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Haryana Steelers vs U Mumba - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Haryana Steelers
U Mumba
U MUMBA won the match
That's all from the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League action tonight as Haryana lose another match at home.

Meanwhile, check out the latest table positions right here.
U Mumba do the double over the Haryana Steelers at their home as they win 42-32 in a good all-round performance. Siddharth Desai scored 15 raid points for the team in a strong showing tonight. 

Haryana skipper Monu Goyat finally showed his form this season as he ended up with 15 points as well tonight.
Full Time: Haryana Steelers 32-42 U Mumba
40' Siddharth Desai goes in for the last raid and comes away with a touch point.
40' Monu Goyat scores a Super Raid!!! The Haryana captain escapes the tackle attempt and cuts down the deficit for Haryana.
39' Rohit Baliyan gets a raid point with a good touch point at the right corner.
38' Monu Goyat escapes the block attempt by Surender and gets past the midline using his strength.
38' Siddharth Desai puts in the surrender raid to inflict the all-out on Haryana Steelers.
38' Vikas Khandola gets caught with a strong ankle hold by Dharmaraj Cheralathan.
37' Siddharth Desai goes in for the do-or-die raid and shows superb power to escape the combination tackle. Two points for the raider from Maharashtra.
37' Monu Goyat gets caught with a strong thigh hold from Surender Singh at the centre of the mat.
36' Monu Goyat gets his first Super 10 of the season as he escapes the body hold by Fazel Atracheli from the left corner.
The final five minutes remain as U Mumba lead 33-26 over Haryana Steelers.
35' Super Tackle!! Abhishek Singh is dashed out with a strong attempt by Parveen as he failed to get his hand past the midline just in time.
35' Monu Goyat scores a bonus point at the centre of the U Mumba defence.
34' Siddharth Desai is tackled down and Haryana get a Super Tackle!! Parveen puts in the double thigh hold and Monu covers his path and they get the big man down.
33' Monu Goyat does well to score a raid point as he escapes the tackle attempt by the U Mumba defence.
32' Vikas Khandola is caught at the right corner after Singh catches him and Fazel runs in to secure the tackle.
32' The review has been deemed unsuccessful and Haryana get the point, U Mumba lose their review.
32' Siddharth Desai goes in for the do-or-die raid but is knocked out of bounds with a dash by the Haryana defenders.

