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Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Haryana Steelers - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Dabang Delhi K.C.
Haryana Steelers
HARYANA STEELERS won the match
That's all from the first match coverage as the action continues in the Pro Kabaddi League 2018 in Pune.

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Full Time: Haryana Steelers 34-27 Dabang Delhi KC
40' Vikas Khandola is tackled down at the baulk line as Delhi manage to sneak in one point from the match.
40' Vikas Khandola forces a mistake from Rajesh Narwal on the run at the left corner.
Just over a minute to play as Haryana lead 33-25 over Delhi.

Can Delhi get a point from this match?
39' Meraj Sheykh tries to escape the line of defence but is brought crashing down with the combined efforts of the Haryana defenders.
38' Mayur Shivtarkar is tagged by Meraj Sheykh as the defender got caught on the turn by the feisty raider.
38' Naveen scores a running hand touch on Naveen Kumar at the Right IN position.
37' Naveen Kumar scores a quick running hand touch on Parveen at the right corner and scores his Super 10 on the night.
Three and a half minutes to play as Haryana Steelers lead 31-23 over Dabang Delhi KC
36' Naveen Kumar gets the running hand touch on Sunil at the right corner and scrambles his way past the midline using the lobby.
35' Do-or-die raid for Vikas Khandola and he gets tackled at the left corner but steps into the lobby without a touch.

Haryana claim two defenders out during the raid and call for the review. The TV Umpire rules in favour of the Steelers and they got two points.
35' A strong combination tackle on Chandran Ranjit as Parveen comes in with the block.
34' Meraj Sheykh tries to escape after the hand touch on Sunil using the lobby but he is dashed out by Kuldeep, who himself goes out of bounds. One point each for the two teams.
Just over 7 minutes to play as Haryana Steelers lead 27-20 over Dabang Delhi KC.
32' Chandran Ranjit goes deep into the Haryana defence and tags Mayur Shivtarkar with the hand touch at the right corner.
31' Vikas Khandola scores the running hand touch on Joginder Narwal on the left corner and uses the lobby to get back.

Delhi use the review again for the decision. The review is deemed successful and Khandola is ruled out for going into the lobby.
31' Chandran Ranjit claims a toe touch on Sunil at the right corner. The umpires did not hand him the point.

Delhi call for a review of the decision. The decision is overturned and Ranjit gets the raid point.
30' Naveen Kumar gets the bonus point on the left corner but the defence held him back just ahead of the midline.
29' Vikas Khandola does well to escape the dash by Sumit Kumar from the cover position.
29' Chandran Ranjit gets a bonus point at the right corner of the Haryana defence.
28' Delhi concede two soft points as Naveen escapes the anke hold attempt by Joginder Narwal and tags Rajesh Narwal on his way back.
27' Monu Goyat is blocked with a strong attempt by the Delhi defenders.
26' Naveen Kumar comes in as the last man for Delhi. He gets the bonus point and is tackled with the chain tackle at the right corner despite his jumping escape attempt.

