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Patna Pirates vs Tamil Thalaivas - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Patna Pirates
Tamil Thalaivas
PATNA PIRATES won the match
That's all from the PKL 2018 action in the first match of the day. Stay tuned for all live updates from the PKl right here at Sportskeeda.
Full Time: Patna Pirates 45-27 Tamil Thalaivas
40' Pardeep Narwal seals the win for the Pirates as he adds two points escaping the ankle hold by D Pradap on the left corner.
40' Deepak Narwal gets his Super 10 as he scores the bonus point.
40' Pradap is given an easy bonus point but is dashed out by the Patna defenders as Pirates extend their lead to 15 after the all-out.
39' Athul MS is tagged by Pardep Narwal after he was cornered at the right corner. Pardeep Narwal scores his Super 10.
39' Pradap goes in for the raid and gets the sliding toe touch on Jaideep.
39' Pardeep Narwal escapes the block by Manjeet Chillar and Thalaivas are down to one man again.
39' Manjeet Chillar, up for the raid as the last man gets the sliding touch on Jaideep on the left corner and adds the bonus as well.
38' Pardeep Narwal has brought out the Dubki tonight. He escapes the dash by Arun after getting the hand touch on Surjeet Singh. Two points for the 'Dubki King'
38'  A superb dash from Jaideep after Dagar locked in the ankle hold at the right corner.
38' Manjeet comes in for the do-or-die raid and scores the running hand touch on Jasvir Singh on the right corner using his length extremely well.
37' Athul MS tries the bonus point at the right corner but gets trapped with the ankle hold by Jawahar Dagar as the defence rushed in to block his path.
37' Deepak Narwal's promising night continues as he adds the bonus point at the centre of the defence.

Tamil Thalaivas called for a review and overturned the bonus point. They retain the review.
36' Athul MS gets his first touch point as he rolls away past the midline after getting away from the ankle hold.
35' Manjeet is active with his raiding now as he lands the high kick on Pradap on the left corner.
35' Jasvir Singh is tackled down as Manjeet adds another tackle point.
34' Deepak Narwal gets the bonus point at the left corner of the Thalaivas' defence.
33' Ajay Thakur scores the running hand touch on the cover defender Vikas Kale with a good attempt.
32' Pardep Narwal gets the bonus on the right corner but Manjeet Chillar puts in the dash to push him out of bounds.
30' Surjeet Singh is caught at the right corner with the ankle hold by Ravinder Kumar as the defence rushed in to keep him down.
31' All-out for Patna. Jasvir Singh gets the bonus point but is tackled down as Manjeet locks in another tackle point.
31' Pardeep Narwal reduces Tamil Thalaivas to one man as he gets the hand touch on Arun.
30' Jasvir Singh does well to get the bonus and dodges the block by Jaideep from the left corner.
30' Manjeet Chillar is tagged by Pardeep Narwal on the run near the left corner as Jasvir Singh is the lone man on the mat.
29' Surjeet Singh gets tackled as Manjeet locks in the ankle hold and gets his first tackle point of the night.
28' Manjeet does well to get  the hand touch on Pradap with the extension and scrambles past the midline using the lobby.
27' Surjeet Singh scores a great diving hand touch on Jaideep diving towards the midline and Thalaivas have four on the mat now.
26' Surjeet Singh scores a bonus point on the right corner of the defence.
26' Manjeet shows great raw power as he takes D Gopu past the midline after the dash put in by the right corner defender.
25' Ajay Thakur escapes the first line of defence but is brought down by Vikas Kale near the baulk line.
24' Deepak Narwal goes for the do-or-die raid and is successful again. He gets away from the body hold by Pradap on the left corner and got a touch on Arun as well. Stellar effort from the raider.
Jasvir Singh comes in for Sukesh Hegde
22' Surjeet Singh strikes in his first raid scoring a bonus and the touch point after getting to the midline despite the dash by Tae Deok Eom.
Surjeet Singh comes in for Athul MS
The second half commences in Gujarat.
Half Time: Patna Pirates 16-13 Tamil Thalaivas
20' Do-or-die raid for Patna's Deepak Narwal and he comes through the challenge with two points getting the bonus and shrugging the dash by Darshan from the covers.
19' Manjeet puts in the ankle hold but Ajay Thakur is able to escape easily.
18' Pardeep Narwal is tackled down near the baulk line as Manjeet gets another chain tackle.
18' Patna Pirates called for a review claiming Athul MS stepped out of bounds but they are not given. Patna lose their review.
Manish in for Deepak Narwal.
Tamil Thalaivas called for a review claiming Deepak was dashed out of bounds.

