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Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Jaipur Pink Panthers
Puneri Paltan
Match Draw
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HT: Jaipur Pink Panthers 30 - 30 Puneri Paltan.

The Puneri Paltan will be the happier team at the end of this game as they manage to erase a big deficit and close the gap, which ultimately saw the game ending in a tie. Deepak Hooda was the star for Jaipur as he picked 12 raid points while for Pune, Girish Ernak called the shots with six tackle points.
40' We have a tie from this game! Deepak Hooda's fine form continues as both the teams share three points.
40' Deepak Hooda jumps and stomps on the court as he claims two points but is only awarded one point.
40' Monu falls to the pressure on the clock as Amit Kumar puts in a stunning ankle hold to bring the raider down on the Do or Die raid.
39' High-5 for Girish Ernak! Removes his opposite number with a firm ankle hold.
38' Wow! A top tackle from Girish Ernak as he turns Ajit Singh back towards the mat on the Do or Die raid.
38' Amit Kumar charges in from the left corner and uses his might to remove Monu on the Do or Die raid.
36' Girish Ernak runs in from the left corner as he puts in a colossal block to thrown Deepak Hooda down on the mat.
36' Sandeep Narwal claims a touch point on Sandeep Dhull with a running hand touch.

Jaipur Pink Panthers lose their review.
36' Fourth Super 10 in a row for Hooda as he removes dangerman Dahiya with a clinical running hand touch.
35' Siddhgavali is slow to retreat as Deepak Dahiya gets a running hand touch on the left cover.
35' Ajit Singh pushes away an ankle hold from Girish Ernak to tumble away with another point.
Scores leveled now on 25-25 with a little over six minutes to go on the clock.
34' Deepak Dahiya removes Anup Kumar will a hefty running hand touch.
33' ALL-OUT inflicted on Jaipur! Deepak Hooda picks up a bonus but his escape path  is cut out by the Pune defenders.
33' Santhapanaselvam's ankle hold is in vain on this occasion as Monu tumbles away with another point.
Girish Ernak is down on the mat as he clutches onto his back. 
32' Monu brings Amit Kumar down on the Do or Die raid with an ankle hold.
30' SUPER TACKLE for Jaipur! Santhapanaselvam comes on as a substitute and dives on the ankles of GB More as Deepak Hooda comes in for support. 
29' Deepak Hooda picks two points through a bonus and a quick running hand touch on Ravi Kumar.
29' Monu powers away from the ankle hold attempted by Mohit Chhillar to collect a point.
28' Bonus point taken by Deepak Hooda.
17' More GB steps into the lobbies without a touch and takes two Jaipur defenders along with him. Two points to Pune, one to Jaipur.

Pune review the call. are awarded three points and Jaipur are now down to two men on the mat. 
26' Amit Kumar attempts a jump over More GB but the Pune man does well to clutch onto the ankles of the raider and bring him down.
24' Deepak Dahiya removes Ajit Singh with a running hand touch.
23' Deepak Hooda claims a touch on Girish Ernak, and both the players are relentlessly swearing on the mat.

SUPER TACKLE for Pune awarded as Girish reviews the call. 
23' Deepak Dahiya has been granted a point on Anup Kumar, who immediately reviews the decision. 

Oh, my! That's a shocking call from the umpires. Dahiya's foot was miles away from Anup's.
23' Ajit Singh comes in as a substitute and gets a toe touch on Sandeep Narwal on the Do or Die raid.
22' Sandeep Narwal has been awarded a bonus point. 
The second half has commenced!
HT: Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 17-10 against Puneri Paltan.

Can the Panthers claim their fourth win this season? Let's find out from the second half. 
20' A massive dash from Sunil Siddhgavali throws Monu off the mat on the buzzer raid.
19' Sloppy defending from Akshay Jadhav as he puts in a half-hearted ankle hold on Hooda to give the raider an easy point on the Do or Die raid.
18' Amit Kumar pounces on the ankles of GB More to keep him down on the mat.
16' More GB claims a sliding toe touch on Anup Kumar and gets his man.
16' Yet again the combination of Girish Ernak and Monu proves lethal as Pawar is trapped on the mat.
15' Deepak Hooda picks up a comfortable bonus point.
14' Sunil Siddhgavali's dash is in vain as Deepak Dahiya stretches his arms to get over the midline.
13' ALL-OUT on Pune! More GB picks the bonus but is brought down by a firm ankle hold from Mohit Chhillar.
13' Pune down to one man as Deepak Hooda corners Ravi Kumar to collect another point.
12' Bonus point awarded to GB More.
11' Oh, no! Error from Sandeep Narwal as he slips on his attempted tackle as Pawar gets an easy touch on his Do or Die raid.
11' Sandeep Dhull dives on the ankles of Akshay Jadhav to keep the raider down on the mat.
10' Deepak Hooda now has 600 raid points in his PKL career. Gets there with a touch on Girish Ernak.
9' Monu attempts the dubki on the Do or Die raid but runs into the short block from Mohit Chhillar.
8' Girish Ernak combines with Monu to trap Pawar on the Do or Die raid.
6' Deepak Dahiya picks up a bonus but is enveloped by the Panthers' defenders. 
5' Ajinkya Pawar is thrown down on the mat by a short block from Ernak on the Do or Die raid.
4' GB More attempts the bonus but Sandeep Dhull's back hold keeps the raider down on the mat.
The Jaipur Pink Panthers have taken an early lead as they lead 3-1 in the third minute.
The second match features Jaipur Pink Panthers and the Puneri Paltan.
Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune
Match Start Time
Fri, 23/Nov/2018 21:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
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