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Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Haryana Steelers - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Jaipur Pink Panthers
Haryana Steelers
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FT: Jaipur Pink Panthers win 38 - 32 over the Haryana Steelers. 

Finally, a win for the Panthers after a slew of losses and Deepak Hooda's 'Super-10' along with Mohit Chhillar's dominance on the right corner will only add some boost to their confidence. 
40' Deepak Hooda pushes away a dash from the left corner as he picks a point on the buzzer raid. 
40' Sandeep Dhull attempts a back hold on Naveen but the raider powers through and collects a point. 
40' Deepak Hooda extends his left arm as he gets a running hand touch on Sachin Shingade. 
39' Naveen turns away from a dash attempted by Sunil Siddhgavali.
39' Nitin Rawal pounces on the ankles of Kandola as the Steelers' raider jogs off to the benches. 
38' Super-10 for Deepak Hooda as he gets there with a bonus point. 
38' Monu Goyat's poor run of form continues as he carried off the court by Nitin Rawal.
Time-out called by the Haryana Steelers. 

Jaipur Pink Panthers lead by three points with five men on the mat. 
36' Bonus point for Anup Kumar. 
36' Strong kick from Naveen as he eliminates Sandeep Dhull from the mat. 
35' Deepak Hooda runs out of time as he is sent off to the benches by a strong ankle hold from Mayur Shivtarkar. 
33' Monu Goyat is pinned down yet again as he picks a bonus but falls to the trunk hold from Mohit Chhillar. 
Time-out in place. 

Jaipur currently lead by four points with a little over seven minutes to go. 
33' Bonus point awarded to Nitin Rawal.
33' Mohit Chhillar dives on the ankles of Kandola as he picks his third tackle point of the night.
32' Deepak Hooda goes a little too deep into the right corner as Sachin Shingade runs in and dashes the raider off the court. 
31' Bonus point for Monu but he has been dashed off by Sunil Siddhgavali.
30' ALL-OUT inflicted on the Steelers! Excellent effort from Mayur to almost get through the group of defenders but in the end, he is dragged back deep into the Jaipur half. 
30' Jaipur take the lead as Hooda jumps away from a double thigh hold attempted by Sachin Shingade. 
Steelers are down to two men on the mat. 
28' Bhuvneshwar has been snapped up by a strong back hold from Mohit Chhillar. 
28' Oh, no! Poor advance ankle hold attempted by Kuldeep as Deepak Hooda gets away with a point on the Do or Die raid.
27' Khandola is turned down on the mat by the envelope of Jaipur defenders. 
25' Nitin Rawal picks up a point with a touch point on the Do or Die raid. 
24' Naveen comes in for the Do or Die raid and is pinned down immediately by a strong combined ankle hold from Mohit Chhillar and Young Chang Ko.
23' Technical point awarded to Jaipur as the umpires are unhappy with the chatter in the Haryana half. 
22' Anup Kumar slips away from the ankle hold from Kuldeep but is dashed away by the chain from the right side. 
22' Naveen collects a point with a running hand touch on Siddhgavali.
21' Deepak Hooda has been pinned down by an ankle hold from Mayur Shivtarkar as the rest of the defense pounces. 
The second half has commenced!
HT: Haryana Steelers lead 20-18 against Jaipur Pink Panthers. 

The Steelers have made a terrific comeback from a huge deficit and go into the break with momentum on their side. Can the Panthers use this break to regroup and come back stronger or will the Steelers pile more misery on the Anup Kumar-led side? 

The second half has all the answers!
20' ALL-OUT on Jaipur! Ajinkya Pawar picks up a bonus point but is snapped up by a double thigh hold from Kuldeep Singh. 
20' Jaipur down to one man as Khandola dives to his left and removes Deepak Hooda with a hefty touch point. 
19' Top review from Haryana as Selvamani has been dashed off the court by a strong dash from Khandola!
19' Khandola lures in an ankle hold from Mohit Chhillar as he slips away to collect an easy point. 
17' Khandola removes Young Chang Ko with a running hand touch. 
17' Wazir Singh slots into the right corner and puts a weak back hold on Hooda as the raider escapes with an easy point. 
Haryana review this decision, claiming three touch points against the two awarded. 

REVIEW SUCCESSFUL! Four point raid for Naveen!
16' Super raid for Naveen! What a start for the youngster as on his very first raid, Naveen picks up a bonus, slips away from Anup's ankle hold and also gets away from Rawal's ankle hold. 
15' Two point raid for Deepak Hooda as he powers through a chain tackle from Sachin Shingade and Khandola!
14' Selvamani K picks up a bonus point on the Do or Die raid!
13' Monu Goyat extends his left toe to get a sliding toe touch on Siddhgavali.
12' Vikas Khandola continues his confident run with yet another bonus point. 
11' Vikas Khandola gets a running hand touch on Young Chang Ko.
11' Bonus point attempt from Deepak Hooda is successful. 
10' Selvamani escapes from an ankle hold to pick up an easy point. 
9' ALL-OUT inflicted on the Steelers! Khandola was running out of time, goes a little too deep into the left corner as Nitin Rawal dives and brings him down with an ankle hold. 
9' Deepak Hooda reduces the Steelers to one man with a running hand touch on the left corner. 
8' Bonus point for Haryana Steelers through Vikas Khandola. 
8' Massive kick on Sunil on the right corner gives Deepak Hooda yet another raid point. 
7' Monu is sent off to the benches by a colossal block from Siddhgavali.
6' Deepak Hooda turns away from a dash attempted by Kuldeep to walk away with a point on the Do or Die raid. 
5' Top effort from Khandola as he picks up a bonus point on the Do or Die raid. 
4' Sachin Shingade is eliminated by a good running hand touch from Selvamani. 
3' Selvamani runs to his left and gets a hefty running hand touch on Sunil. 
3' Monu kicks off his tally with a bonus point. 
3' Deepak Hooda is snapped off by a strong block from Sachin Shingade. 
2' Bonus point for Khandola, first point of the night for Haryana. 
1' Powerful dash from Siddhgavali as he removes Monu Goyat from the mat. 
1' Anup Kumar starts with a comfortable bonus point. 
Toss time!

Haryana Steelers win the toss and opt for court! Jaipur to raid first. 
Jaipur Pink Panthers: Anup Kumar (C), Deepak Hooda, Nitin Rawal, Selvamani K, Mohit Chhillar, Young Chang Ko, Sunil Siddhgavali.

Haryana Steelers: Monu Goyat (C), Vikash Khandola, Wazir Singh, Sachin Shingade, Kuldeep Singh, Mayur Shivtarkar, Sunil. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the game between the Jaipur Pink Panthers and Haryana Steelers!
With just win from six encounters in this season, the Jaipur Pink Panthers will face an uphill task of bouncing back to a victory when they face the Haryana Steelers on the opening match of the fourth day of the UP leg in Greater Noida, UP. 

Anup Kumar and Deepak Hooda have failed to live up to their potential and against the Steelers, the onus will be on the two experienced campaigners to lead the way against Monu Goyat and Co. 

Will the Steelers pile more misery on the Panthers or will Anup Kumar lead the way for his team? Stay tuned for all the live updates!
Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex, Greater Noida
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Tue, 06/Nov/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Haryana Steelers
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