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Puneri Paltan vs Telugu Titans - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Puneri Paltan
Telugu Titans
TELUGU TITANS won the match
Full Time: Telugu Titans 28-25 Puneri Paltan
40' Rahul Chaudhari gets away from the ankle hold by Sandeep Narwal in the final raid of the match
40' Monu gets away from the ankle hold by Madane and puts in a quick raid.
39' Abozar Mighani steps out of bounds during Sandeep Narwal's raid and Pune get the all-out and reduce the lead to just three points.
39' Do-or-die raid for the sub Rakshith and the Paltan protect the bonus line and get the ankle hold with Akshay Jadhav on the right corner.
38' Mohsen Maghsouldou fails to keep Pune's Monu down with his ankle hold an Titans are now down to two men.
37' GB More rushes to his side after slipping from the misjudgded tackle by Anil Kumar on the left corner.
36' Do-or-die attempt for Nilesh Salunke and he gets surrounded by the Puneri Paltan defenders after he tried to get a bonus point.
35' Akshay Jadhav ventures too deep into the Telugu defence and gets trapped by Mohsen Maghsoudlou with the body hold.
33' Rahul Chaudhari is tackled down after the initial block by Girish Ernak, who scores his first tackle point tonight.
33' Monu is on target again as he gets the running hand touch on Farhad Milaghardan who failed to retreat back.
32' Nilesh salunke goes for the do-or-die raid and fails to get any touch point against the five Puneri Paltan defenders.
31' GB More fails to escape the clutches of Anil Kumar who got the ankle hold as Abozar rushed in to keep the raider down.
30' Monu does well to catch Krushna Madane napping at the left corner of the Telugu defence with a hand touch.
29' Abozar is on target again as he gets Deepak Dahiya in the do-or-die raid situation.
29' Nilesh Salunke gets away from the dash by Ravi Kumar and reaches past the midline easily.
27' Nilesh Salunke is on target as he scores the bonus point in the do-or-die raid attempt.
26' Monu comes in for the do-or-die raid and gets the bonus at the left corner with a sleek attempt.
GB More comes in for Akshay Jadhav for Puneri Paltan
24' Rahul Chaudhari gets the final surrender raid and inflicts the all-out on Puneri Paltan.
23' Now it is the do-or-die raid for Sandeep Narwal and he runs into the arms of Abozar Mighani after getting the running bonus.
22' Do-or-die raid for Rahul Chaudhari against three men and he hustles across the defence many times and eventually gets the point after escaping the tackle attempt by Vinod Kumar.
The second half commences at the NSCI Dome in Mumbai.
Half Time: Puneri Paltan 11 - 17 Telugu Titans
20' The final raid of the first half gets a Super Tackle for Sandeep Narwal as he traps Nilesh Salunke with a strong thigh hold.
19' Sandeep Narwal hustles and bustles all across the defence and scores the bonus point.

Telugu Titans reviewed the decision but lose it after the umpire rules it for the Puneri Paltan.
18' Rahul Chaudhari goes for the do-or-die against four defenders and gets two points!! He is caught by Monu and later Ernak rushed in to get his hands away from the midline but the raider showed great awareness to get his legs past the midline.
16' Deepak Dahiya fails to get his hands past the midline as Farhad rushed in with a strong dash and Anil Kumar secured him to get the point for Titans.
15' Rahul Chaudhari is escapes the thigh hold attempt by Akshay Jadhav from the In position and falls backwards towards the midline.
15' Deepak Dahiya gets away from the ankle hold by Anil Kumar and reaches the midline easily.
14' Nilesh Salunke executes the Dubki to perfection as he escapes the dash by Girish Ernak and gets Vinod Kumar as well on his way to the midline.
Monu comes in for Rajesh Mondal.
13' All-out for Telugu Titans!! Sandeep Narwal gets the easy bonus but is surrounded at the right corner with the entire defence jumping on him to keep him down.
12' Rahul Chaudhari goes for the do-or-die raid against two defenders and gets the hand touch on Girish Ernak at the left corner. Pune down to one man now.
11' Do-or-die raid for Akshay Jadhav and he tries to get the bonus point at the right corner bu Madane is on point again with his ankle hold.
10' Another Super Tackle!! Sandeep Narwal and Akshay Jadhav catch Mohsen Maghsoudlou with the ankle hold locked in by Narwal. Scores level now despite Pune lacking in numbers.
9' Rajesh Mondal comes in for the do-or-die raid. His second of the night. He hovers around the baulk line for a long time and gets caught with the double ankle hold by Madane.
7' Super Tackle!! The defenders get Rahul Chaudhari down near the baulk line and Pune cut the lead taken by Telugu down to one. Akshay Jadhav got the tackle points.
7' Akshay Jadhav gets another bonus point at the left corner of the Telugu defence.
6' Rahul Chaudhari goes for the do-or-die raid against three men and gets the hand touch on Vinod Kumar at the left corner. Pune down to two.
5' Krushna Madane locks in a strong ankle hold on Deepak Dahiya who tried to get the bonus but is surrounded by the rushing defenders.
4' First point for Puneri Paltan as Akshay Jadhav is successful on the left corner of the Telugu defence.
3' Do-or-die again as Nilesh Salunke comes in. He tries the high kick on the left corner and escapes the dash by Vinod Kumar and scores two points. 
2' Do-or-die raid early on in the match for Rajesh Mondal. He tries to sneak in with a bonus attempt at the right corner but Abozar Mighani catches him with the thigh hold. First point of the match on the board. 
Telugu Titans win the toss & select the Choice of court
Starting Seven:

Puneri Paltan - Girish Ernak, Sandeep Narwal, Vinod Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Akshay Jadhav, Deepak Dahiya, Rajesh Mondal
Telugu Titans - Abozar Mighani, Krushna Madane, Anil Kumar, Mohsen Maghsoudlou, Farhad Milaghardan, Rahul Chaudhari, Nilesh Salunke
Welcome to the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018 as the first match of the inter-zonal challenge week sees Puneri Paltan take on Telugu Titans at the NSCI Dome in Mumbai.
DOME@NSCI SVP Stadium, Mumbai
Match Start Time
Tue, 13/Nov/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Puneri Paltan vs Telugu Titans
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
Inter Zone Week
Pro Kabaddi 2018