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Telugu Titans vs Jaipur Pink Panthers - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Telugu Titans
Jaipur Pink Panthers
TELUGU TITANS won the match
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FT: Telugu Titans win 35-26 over the Jaipur Pink Panthers.

A top comeback from the Titans' defense unit, which came together in the second half to inflict some crucial tackles on the Panthers raiders that ultimately gave the home team a massive win in the end.
40' A raid point to finish off for Anuj Kumar, who gets Mohit Chhillar with a toe touch,
40' SUPER-10 for Deepak Hooda! Gets to the landmark as he slips away from Farhad's ankle hold.
40' Rahul Chaudhari jogs off to the benches after he is brought down by the Panthers defense.
39' Deepak Hooda is pinned down on his raid by a top combination tackle from the Titans' cover defenders.
39' An error yet again from Mohit Chhillar as he attempts a back hold close to the mid-line and is off to the benches.
38' VIshal Bharadwaj's ankle hold fails to keep Lokesh Kaushik down as the raider escapes with a point.
Telugu Titans lead 32-21 with three minutes left on the clock.
37' Abozar Mighani and Vishal Bharadwaj combine to bring down Deepak Hooda.
37' Nilesh Salunke is swarmed by the Panthers' defenders.
36' ALL-OUT inflicted on Jaipur! Ajinkya Pawar succumbs to the might of an ankle hold from Anil Kumar.
Jaipur down to one man on the mat as the Titans lead 28-19 with four and a half minutes to go on the clock.
36' Nilesh Salunke goes deep into the right corner to collect another point.
35' Rahul Chaudhari reduces the Panthers to two men on the mat.
35' Abozar Mighani pounces on the ankles of Ajinkya Pawar as he celebrates with a roar after bringing the raider down. 
33' Ajinkya Pawar continues his good run as he scampers away from Rahul Chaudhari's attempted ankle hold.
32' Rahul Chaudhari's pace forces Sandeep Dhull to jump away as he steps out of the court.
Time-out called by the Pink Panthers. 

Telugu Titans lead 24-17 with a little over eight minutes left on the clock.
31' Anil Kumar is sent off by a hefty hand touch from Ajinkya Pawar.
30' Top exhibition of raiding from Farhad as he gets Nitin Rawal with a toe touch.
29' Ajinkya Pawar jumps away from Vishal Bharadwaj's ankle hold to collect a timely point. 
Substitution for the Panthers. 

Nitin Rawal comes in for Selvamani.
27' Young Chang Ko is late to retreat as Rahul Chaudhari collects a point on the Do or Die raid.
25' Deepak Hooda attempts a touch on Rahul Chaudhari but is dashed off by a charge from Abozar Mighani.
25' Rahul Chaudhari is granted a point as he claims a running hand touch on Sandeep Dhull on the Do or Die raid.

Jaipur Pink Panthers lose their review on trying to reverse the call.
23' Anil Kumar appears like a man on a mission as he picks his third consecutive tackle of the night.
22' Anil Kumar in the action yet again with a double ankle hold to bring down Selvamani.
22' Sandeep Dhull strikes on the other hand with a clinical ankle hold on Nilesh Salunke.
21' Anil Kumar and Anuj Kumar combine with a chain tackle to block Deepak Hooda's escape path.
The second half has commenced!
HT: Telugu Titans lead 17-13 over the Jaipur Pink Panthers.

The Titans defense has failed to live up to expectations on the day but the raiding unit, led by Nilesh Salunke has camouflaged the lack of efficiency on the defense front. 

For the Panthers, it has been a one-man show with Deepak Hooda picking up eight of the 13 points in the half for Jaipur. Can the Pink Panthers strike a comeback?
20' Farhad Milagardhan picks up a bonus point.
19' Bonus point awarded to Nilesh Salunke.

Jaipur Pink Panthers use their review to reverse the decision.
18' ALL-OUT on the Panthers! Gangadhari Mallesh picks up a bonus point but is felled by an ankle hold from Vishal Bharadwaj.
17' Poor tackle from Mohit Chhillar as Farhad Milagardhan slips away to reduce the Panthers to one down on the mat.
17' Abozar pins Ajinkya Pawar down with a strong double ankle hold.
15' Nilesh Salunke goes deep into the left corner as he gets rid of the big fish Deepak Hooda with a clinical hand touch.
14' Deepak Hooda gets a running hand touch on Anil Kumar.
13' Super tackle for the Panthers! Deepak Hooda and Mallesh combine to keep Rahul Chaudhari down on the mat. 
Pink Panthers down to two men on the mat.
12' Rahul Chaudhari picks up two points as he wriggles away from Santhapanaselvam's anlkle hold and wards off a dash from Young Chang Ko.
12' Deepak Hooda continues to pick up the bonus points.
10' Farhad Milgardhan's pace forces a tackle from Sandeep Dhull as the Titans go back into the lead.
9' Anil Kumar's ankle hold is off target as Deepak Hooda tumbles away with a point.
Substitution for Panthers. 

Santhapanaselvam comes in for Lokesh Kaushik.
8' Nilesh Salunke gets rid of Bajirao Hodage with a fantastic reverse kick on the right corner.
7' Deepak Hooda picks up yet another bonus point.
6' Hooda escapes with yet another point as Abozar goes in for an expensive ankle hold.
5' Super raid from Nilesh Salunke! Picks up the bonus point and powers through a back hold attempted by Bajirao Hodage, who gets support from Young Chang Ko but in vain.
4' Top raid from Ajinkya Pawar, who lures an ankle hold from Abozar Mighani and collects a point on the Do or Die raid.
3' Sandeep Dhull pounces on the ankles of Rahul Chaudhari, who is thrown off the court by a dash from Hodage.
2' Deepak Hooda collects a bonus point of his own.
2' Bonus point taken by Nilesh Salunke.
1' First point of the night to Deepak Hooda, who turns away from Vishal Bharadwaj's ankle hold.
Deepak Hooda, the stand-in coach for Jaipur wins the toss and opts for court! 
Starting 7s - 

Telugu Titans: Vishal Bharadwaj (C), Rahul Chaudhari, Nilesh Salunke, Abozar Mighani, Anil Kumar, C Manoj Kumar, Anuj Kumar. 

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Deepak Hooda (C), Lokesh Kaushik, Ajinkya Pawar, Young Chang Ko, Mohit Chhillar, Bajirao Hodage, Sandeep Dhull.
The Pink Panthers are on the mat and are followed by the Telugu Titans, who receive a thunderous applause as they approach the mat! The home crowd is certainly up on its feet to back the home team!
The second match of the day features the home team Telugu Titans taking on the Jaipur Pink Panthers. Can the Titans bounce back after a loss in their opening game and dominate over the Pink Panthers?

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Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Vizag
Match Start Time
Sat, 08/Dec/2018 21:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Telugu Titans vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
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