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Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Puneri Paltan - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Dabang Delhi K.C.
Puneri Paltan
PUNERI PALTAN won the match
That's all from the coverage of the first match. Catch the live updates of the Pro Kabaddi League right here at Sportskeeda.
Puneri Paltan break their losing streak and win after three matches despite the absence of their star man Nitin Tomar tonight.
Full Time: Puneri Paltan 31-27 Dabang Delhi KC
40' GB More comes in for the do-or-die raid and gives away the point to Dabang Delhi KC in the final raid of the match.
40' Rajesh Narwal gets a raid point as he escapes the tackle attempt by Monu.
39' Naveen Kumar is tackled down by the corner defenders with a strong combination tackle and this almost puts Delhi out of contention of making a comeback.
Puneri Paltan called for a review of the Naveen Kumar raid point. TV Umpire rules in favour of Dabang Delhi KC. Pune lose their review.
Couple of minutes left to play as Puneri Paltan lead by 5 points.
38' Naveen Kumar scores a touch point and reduces the deficit to 5 points.
38' Deepak Dahiya gets caught with a double thigh hold at the left corner by Joginder Narwal.
37' Rinku Narwal adds another tackle point as he catches Chandran Ranjit at the left corner.
36' Meraj Sheykh goes in for the do-or-die raid but is caught with a combination tackle by the Pune defenders after Akshay Jadhav put in the first tackle.
Four minutes and change to play as Puneri Paltan lead 28-23 over Dabang Delhi KC
35' GB More is tackled down by Meraj Sheykh and the corner defenders rush in to keep the man down.
34' Naveen Kumar steps out of bounds during his raid but Ravi Kumar from Pune also steps out and the refs award a point each for the teams.
The TV Umpire rules in favour of the Puneri Paltan and Dabang Delhi lose their review.
32' Chandran Ranjit is tackled down well by the Pune defenders as Rinku Narwal keeps his man down. Dabang Delhi call for a review of the decision.
31' Akshay Jadhav does well to score a touch point on the right corner Pahal in a do-or-die situation.
30' Do-or-die raid for Delhi as Meraj Sheykh comes off the bench and is successful getting the touch on Sandeep Narwal at the corner with a scorpion kick.
29' Monu comes in for the do-or-die raid and gets caught with a strong tackle by Joginder Narwal.
26' Shabeer Bapu goes in for the do-or-die raid and is tackled down with a strong tackle by Rinku Narwal, who scores his first point tonight.
26' Do-or-die raid for Deepak Dahiya and is blocked superbly by Ravinder Pahal who came in from the right corner.
24' Naveen Kumar is tackled down by Ravi Kumar as he gets his first tackle point of the night.
23' GB More is tackled down after a good tackle by a diving tackle from the left corner by Joginder Narwal and Vishal Mane came in to support.
The review is deemed successful and Dabang Delhi KC get two points. Delhi retain their review.
23' Naveen Kumar does brilliantly to escape the combination tackle at the corner as he sprints away from the defenders. Delhi call for a review claiming two points after the refs gave only one point to Delhi.
21' Rajesh Narwal takes up more than 30 seconds during his raid and is ruled out by the officials. One point for Puneri Paltan. That was poor from the experienced all-rounder.
The second half begins in Patna.
A half that saw both the teams do well defensively but Pune have the upper hand going into the second half of the match with a 7-point lead. Stay tuned for the second half updates right here.
Half Time: Puneri Paltan 22-15 Dabang Delhi KC
20' Shabeep Bapu came in off the bench but gets caught with a solid tackle by the corner Girish Ernak.
18' Sandeep Narwal does well with his tackle attempt and gets Chandran Ranjit down near the baulk line.
18' Deepak Dahiya does well to escape the advance tackle by Mane and scores the point.
17' Naveen gets an easy bonus point but is tackled down by the defenders as Puneri Paltan get the all-out.
16' More scores two points with a solid raid and gets Delhi down to one man on the mat. 
15' Delhi had reviewed the call and both the teams get a point each as Rinku Narwal had stepped out of bounds during the tackle.
15' Ernak scores his first tackle point as he gets Ranjit out with a great hold as Sandeep Narwal rushes in to support the skipper.
The officials reviewed the decision and reversed the point. No bonus for Delhi.
15' Ranjit gets a good bonus point at the right corner of the Pune defence.
14' Great raid from Monu as he scores a Super Raid!! He gets away from the rushing defenders and escapes the advance tackle. Scores level again.
13' Naveen Kumar goes in for the do-or-die raid and steps out of bounds before getting the touch.
11' Deepak Dahiya can not escape the chain tackle by Vishal Mane and Rajesh Narwal and is brought down by the duo.
10' Ranjit steps out of bounds in his attempt to score the running hand touch at the left corner Rinku Narwal. However, the defender also stepped out and both teams get a point each.
10' GB More is tackledd own with a strong ankle hold by Naveen Kumar and then the defenders rush in to support him.
9' All-out!! Naveen Kumar forces Ernak to step out of bounds and gets an easy touch on Deepak Dahiya to score the first all-out of the match.
9' GB More gets a good bonus at the left corner of the Delhi defence.
8' Naveen Kumar does well to get Monu out at the right corner and rushes past the midline.
8' Deepak Dahiya does well to escape the ankle hold on the left corner and weathers the dash by Vishal Mane.
7' Super Raid!! What a raid by Chadran Ranjit as he levels up the scores in the match at 5-5 escaping the tackle at the left corner and then the dash by Sandeep Narwal.
6' Ravinder Pahal opens his account in the match with a good tackle on GB More at the right corner.
5' Delhi get their first point as Monu is tackled down by Joginder Narwal
5' Sandeep Narwal traps Chandran Ranjit with a strong tackle at the right corner.
5' GB More is on target again as he adds another raid point to his tally.
3' Naveen Kumar is caught with a strong tackle by Monu at the In position.
3' GB More does well to score the first points for Puneri Paltan
Welcome to the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018 action from the Patna leg of the competition as Dabang Delhi KC take on Puneri Paltan in the first match of the night.
Faced with an uphill task of bringing to life a woeful run, the Puneri Paltan will be facing off against Dabang Delhi in match No.41 of the Pro Kabaddi League season six at the Patliputra Sports Complex in Patna. 

Delhi, on the other hand, have endured a mixed bag of results, with each win followed by a loss that has come off as a trend for the Joginder-Narwal side this season. The experienced defense unit has displayed glimpses of brilliance while the young raiding unit has gone about its task with precision. 

With the Paltan under immense pressure to perform, Delhi might just fancy their chances while the Paltan could also be expected to get back into roaring form. Stay tuned for all the live updates from this match here!
Patliputra Sports Complex, Patna
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Wed, 31/Oct/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Puneri Paltan
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