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Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Puneri Paltan - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Dabang Delhi K.C.
Puneri Paltan
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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FT: Dabang Delhi win 35-24 over the Puneri Paltan.

Meraj Sheykh and Naveen Kumar combined to pick seven points each in addition to Vishal Mane's four-point show as Delhi trounced the Paltan, whose hapless show has put their qualification hopes in jeopardy.
40' Empty buzzer raid from Meraj Sheykh to close out the game.
40' Vishal Mane pounces on the ankles of Deepak Dahiya to bring him down in a flash.
40' Naveen has been thrown down on the court from Girish Ernak, who gets enough support from the rest of the defense.
39' Rajesh Narwal has his first point as he gets away from Ranjith's ankle hold.
38' Super 10 for Deepak Dahiya! Deepak Dahiya turns away from a back hold attempted by Joginder Narwal.
37' Deepak Dahiya continues his good run as he removes Ravinder Pahal with a running hand touch.
36' Meraj Sheykh pushes off a dash from Ravi Kumar to tumble away with a point.
36' Bonus point for Deepak Dahiya.
A little over five minutes left as Delhi lead 31-19.
35' Deepak Dahiya removes Vishal Mane with a clinical running hand touch.
34' ALL-OUT on Pune! Sandeep Narwal picks up a bonus point but is dashed off by Vishal Mane.
33' Meraj Sheykh crouches low as he escapes from Deepak Dahiya's dash.
33' Bonus point awarded to Deepak Dahiya.
32' Chandran Ranjith reduces Pune to two men on the mat as he removes Parvesh with a running hand touch.
32' Rajesh Mondal comes on as a substitute but is enveloped by the Delhi defense unit on the Do or Die raid.
30' Dabang Delhi lose their review as it seems like Naveen Kumar was ushered off the court and did not get his hand across the line safely. However, Rinku Narwal also goes out and its a point each.
28' Super raid for Deepak Dahiya! Picks up a bonus, gets away from the ankle hold from Joginder Narwal, who gets support from the right cover defender but in vain.
28' Ravi Kumar's ankle hold does not suffice as Naveen crawls away to pick up a point.
27' Bonus point for Deepak Dahiya on the Do or Die raid.
26' Chandran Ranjith skips away from Ernak's ankle hold to collect an important point.
24' Akshay Jadhav frog jumps over Pahal's ankle hold as Satpal and Joginder ensure that the raider was kept in the Delhi half.
23' Error from Rinku Narwal, who goes in for an expensive ankle hold as Naveen escapes with a point on the Do or Die raid.
22' Super tackle for Delhi! Satpal is the hero on the right corner as he brings Parvesh down with an ankle hold.
21' Shabeer Bapu walks into the open arms of Rinku Narwal and is thrown down on the mat.
HT: Dabang Delhi lead 18-10 over Puneri Paltan.

Pune have made a good comeback to erase the massive deficit but Delhi still hold a big 8-point lead. Who is going to reign supreme? The second half has all the answers!
20' Meraj Shekyh has been brought down by Sandeep Narwal on the buzzer raid of the first half.
19' Super tackle for Delhi! Joginder Narwal's supreme strength comes to the fore as he single-handedly throws Akshay Jadhav down on the mat. 
18' Rinku Narwal pulls off an ankle hold as he gets support from Sandeep Narwal to bring Ranjith down on the Do or Die raid.
17' Pahal dives on the ankles of Deepak Dahiya but in vain as the raider tumbles away to collect a point.
15' Naveen Kumar is floored by a double ankle hold from Rinku Narwal on the Do or Die raid.
14' Joginder Narwal's ankle hold receives support from the Delhi defense as More GB is down on the Do or Die raid.
13' Meraj Sheykh picks up a comfortable bonus point.
Naveen Kumar comes back in for Shabeer Bapu.
12' Poor dash attempted by Vishal Mane as he gifts an easy touch point to GB More, who also collects a bonus point.
11' Akshay Jadhav has been thrown down on the mat by a combination tackle from the Delhi defense.
10' Naveen Kumar collects a point as he takes Ravi Kumar into his own half on the Do or Die raid.

Looks like Naveen has taken a knock and has been subbed by Shabeer Bapu.
8' Rajesh Narwal is the next man on the mat as he is tagged by Akshay Jadhav's running hand touch.
8' Sandeep Narwal puts in a short block inches ahead of the midline as Meraj Sheykh is brought down on the raid.
7' More GB sweeps his leg to get a kick on Ravinder Pahal.
7' Deepak Dahiya is pinned down by a firm ankle hold from Joginder Narwal.
6' What a raid from Naveen! Super Raid! He's wiped out the entire Pune defense in one raid as he powers through the chain tackle and then swoops under the dash from Rinku Narwal.
5' Power on display from Meraj as he struggles through an ankle hold from GB More.
4' First point for Pune as Akshay Jadhav removes Naveen with a running hand touch.
4' Naveen goes deep into the right corner as he forces a point off Sandeep Narwal.
3' Skillful reverse kick from Meraj Sheykh as he sends Girish Ernak scampering off to the benches.
2' Pahal and Naveen Kumar combine as they toss Deepak Dahiya off the mat in a flash.
1' Vishal Mane collects the first point of the night with a strong short block to trap More GB on the mat. 
Dabang Delhi K.C win the toss and opt for court! Pune to raid first.
Starting sevens:

Dabang Delhi K.C: Joginder Narwal (C), Naveen Kumar, Chandran Ranjith, Meraj Sheykh, Rajesh Narwal, Ravinder Pahal, Vishal Mane.

Puneri Paltan: Girish Ernak (C), More GB, Deepak Dahiya, Sandeep Narwal, Akshay Jadhav, Ravi Kumar, Rinku Narwal.
The second match of the day features the hosts Dabang Delhi K.C and Puneri Paltan.

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Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi
Match Start Time
Sun, 02/Dec/2018 21:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Puneri Paltan
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
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