackle. 

Poor, poor review from the Warriors. They lose their review and are also reduced to one man on the mat. 
13' Naveen continues to impress as he reduces the Warriors to one man with a turn against Vijin Thangadurai. 
12' Maninder is down on the Do or Die raid! Maninder looked to turn away from the back hold from Vishnu Landge but in the end, was dragged by the defense. 
11' Wow! Top raid from Naveen! It was the Do or Die raid, Naveen watches the right chain coming toward him, jumps over the chain of Surjeet and Mahesh Goud as he collects two points.  
9' Maninder tempts Joginder Narwal into the ankle hold and in the end, skips away as he collects two points including a bonus. 
8' Ranjith lures a tackle from Ran Singh, who goes in for a double ankle hold but the raider slips away as he tumbles away with a point. 
7' Review Successful! Great review from the Warriors as Goud removes Joginder Narwal and Vishal Mane from the mat. 
Review called in by the Warriors. They believe that Goud was safe. 
7' Mahesh Goud is thrown off on the Do or Die raid! Vishal Mane looks for the dash and it's a strong one as Goud is deemed out.
7' Oh, no! Error from Ziaur Rahman as he steps out of the court while looking to retreat.  
5' Naveen does very well to travel at pace to his left and get a running hand touch on Tewthia. 
4' Mahesh Goud on this occasion picks a bonus point. 
4' Maninder goes a little too deep into the right corner as Pahal pounces with a double thigh hold and gets ample support from Vishnu Landge. 
3' Naveen Kumar comes in for the Do or Die raid and turns away from a hasty dash from Surjeet to collect a point. 
2' Mahesh Goud sweeps his leg to get a big kick on Ravinder Pahal. 
1' Maninder gets his first point of the night with a bonus point!
Joginder Narwal steals the coin away as he opts for court and sports a big smile. 

Bengal Warriors to raid first!
Are you ready for the Inter-Zone Challenge Week? You better be! 

Toss time in a while, stay tuned!
Two changes for Delhi as Viraj Vishnu Landge and Rajesh Narwal start, replacing Meraj Shekyh and Pawan Kadian. 

For the Warriors, Mahesh Goud comes in place of Rakesh Narwal. 
Dabang Delhi - Joginder Narwal (C), Ravinder Pahal, Vishal Mane, Chandran Ranjith, Naveen Kumar, Rajesh Narwal, Viraj V Landge. 

Bengal Warriors - Surjeet Singh (C), Maninder Singh, Jang Kun Lee, Ziaur Rahman, Ran Singh, Shrikant Tewthia, Mahesh Goud. 
Here is how the two teams have performed thus far - 

Dabang Delhi - 
Tied 32-32 against Gujarat Fortunegiants
Won 41-37 against Puneri Paltan
Lost 31-34 against Haryana Steelers

Bengal Warriors - 
Won 36-27 against Tamil Thalaivas
Won 30-25 against Telugu Titans
Tied 40-40 with U Mumba
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the match between Dabang Delhi and Bengal Warriors!
The Inter-Zone Challenge Week has arrived and with that an array of exciting clashes as for the opening encounter of the day, an unbeaten Bengal Warriors side will lock horns with Dabang Delhi at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune. 

The Warriors have two wins from their three matches apart from a thrilling 40-40 draw against U Mumba in their most recent encounter while Dabang Delhi will hope to bounce back after a 31-34 loss to the Haryana Steelers. 

With both teams stacked with a host of superstars, the match promises to go down to the final minute! Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the live updates from this match.
Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune
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Sun, 21/Oct/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Bengal Warriors
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