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Pro Kabaddi 2019
U Mumba
Haryana Steelers
U MUMBA won the match
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That's it from Sportskeeda's live coverage of Eliminators in Pro Kabaddi 2019 playoffs. Do join us the day after tomorrow on 16th October where Bengaluru Bulls lock horns with Dabang Delhi in SF 1 while Bengal Warriors take on U Mumba in SF 2. 
Meanwhile, U Mumba rode on their two excellent raiders in Abhishek Singh and Arjun Deshwal who scored 16 and 15 raid points respectively. U Mumba were known to be a defense-heavy side, now no more! What a match. However, they still will be looking to reduce advance tackling from the covers which could be a major issue against Bengal's offense.
Here is how the semi-finals are lined-up for 16th October:

A heart-breaking loss for Haryana Steelers as it ends their campaign for the season. For the first time this season, Vikas Kandola's Super-10 goes in vain! Only 5 tackle points for the team in the entire match is what hurt them the most. 
40' Empty raid from Prashanth Rai. U Mumba are into the semi-finals with a win. The season's over for Haryana Steelers.
40' DO OR DIE RAID: SUPER TACKLE! Chand Singh goes in for a ankle-hold but Abhishek manages to use his entire time.
38' Fazel's single thigh-hold takes out Vinay! What a brilliant tackle as the defense prowls on time.
38' Harender tries another tackle but Vinay takes a 2-pointer along with bonus. Terrible decision-making from the covers of U Mumba despite a lead.
38' DO OR DIE RAID: Abhishek Singh takes out Dharmaraj who attempted a block on him.
37' Harender Kumar with the dash on Vikas Khandola takes him OUT!
Milestone Alert: Abhishek Singh has 150 total points this season.
36' Prashanth Kumar Rai is OUT as Young Chang Ko goes for a dash on time.
36' Bonus point for Arjun Deshwal.
36' Harender leaks a point for Prashanth as he fails to go for an advance block.
REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL: Only two points for Abhishek.
U MUMBA REVIEW: Abhishek thinks it is a super raid as Fazel takes the review.
35' Abhishek Singh with a 2-pointer! A beautiful hand touch followed with an escape.
35' A terrible night for Surinder continues as he gives a point to Prashanth Rai.
34' Sandeep Narwal gifts the point to Prashanth Kumar Rai.
33' Arjun Deshwal picks up a bonus point.
ALL-OUT: Haryana inflict the all-out on Mumba but trail by 8 points still. Anna with the block on Abhishek Singh!
32' Vikas Kandola takes out Harender with a touch. Silly error from the cover defender.
31' DO OR DIE RAID: Abhishek Singh saves the raid with a bonus point.
31' Vinay makes a quick raid and takes out Young Chang Ko. Signs of comeback.
30' An advance dive from Surinder Singh fails as Vikas gets a raid point.
29' Vinay takes out Fazel Atrachali with a hand touch.
28' Vinay gets a running hand touch on Sandeep Narwal. Meanwhile, Arjun is OUT as Vikas gets the tackle point.
27' SUPER RAID: Bonus plus 2 points for Abhishek Singh for his 9th Super-10 of the season. Anna's 3 unsuccessful tackle tonight.
26' Arjun Deshwal takes out Prashanth Rai with a hand touch. More misery for Steelers.
ALL-OUT: U Mumba with the second all-out on Haryana. Meanwhile, Vikash Kandola gets a Super-10, 11th for him in the season.
25' Abhishek Singh takes out Vinay with an escape.
24' Arjun Deshwal takes out both corners as he gets rid of Chand Singh and Sunil. Bonus point for Vikas yet again.
24' Bonus point for Vikas Kandola.
23' Each one point for both teams as Abhishek and Dharmaraj step into the court.
22' Prashanth Rai is dashed out of the court as the tackle attempt comes in from the covers. U Mumba are playing only 2 raiders.
22' Abhishek Singh with the running hand touch takes out Ravi Kumar.
21' Prashanth Kumar Rai with a back kick on Sandeep Narwal with a classy attempt.
21' Arjun Deshwal scores his 3rd Super-10 of the season. Sunil gets out.
The raiders of U Mumba have done pretty well with Arjun Deshwal leading the attack with 9 raid points. Abhishek Singh has supported him with 6 raid points thus far. 

Vikash Kandola has led the raiding yet again with 7 raid points to his name. The defense has thrown somewhat advance tackles as Haryana Steelers trail by 7 points. Only 1 tackle point for Haryana in the first 20 minutes.

