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Puneri Paltan vs Tamil Thalaivas - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Puneri Paltan
Tamil Thalaivas
TAMIL THALAIVAS won the match
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Tamil Thalaivas break their losing streak of five matches and end the Puneri Paltan's winning streak in their home leg at the Balewadi Stadium.
Full Time: Puneri Paltan 31-36 Tamil Thalaivas
40' Amit Hooda scores a superb tackle point as he tackles down Monu with a takedown.
40' Nitin Tomar gets caught at the right corner by Amit Hooda with a crucial ankle hold.
40' Jasvir Singh is caught at the baulk line by Shubham Shinde with an ankle hold.
39' Nitin Tomar gets an easy raid point with a touch on Sukesh Hegde.
39' Puneri Paltan protect the baulk line but Jasvir is up for the challenge as he gets two men out with a good raid.
39' GB More comes away with an escape from Manjeet Chillar's tackle attempt near the baulk line. Three points separate the sides now.
39' Ajay Thakur goes in for the do-or-die raid and he gets caught with an ankle hold at the right corner by Shubham Shinde.
38' Monu gets a quick bonus point at the left corner of the Thalaivas' defence.
37' TV Umpire has awarded the bonus to Puneri Paltan and Tamil Thalaivas lose their review.
37' GB More adds another bonus point to his tally with a leg extension at the centre of the defence. Tamil Thalaivas challenge the decision with a review.
36' Nitin Tomarfails to keep Ajay Thakur down and gives away an easy raid point as Ajay Thakur has completed his Super 10 on the night.
36' Nitin Tomar escapes the tackle attempt by Manjeet and jumps over the defender to score in the do-or-die raid.
35' Ajay Thakue goes for a do-or-die attempt and manages to score two points after getting a hand touch at the left corner and escapes the dash using his strength well.
33' The decision goes in favour of the Thalaivas and only two points are awarded to the Paltan.
33' GB More scores big!! The raider gets three points at the right corner after he escaped the hold and got his hand past the midline.
Tamil Thalaivas call for a review of the decision.
32' Jasvir Singh goes up against two men and manages to get both the defenders out after the running hand touch and the diving point. All-out for the Tamil Thalaivas.
32' Nitin Tomar gets caught with a strong thigh hold by Manjeet Chillar and reduces Puneri Paltan to two men on the mat.
31' Ajay Thakur gets a raid point with a good running hand touch.
30' GB More goes in for the do-or-die raid and is caught with a strong ankle hold by Manjeet Chillar at the left corner. 
28' Sukesh Hegde fails to stay inbounds and is ruled out and Pune get the point.
27' Nitin Tomar goes in for the raid and gets an easy raid point at the right corner.
26' Monu is caught at the left corner with a strong tackle put in by Sunil.
25' GB More goes in for the do-or-die raid and gets a bonus point.
24' Ajay Thakur carries on his consistent raiding and adds another raid point for the Thalaivas.
23' Nitin Tomar raid successfully after getting a good touch point.
22' Ajay Thakur gets two men out with a stellar raid and revives Manjeet and Sukesh Hegde.
22' GB More gets a good bonus point at the left corner.
The second half commences in Pune.
Half Time: Puneri Paltan 15-16 Tamil Thalaivas
19' A technical point is awarded to the Puneri Paltan point for too much noise during the raid by GB More.
18' Nitin Tomar raids calmly and gets a toe touch point at the left corner of the Puneri Paltan defence.
17' Sukesh Hegde is caught with a chain tackle on the left corner by Rinku Narwal and Monu.
17' GB More comes in as the last man and is given an easy bonus but then Manjeet Chillar rushes in to secure the all-out.
16' Jasvir Singh goes again and gets a scorpion kick on Ravi Kumar at the right corner.
16' GB More continues his scoring streak and gets another raid point.
15' Jasvir Singh gets a touch point going up against three Pune defenders.
14' The review is ruled in favour of the Puneri Paltan. They get the Super Tackle on Ajay Thakur.
14' Ajay Thakur goes in against two men and is caught by the defenders but he claims that the defender stepped out of bounds and the refs give him the point. Puneri Paltan have called for the review.
14' GB More comes in off the bench and gets a bonus point.
13' Ajay Thakur goes deep into the left corner and gets a hand touch on Rinku Narwal as Puneri Paltan are down to two men.
11' Sukesh Hegde gets two men out as he gets away from the ankle hold and dash combination by Akshay Jadhav and Girish Ernak.
10' Monu, in for the do-or-die raid is caught with a dash put in by Jasvir Singh and gets him down to the lobby and out of bounds. Strong tackle by the veteran raider.
9' Ajay Thakur gets tackled down with a block put in by Ravi Kumar who came in from the right corner.
7' Ajay Thakur is successful again with the running hand touch
6' Monu gets a touch point on the danger man Manjeet Chillar with a smart hand touch.
6' Nitin Tomar comes in to raid and manages to get a bonus point at the left corner.
5' Ajay Thakur is successful with his bonus attempt as well.
5' Monu does well to take a hand touch point on the right corner.
4' Jasvir Singh goes in for the do-or-die raid but gets tackled down with an ankle hold by Ravi Kumar as the defence rush in to keep him down.
1' Nitin Tomar gets tackled with a strong block by Sunil who rushed in from the right corner.
1' Jasvir Singh gets the Thalaivas going with a good hand touch on Rinku Narwal at the left corner.
Starting Lineups
Puneri Paltan - Girish Ernak, Monu, Rinku Narwal, Akshay Jadhav, Shubham Shinde, Nitin Tomar, Ravi Kumar

Tamil Thalaivas - Ajay Thakur, Manjeet Chillar, Jasvir Singh, Sukesh Hegde, Darshan J, Amit Hooda, Sunil
Welcome to the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018 as the second match of the day sees the home side Puneri Paltan take on Tamil Thalaivas at the Balewadi Stadium in Pune, Maharashtra.
Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune
Match Start Time
Tue, 23/Oct/2018 21:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Puneri Paltan vs Tamil Thalaivas
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
Inter Zone Week
Pro Kabaddi 2018