All-out for Haryana Steelers. They lead 23-14
26' Vikas Khandola rushes in with his raid and gets the hand touch on Satpal Narwal at the right corner.
26' Naveen Kumar gets a bonus point for the Delhi side.
25' Ravinder Pahal tries the double thigh hold on Vikas Khandola near the baulk line but the raider is up for the challenge and jumps over the rushing defender.
Satpal Narwal comes in for Meraj Sheykh
24' Naveen Kumar lures Kuldeep Singh at the left corner and gets away from the diving tackle hold attempt.
24' Vikas Khandola escapes the tackle attempt by Joginder Narwal who is unable to lock the tackle properly and the raider ran away towards the midline. Delhi down to two men now.
22' Naveen Kumar comes in to raid and manages to get a bonus point at the left corner of the Haryana defence.
22' Vikas Khandola does well to escape the ankle hold by Vishal Mane and forced a touch from Rajesh Narwal as well.
22' Chandran Ranjit gets tackled by the Haryana Steelers' backline.
21' Monu Goyat raids successfully to kick off proceedings on a bright note for the Steelers in the second half.
Parveen comes in for Sachin Shingade
The second half begins in Pune.
Half Time: Haryana Steelers 13-10 Dabang Delhi KC
20' Do-or-die raid again as Naveen comes in to raid. He almost reaches the midline after the ankle hold by Ravinder Pahal at the midline but the defence rushed in and took his hands away from reaching the midline.
20' Another do-or-die raid for Meraj Sheykh. He goes too deep into the right corner as Sunil traps with the ankle hold rooting Sheykh to the spot.
18' Monu Goyat is back on the mat and picks up a quick bonus point at the left corner of the Haryana defence.
18' Naveen Kumar gets dashed out of bounds in a strong attempt by Sunil who rushed in from the right corner.
17' Vikas Khandola gets the bonus at the right corner but is tackled with the ankle hold by Ravinder Pahal as Vishal Mane came in with the assist yet again.
16' Vikas Khandola picks up a bonus point after being revived and keeps Haryana in the lead at 9-8.
16' Meraj Sheykh, up for the do-or-die raid is pulled back in the nick of time by the Steelers' defence as he almost sneaked past the defensive line and fell just short of the midline.
14' Do-or-die raid for Naveen and the raider is trapped with a combination tackle by Ravinder Pahal and Vishal Mane on the right corner. Haryana down to four men again on the mat.
13' Naveen Kumar goes in for the do-or-die raid against four men. He tries the jump escape over Sachin Shingade but Sunil is quick to get him down near the baulk line.
11' Monu Goyat tries to escape the thigh hold by Ravinder Pahal and the star man was kept down after the Delhi defence rushed in quickly.
10' Vikas Khandola is trapped with the ankle hold by Ravinder Pahal and Vishal Mane rushed in with the dash to keep him down.
10' Chandran Ranjit is dashed out of bounds by Sachin Shingade after the raider tried the running hand touch at the right corner.
8' Joginder Narwal locks in the ankle hold on Naveen and the defenders swarm him quickly keeping him away from the midline.
8' Naveen Kumar shows great strength to get away from the block by Sunil from the right corner and falls towards the midline.
7' Naveen escapes the ankle hold attempt by Rajesh Narwal in the cover position and is able to get back to the midline with ease.
7' Sachin Shingade locks in a strong thigh hold on Chandran Ranjit and the other defenders rush in to keep the raider down.
6' Monu Goyat goes in for the do-or-die raid and gets caught with the diving ankle hold by Joginder Narwal on the left corner.
5' Vikas Khandola gets a bonus point at the right corner of the Delhi defence.

Delhi called for a review of the decision. The review is deemed successful and Dabang Delhi retain their TV review.
4' Naveen Kumar opens the scoring for Delhi with two points as he gets the bonus and braves the block by Mayur Shivtarkar after he turned towards the midline.
2' Vikas Khandola capitalizes on a mistake by Vishal Mane as the raider sneaked in the hand touch on his way back to the midline. 
2'  Chandran Ranjit is tackled down with a strong block by Kuldeep Singh as he was there in a flash as the raider turned towards the left corner.
Haryana Steelers win the toss & select the Choice of court

Dabang Delhi KC: Joginder Narwal (C), Chandran Ranjith, Naveen Kumar, Meraj Sheykh, Rajesh Narwal, Vishal Mane, Ravinder Pahal.

Haryana Steelers: Monu Goyat (C), Vikas Kandola, Naveen, Mayur Shivtarkar, Sachin Shingade, Sunil, Kuldeep Singh.
The opening game of the third day as part of the Bengaluru Bulls' home leg will feature the Haryana Steelers taking on Dabang Delhi in a game that can give both the teams a chance to move up the ladder and tighten the race for the playoffs. 

Stay tuned to all the live action from the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune!
Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune
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Sun, 25/Nov/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Haryana Steelers
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