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Haryana Steelers vs Dabang Delhi K.C. - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Haryana Steelers
Dabang Delhi K.C.
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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FT: Dabang Delhi win 39-33 over Haryana Steelers. 

A dominating win for Delhi as the raiders and defenders combined which saw the Joginder Narwal-led side maintaining the lead in the second half to arrest the slew of losses.

Monu Goyat came off from the benches to pick up a 'Super 10' but in vain as Naveen Kumar, Ranjith and Meraj Sheykh picked six points each while Pahal's good form saw the right corner also finish with six points. 
Haryana lose a review as they claim a technical point. 
40' Super tackle for Delhi! Ravinder Pahal comes in to bring down Monu on the raid.
Delhi review the decision, looks like Ranjith stepped out of the court after the tackle. 

Two points for Monu Goyat.
40' Ranjith loses his balance and goes out of the court as Monu collects another point with a touch on Meraj Sheykh.
39' Naveen Kumar gets a toe touch on his namesake in the Steelers camp.
39' Monu goes deep and stretches to get a touch on Joginder Narwal.
Delhi lead 35-30 with a little more than one and a half minutes left on the clock.
39' A shocking thigh hold from Shingade as Ranjith picks another easy point on the Do or Die raid.
38' Vishal Mane is removed by a running hand touch from Monu Goyat.
38' Vikas Kandola is sent off by a strong dash from Joginder Narwal on the Do or Die raid.
Time-out in place. 

Delhi lead by four points with four minutes left on the clock.
36' Meraj looks to get through a chain tackle but the Steelers defenders do well to keep Meraj down.
35' Naveen and Ravinder Pahal are removed from the mat by a running hand touch from Monu Goyat!
Haryana's review is successful as Monu picks up a bonus point. 
34' Naveen struggles through a back hold attempted by Sunil.
34' Kandola picks up a bonus point but is removed by a back hold from Joginder Narwal.
33' Mayur's poor night continues as Naveen tumbles away with yet another touch on the young all-rounder. 
32' Sunil and Monu combine to bring down Meraj Sheykh.
31' Naveen goes too deep into the left corner as Vishal Mane's block shoves the raider off the court. 
30' Naveen extends his right arm to get an easy touch on Rajesh Narwal.
29' Sunil comes in from the right corner as he cuts Meraj Sheykh's escape path.
28' Vikas Kandola on this occasion gifts away an easy point to Naveen with a sloppy ankle hold.
28' Rajesh Narwal's thigh hold cuts the pace on Monu's raid as the rest of the Delhi defense keeps Monu in the Delhi half.
27' Shingade's double thigh hold is in vain as Ranjith turns away to pick another point. 
27' Joginder steps into the lobbies as Kandola's pace piles the pressure on the Delhi skipper. 
27' Bonus point for Naveen Kumar. .
25' Ranjith removes Sunil with a hefty hand touch.
25' ALL-OUT on Steelers! Gaur is yet again given the bonus but is pinned down by a short block from Vishal Mane.
24' Super raid for Meraj Sheykh! First slips away from Kuldeep's back hold and then goes through the right chain to pick three points. 
24' Vishal Mane pounces on the thighs of Kandola as the rest of the defense contributes to keep Naveen down.
23' Hasty tackle from Mayur Shivarkar as his block is pushed off by Naveen on the Do or Die raid.
21' Ankle hold from Ravinder Pahal pins Monu Goyat down on the mat. 
The second half has commenced!
HT: Haryana Steelers lead 19-15 over Dabang Delhi K.C

Monu Goyat's introduction from off the benches has worked out well for the Steelers as the talismanic raider has picked five points and leads the charts. 

For Delhi, Naveen's quiet outing has been camouflaged by Meraj Sheykh and Ranjith, who have both picked up three points while Ravinder Pahal has also enjoyed a good first half with three tackle points. 
20' Rajesh Narwal is slow to retreat as Mony Goyat removes the all-rounder with a toe touch.
19' Woah! A colossal thigh hold from Sachin Shingade as Ranjith was rooted on the mat.
19' Joginder concedes an easy point through a half-hearted ankle hold on Monu Goyat.
18' ALL-OUT on Delhi! Pawan Kadian picks up a bonus as the lone man but Sunil's ankle hold from the right corner brings him down.
17' Kandola lures a tackle from Narwal as Delhi are down to one man on the mat.
17' Bonus point for Rajesh Narwal.
16' Monu Goyat claims a point on Vishal Mane and he has been given the point as Mane fumes away.
15' Sunil and Monu combine to thwart the jump from Naveen as he is thrown down on the mat.
15' Excellent toe touch from Kandola as Meraj jogs away to the benches. 
14' Joginder Narwal looks for a wrist hold but Kandola backtracks with ease.
13' Naveen Kumar picks up a bonus point. 
12' Ranjith is ushered off the mat by a dash from Mayur Shivtarkar.
12' ALL-OUT on Steelers! Gaur picks up the bonus but is forced down on the mat by an ankle hold from Pahal.
11' Meraj reduces the Steelers to one man as he pushes off a tackle attempted by Monu.
11' Bonus point for Monu Goyat.
10' Phenomenal from Meraj! Runs into the short block attempted by Shingade but the Iranian executes the frog jump to run away with a point. 
10' Monu Goyat picks up a bonus point on the Do or Die raid.
9' Meraj reduces the Steelers to three men with a running hand touch on Kuldeep.
Monu Goyat has been subbed on. 
8' Mayur is late to retreat as Naveen extends his toe to get a touch on Shivtarkar.
7' Kandola attempts a bonus point but he is brought down by a firm ankle hold from Ravinder Pahal.
6' Naveen goes in deep into the left corner as he is dashed off by Mayur Shivtarkar.
5' Ranjith continues to excel as he pick another point with a hefty running hand touch on Naveen.
5' Naveen removes Joginder Narwal with a toe touch.
4' Ranjith travels the court with pace as he removes Kuldeep with a running hand touch. 
3' Wow! Pahal intitally put in the ankle hold on Kandola, Vishal Mane runs in with a back hold and they keep the raider down on the Do or Die raid. 
2' Kuldeep Singh pounces on the ankles of Naveen Kumar to bring him down. 
1' Naveen collects his first point as he gets away from an ankle hold attempted by Rajesh Narwal.
1' Chandran Ranjith picks the first point, a bonus point. 
Vikas Kandola wins his first toss as captain and opts for court. 

Delhi to raid first.  
Well, well! Monu Goyat starts on the bench for the Steelers!

The pressure on the Haryana skipper has certainly forced him on the benches, while Wazir Singh makes way for Naveen. 
Dabang Delhi: Joginder Narwal (C), Naveen Kumar, Chandran Ranjith, Meraj Sheykh, Rajesh Narwal, Vishal Mane, Ravinder Pahal.

Haryana Steelers: Vikas Kandola, Naveen, Sachin Shingade, Mayur Shivtarkar, Sunil, Kuldeep Singh, Parveen.
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On the final day of the UP leg, a struggling Dabang Delhi outfit will be eyeing a comeback into winning ways when they face the Haryana Steelers in the opening fixture of the day at Greater Noida, UP.

Delhi, hit by three losses in a row will be desperate for a win and will also hope to extract revenge for their loss to the Steelers earlier this season. On the other hand, Monu Goyat, who has hardly looked his usual self will need to step up and lead the Steelers to what will only be their fourth win of the season. 

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Haryana Steelers vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
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