Good review for the team. Deepak gets the bonus and Tamil Thalaivas get the all-out.
15' Deepak Narwal does brilliantly to get two touch points after getting the bonus and keeps Patna Pirates alive. Superb raid going in as the last man for the champions.
15' Ajay Thakur gets the hand touch on Tae Deok Eom on the left corner and Patna are down to the last man now.
14' Deepak Narwal scores a running bonus point on the right corner of the Tamil Thalaivas' defence.
14' Ajay Thakur gets two raid points as he escapes the chain tackle and rolls past the midline getting Manjeet and Jaideep on his way back.
12' Manjeet is on target this time as he catches Pardeep Narwal with the chain tackle along with Sukesh Hegde as the Patna skipper is tackled for the first time tonight.
11' Ajay Thakur continues his spree catching Vikas Kale with the running hand touch. Both Pardeep Narwal and Ajay Thakur operating with good intent for the sides.
10' Pardeep Narwal catches Manjeet Chillar with a running hand touch catching him on the chest.
8' Ajay Thakur gets an easy touch point on Jaideep who mistimed his tackle as Thakur dodged away to the midline.
8' Deepak Narwal adds another bonus point at the right corner of the Thalaivas' backline.
7' Ajay Thakur scores his first raid point after the all-out going low to get the running hand touch on Ravinder Kumar at the right corner.
7' Pardeep Narwal scores the easy surrender touch point on Pradap. Patna lead 10-1 early in the match after the all-out.
5' Vikas Kale does well to get the dash on Ajay Thakur and reduces Thalaivas to one.
5' Manjeet comes in against three defenders and gets the hand touch on Arun catching him on the thigh. Two men on the mat now for the Thalaivas.
4' Athul MS runs into the clutches of Jaideep at the left corner. First tackle point of the night for the Patna left corner.
3' Manjeet forces a mistake from Darshan J on the right corner who steps out of bounds. Easy point for Patna.
3' Deepak Narwal scores a well-taken toe touch on Gopu on the right corner. He wants the bonus as well but not given.
2' Athul MS gets the first point for the Thalaivas with a bonus point on the right corner.
2' Pardeep Narwal scores in his second raid as well picking up an early bonus point.
1' Pardeep Narwal starts off proceedings with the prized scalp of Manjeet Chillar escaping the thigh hold at the baulk line.
The toss is won by the Tamil Thalaivas and they choose the court option. Patna to raid first.
The teams are out on the mat and we await the toss in a few moments.
Starting 7:

Tamil Thalaivas - Ajay Thakur, Athul MS, Sukesh Hegde, Manjeet Chillar, Darshan J, D Gopu, D Pradap

Patna Pirates - Pardeep Narwal, Manjeet, Deepak Narwal, Tae Deok Eom, Jaideep, Vikas Kale, Ravinder Kumar
Welcome to the Pro Kabaddi League action from the Ahmedabad leg as Patna Pirates take on Tamil Thalaivas in the first match of the day.
The Arena by Transstadia, Ahmedabad
Match Start Time
Wed, 21/Nov/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Patna Pirates vs Tamil Thalaivas
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
Zone B
Pro Kabaddi 2018