U Mumba call for a review.
30' Naveen is caught with a strong block by Fazel Atracheli after he got too deep into the right corner.
30' Siddharth Desai comes back and gets a point with a strong display of strength after Sunil put in a late block attempt.
29' Super Tackle!!! The two U Mumba defenders get the raider out with a good combination effort as Surender holds him back after the ankle hold by Vinod from the corner.
28' The substitute Vinod Kumar scores his first point with a good bonus point at the right corner.
28' Monu Goyat gets the raid point in a do-or-die situation after getting away from the ankle hold by Cheralathan at the left corner.
26' Rohit Baliyan fails to escape from the thigh hold by Sunil as the defenders rush in to get him out.
25' Abhishek Singh gets caught with a strong tackle by Kuldeep Singh as the raider got blindsided.
24' Monu Goyat gets caught with a good combination tackle by the U Mumba defenders after he went too deep into the left corner.
23' Monu Goyat gets a touch point after going deep into the left corner getting the captain Fazel out.
22' Siddharth Desai gets caught with a good tackle by Sunil from the right corner as he got the body hold.
21' Bhuvneshwar Gaur gets an easy touch point on Surender Singh 
Another superb show from U Mumba' Siddharth Desai as U Mumba take a comfortable lead after a Super 10 performance by their new star. Haryana Steelers began positively but were put down after Siddharth Desai's effective raiding.
Half Time: Haryana Steelers 13-24 U Mumba
20' Rohit Baliyan gets a quick toe touch on the retreating Sachin Shingade as we enter the final minute of the match.
19' Vikas Khandola gets caught mid-movement by a strong hold from Subramanian.
18' Siddharth Desai keeps his scoring run intact as he gets a kick on Naveen at the right corner, bringing up his Super 10 in the match.
18' Rohit Baliyan gets a bonus point at the right corner of the Haryana defence.
18' Monu Goyat gets blocked by a strong attempt from Dharmraj Cheralathan near the midline as the defenders rushed in.
16' Siddharth Desai goes in for the do-or-die situation, and has pulled off a huge raid!!! The raid is worth a massive six points as he gets his hand away from the mess of the defenders and scrapes past the midline. What a raid by the lanky raider as he showed his strength at full throttle. 
15' Naveen goes in for the do-or-die raid and gets an easy point after the hasty tackle by Surender Singh from the cover position.
14' Abhishek Singh dodges the dash put in by Monu Goyat and turns around to get past the midline and reduce Haryana to three men 
12' Khandola gets caught with a diving ankle hold by Surender at the right corner as the support arrived from the other defenders.
12' Rohit Baliyan does well to get away from the dash by Shingade as he gets his hand past the midline on the way down in the lobby.
11' Siddharth Desai gets a hand touch at the left corner with a quick move going deep.
10' Monu Goyat does well to get away from the dash attempt by Cheralathan and scores two points. The raider has looked in good touch tonight so far.
10' Siddharth Desai keeps the scoreboard going as he escapes the ankle hold attempt by Naveen.
11' The TV Umpire reviewed the decision and has ruled in favour of the Haryana Steelers and Vikas Khandola gets three points for his raid. Super Raid for the Steelers!!
9' A point each for the teams as Vikas Khandola gets trapped by an ankle hold at the left corner by Fazel after getting the bonus point. He was jostling to get his hand past the midline but the defender pulled him back just in time.

Haryana Steelers call for a review on the decision.
9' Siddharth Desai gets a running kick on Naveen as the corner failed to get back to safety in time.
8' Vikas Khandola gets another bonus point at the right corner of the Mumbai defence.
8' Rohit Baliyan gets a touch point on Sachin Shingade with a high kick as the defender retreated back.
7' Monu Goyat goes deep into the defence but is dashed out by Fazel
7' Abhishek Singh gets caught at the left corner with an ankle hold as the defenders rush in to subdue the raider.
6' Monu Goyat gets a running hand touch on Rajguru at the cover position.
6' Siddharth Desai gets a good hand touch on Naveen deep into the right corner of the U Mumba defence.
5' Monu Goyat gets two points with a kick on Fazel Atracheli and the late dash by Surender is unable to get him out.
4' Abhishek Singh gets a running hand touch at the centre of the Haryana defence and falls back towards the midline.
4' Vikas Khandola picks up a bonus point in his first raid at the right corner of the U Mumba defence.
3' Naveen uses his strength well to get away from the dash put in by Surender Singh.
2' Rohit Baliyan starts with a bang!! Two points for th former Delhi man as he escaped the clutches of Sunil on the right corner and the dash by Shingade.
1' Monu Goyat responds with a bonus point of his own.
1' Siddharth Desai picks up the first point for U Mumba with a bonus at the right corner.
The toss was won by Haryana and U Mumba to raid first in the match.
The teams are coming out on the mat as we are just moments away from the start of the match.

Starting Lineup:

Haryana Steelers - Monu Goyat (c), Vikas Khandola, Naveen, Sachin Shingade, Sudhanshu Tyagi, Sunil, Kuldeep Singh

U Mumba - Fazel Atracheli (c), Surender Singh, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Rajaguru Subramanian, Abhishek Singh, Rohit Baliyan, Siddharth Desai
Welcome to the live coverage of Pro Kabaddi League 2018 action as the second match of the day sees the home side Haryana Steelers take on U Mumba at the Motilal Nehru School of Sport Indoor Stadium in Sonepat, Haryana.
Motilal Nehru School of Sports, Rai, Sonepat
Match Start Time
Wed, 17/Oct/2018 21:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Haryana Steelers vs U Mumba
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
Zone A
Pro Kabaddi 2018