Can Haryana Steelers script a comeback in the next 20? Action to follow.
Milestone Alert: Vikas Kandola completed 25 bonus points this season.
Milestone Alert: Arjun Deshwal has completed 100 total points overall.
19' Bonus plus one for Arjun Deshwal as he takes out Chand Singh who attempted an ankle hold.
ALL-OUT! U Mumba inflict the first all-out of the match with a wrestling block from Fazel Atrachali. 
19' Vikas Kale goes for a lower body tackle but Abhishek Singh jumps towards the midline for a point.
19' Vikas Kandola saves the all-out by a mistake from Surinder Singh's advance dash.
18' Abhishek Singh takes out Dharmaraj Cheralathan after using most of his time. 
18' Bonus point for Vikash Kandola.
17' Arjun Deshwal escapes and manages to cross the mid-line as Ravi Kumar attempted a dash.
16' DO OR DIE RAID: Fazel Atrachali plugges in an ankle hold as Vinay is OUT! A precise tackle.
15' Arjun Deshwal once again shines in the raiding. Takes out Chand Singh with a toe touch.
14' Arjun Deshwal takes out Sunil with his lengthy hand touch.
REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL: Abhishek stepped into the white line but a great balance saves him.
HARYANA STEELERS REVIEW: They think Abhishek stepped out of the lobby before struggle.
13' Abhishek Singh gets rid of Vikas Kale for the 3rd time tonight who went for an advance block.
12' Vinay gets the hand touch on Harender Kumar.
REVIEW SUCCESSFUL: Arjun Deshwal gets a bonus point.
U MUMBA REVIEW: Arjun's confident for his bonus point.
11' Arjun Deshwal takes out Chand Singh who attempts a loose ankle hold.
11' Vinay uses his back-tracking skills and takes out Young Chang Ko.
11' Abhishek Singh gets rid of Vikas Kale with an escape.
9' DO OR DIE RAID: Vikash Kandola takes 2 points. Sandeep Narwal goes for a dive and Surinder comes in with the support but both men fail to tackle him.
7' Arjun Deshwal gets Vinay with a brilliant targetted hand touch.
6' No bonus awarded to Vinay. Only 2-point for him.
Meanwhile Abhishek Singh takes out Vikas Kale with a hand touch.
5' SUPER RAID: Vinay gets Surinder-Young Chang who attempt an advance dash. Brilliant escape!
5' Arjun Deshwal steps into the lobby as Dharmaraj Cheralathan gets touched. A tackle point for Haryana.
3' Sandeep Narwal takes out Prashanth Kumar with an off-guard tackle as he blocks his way! 
3' Bonus point for Athul MS!
2' Vikas Khandola is OUT as he hammers him out of the court.
2' Bonus point for Abhishek Singh.
2' SUPER RAID: Prashanth Rai takes out Surinder and Young Chang for a 3-pointer raid!
1' Bonus point for Arjun Deshwal for a decent start.
1' Vikas Kandola kick starts the match with a bonus point.
Starting Sevens:

U Mumba: Arjun Deshwal, Surinder Singh, Young Chang Ko, Abhishek Singh, Athul MS, Sandeep Narwal, and Fazel Atrachali (C)

Haryana Steelers: Vikash Kandola, Vikas Kale, Ravi Kumar, Vinay, Prashanth Kumar Rai, Sunil, and Dharmaraj Cheralathan  (C)
Meanwhile, Bengaluru Bulls script a monumental comeback after the first-ever TIE in Playoffs as they beat UP Yoddha (45-48). IT IS DABANG DELHI K.C. VS. BENGALURU BULLS in SEMI FINAL 1.
U Mumba are coming into this encounter with a 4-match unbeaten streak. The likes of Abhishek Singh and Arjun Deshwal have emerged as the dependable raiders. 'Sultan' Fazel Atrachali and Sandeep Narwal are the second-best corner duo this season.

Haryana Steelers are riding on their lead raider, Vikash Khandola's brilliance this season. Haryana Steelers have a 100% win record once Vikash scores a Super-10. Prashanth Kumar Rai could be a trump card for Haryana as he has better records against Fazel 7-2 and Sandeep 4-1. 
U Mumba and Haryana Steelers are 1-1 in their head to head record of Season 7. They lock horns tonight to advance into Semi-Final 2 where the winner meets Bengal Warriors on 16th October.
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE Coverage of Eliminator 2 of Pro Kabaddi 2019's playoffs between U Mumba & Haryana Steelers.
EKA Arena by TransStadia, Ahmedabad
Match Start Time
Mon, 14/Oct/2019 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
U Mumba vs Haryana Steelers
Pro Kabaddi 2019
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