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Jaipur Pink Panthers vs U Mumba - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Jaipur Pink Panthers
U Mumba
Match Draw
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With this tie, 

U Mumba, Gujarat Fortunegiants and Dabang Delhi K.C are the three teams to make the playoffs from Zone 'A'.
The Jaipur Pink Panthers did very well to strike a comeback and take a big lead before the Zone 'A' table toppers found their bearings and came back strong to pile pressure on the inaugural champions. 

Siddharth Desai was the star of the show with 14 raid points while for the hosts, Deepak Hooda's 13-point effort stood out.
FT: Jaipur Pink Panthers 35 - 35 U Mumba.

The encounter has ended in a tie but the real story is that the Jaipur Pink Panthers are out of contention for the playoffs of the sixth edition of the Pro Kabaddi League.
40' Deepak Hooda celebrates as he powers through a thigh hold from Rohit Rana on the buzzer raid.
40' Desai produces a tight toe touch on Amit Kumar as U Mumba get the lead again.
40' Deepak Hooda picks up a bonus point.

U Mumba lose their review as they contest the bonus.
40' Error from Sandeep Dhull yet again as Desai gets a swift toe touch on the left corner.
39' Deepak Hooda turns away from Fazel's tackle on the left corner as thhe scores are leveled.
39' All-out on Jaipur! U Mumba takes the lead with Desai removing the last man on the mat. 
30' Cheralathan dives on the ankles of Deepak Hooda as Jaipur are down to one man on the mat. 
39' Siddhgavali is lured into the ankle hold as Desai skips away with his 11th point of the game.
38' Mallesh is the culprit as he dives on the ankles of Desai as the lanky raider picks up a Super-10!
Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 32-27 with a little over two minutes to go on the clock.
37' Desai yet again is gifted a point by a weak ankle hold from Amit Kumar on the right corner.
37' Fazel collects his first tackle point of the night as he combines with Surender to trap Pawar with a chain tackle.
37' Dhull produces a diving ankle hold on R Sriram to collect his third tackle point of the night.
36' David Mosambayi comes on as a substitute but is pinned down by a strong ankle hold from Surender Singh.
36' Desai looks for a jump on Amit Kumar but is brought down by Sandeep Dhull and Deepak Hooda.
36' Baliyan looks for an expensive ankle hold but ends up gifting an easy point to Deepak Hooda.
36' Siddhgavali's dash is in vain on this occasion as Desai powers through to collect an important point.
Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 29-23 with five minutes left on the clock.
35' High 5 for Rohit Rana! Traps Ajinkya Pawar with a strong thigh hold at the center of the mat. 
35' Deshwal escapes an ankle hold from Sandeep Dhull but is dashed off by a strong effort from Sunil Siddhgavali.
Anand Patil looks to be grimacing in pain as he lies flat on the mat. He is now being stretchered off the court. 
34' The U Mumba defense strikes on the other end as Surender strikes with a double ankle hold on Anand Patil.
33' Baliyan goes a little too deep into the right corner as he is snapped up by an ankle hold from Amit Kumar.
33' Schoolboy error from Pawar as he loses out on time on his raid. 
32' Selvam looks for a thigh hold from the right corner but Desai skips away to collect an easy point.
Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 27-19 with nine minutes left on the clock.

31' All-out on U Mumba! Hooda's pace forces Baliyan off the mat which allows the Jaipur skipper to collect an easy touch on last man Cheralathan.
31' Yet again a bonus point for Baliyan.
30' Fantastic raid from Ajinkya Pawar as he slips away from Surender's feeble ankle hold and then powers through a dash from Fazel Atrachali.
30' Rohit Baliyan picks up a comfortable bonus point.
29' Deepak Hooda in the action yet again as he brings down Desai with a formidable ankle hold and gets support from the rest of the defense.
28' Arjun Deshwal gets a touch on the right corner but is dashed off by Deepak Hooda and Sandeep Dhull on the Do or Die raid.
27' Rohit Rana is very slow to retreat as Deepak Hooda collects an easy touch point on the left cover on the Do or Die raid.
25' Two-point raid for Desai as he powers through a dash from Amit Kumar and Sandeep Dhull.
Arjun Deshwal comes in for Abhishek Singh.
24' Pawar attempts the bonus but is dashed off by Rohit Rana and Surender Singh.
22' Sandeep Dhull strikes as he sends Desai off to the benches with a short double thigh hold at the center.
21' All-out on U Mumba! Deepak Hooda is the man of the moment as Fazel and Cheralathan have him covered but the Panthers skipper swivels on his back and gets his foot across the midline.
21' Amit Kumar dashes out Rohit Baliyan.
The second half is underway!
HT: U Mumba lead 14-12 against Jaipur Pink Panthers.

U Mumba enjoy a slender two-point lead but the pressure is certainly on the Panthers to erase the deficit and more importantly, win the game in the end. 

Can the hosts make a comeback or will U Mumba spoil the party? Stay tuned for an exciting second half!
20' Rohit Baliyan picks up a bonus point on the Do or Die raid.
19' Ajinkya Pawar is tackled on the Do or Die raid but is deemed safe as a result of Siddharth Desai's jersey pull.
17' A horrible back hold attempted by Selvam as Desai dives and gets his hands across the midline on the Do or Die raid.
16' Top effort from Deepak Hooda as he runs to his right and gets Cheralathan with a running hand touch and runs into the lobbies.
13' Baliyan gets a hefty kick on Amit Kumar in the left cover position.
12' Super raid from Amit Kumar!  Amit Kumar gets through the chain tackle from Fazel and Rohit Baliyan and also collects a point from Surender's ankle hold.
11' Super tackle for Jaipur! Santhapanaselvam and Sandeep Dhull combine to pull Desai into their own half. 
11' Rohit Rana picks his third tackle point with a strong short block to trap Pawar down on the mat. 
10' Siddhgavali attempts a dash on Abhishek Singh but only gives away an easy point on the Do or Die raid.
9' Rohit Rana locks his arms around Deepak Hooda's thigh as he brings down the Jaipur skipper in a flash.
8' Anand Patil gets a touch on Fazel but is dashed out by a chain tackle from Surender and Rohit Rana.
7' Siddarth Desai gets a kick on Amit Kumar in the left cover.
7' Oh! A rookie error from Cheralathan as he steps into the lobbies on Deepak Hooda's raid.
6' Amit Kumar yet again is off to the benches as his tackle fails to keep Baliyan rooted in the Jaipur half.
5' Deepak Hooda removes Rohit Rana with an excellent running hand touch.
5' Rohit Baliyan pulls one back as he evadesh a dash from Amit Kumar.
5' Pawar pushes away a tackle from Fazel to tumble away with a point.
4' Santhapanaselvam's ankle hold fails to keep Desai away from the midline.
3' Rohit Rana looks for a block close to the midline as Deepak Hooda turns away and collects a point.
2' Surender collects his first tackle point with a diving ankle hold on Ajinkya Pawar from the right corner.
2' Bonus point awarded to Rohit Baliyan.
2' Anand Patil produces a swift running hand touch to remove Cheralathan on the right corner.
1' Siddharth Desai picks the first point of the night with a bonus on the right corner.
U Mumba win the toss and opt for court. Jaipur to raid first!
The two teams are on the mat and we will will have the toss soon!

Let's not forget, if the Pink Panthers lose this, they will not be in the race for the playoffs anymore! A lot on the line for the Panthers!
Starting sevens - 

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Deepak Niwas Hooda (C), Ajinkya Pawar, Anand Patil, Sunil Siddhgavali, Amit Kumar, Santhapanaselvam, Sandeep Dhull.

U Mumba: Fazel Athrachali (C), Siddharth Desai, Rohit Baliyan, Abhishek Singh, Surender Singh, Rohit Rana, Dharmaraj Cheralathan.
The second game of the day will feature the hosts Jaipur Pink Panthers taking on U Mumba at the Tau Devilal Sports Complex in Panchkula. 

Jaipur have started off their home leg with a convincing win over the Puneri Paltan but will need to bring out their A-game in order to beat the table toppers from Zone 'A'. A mouth-watering clash awaits, stay tuned for all the live updates!
Tau Devilal Sports Complex, Panchkula
Match Start Time
Sat, 15/Dec/2018 21:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Jaipur Pink Panthers vs U Mumba
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
Zone A
Pro Kabaddi 2018