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U Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
U Mumba
Jaipur Pink Panthers
U MUMBA won the match
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That's all from the clash between U Mumba and Jaipur Pink Panthers. 

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U Mumba will face off against the Haryana Steelers in their next encounter on the 13th of October while the Panthers will hope to regroup and get their act together before they face the Steelers on the 16th of October.
Fulltime: U Mumba win 39-32 over the Jaipur Pink Panthers. 

First win as captain for Fazel Athrachali and with that, the team's first win of this season as well. Not the greatest of starts for Anup Kumar's Jaipur Pink Panthers, who ended up on the wrong side of the result in a game that swung like a pendulum. 
40' Nitin Rawal picks a bonus point and along with that, a touch point as well. 
40' Sandeep Dhull makes his first mistake of the day, a hasty tackle on Rohit Baliyan who skips away to collect a point. 
38' ALL-OUT inflicted on the Pink Panthers! Is that the final nail in the coffin? Surely, must be. 
38' Rajguru's double thigh hold is too strong for the young raider as U Mumba continue to dominate. 
Less than two minutes to go on the clock as U Mumba have a four point lead. 
Green card given to Rohit Baliyan for excessive appealing. 
38' Rohit Baliyan pushes his way through a dash from Deepak Hooda as he collects a very important point in the context of the game!
37' Anup Kumar has been pinned down! Dharmaraj Cheralathan in the thick of things as he puts in an ankle hold and gets ample support from the rest of the defense. 
37' Siddharth Desai continues to make merry! Gets a running hand touch on the left corner. 
36' SUPER TACKLE for U Mumba! Vinod Kumar makes a statement in his first tackle as he brings down Rawal, who was enveloped by the rest of the defense in a haste. 
36' Two points for Siddharth Desai! Super 10 for the young raider! Collects a bonus point and also brings about a revival. 
Less than five minutes to go as the scoreline reads 30-27 in favour of the Pink Panthers. 
36' Anup Kumar has got the big fish, Fazel Athrachali! Anup Kumar lures the tackle, powers his way through the ankle hold and runs away with a point. 
35' Anup Kumar reduces U Mumba to just two men! Rajguru fails to dash the Jaipur skipper out of the court. 
34' SUPER RAID for Nitin Rawal! Surinder Singh initially went in for the back hold but was unsuccessful and Rawal did splendidly well to slip away from the attempted ankle hold from Cheralathan and Rohit Baliyan. 
34' Bonus point for Rohit Baliyan!
Just over seven minutes to go on the clock and the scoreline reads 25-25. 

Certainly set to go all the way down to the wire!
33' A bonus point for U Mumba but Siddharth Desai has been ushered off the court by the Panthers defenders. 
32' There's no escaping from Fazel Athrachali! Nitin Rawal attempts the dubki but Fazel was too strong on that occasion. 
32' What was Abhishek Singh thinking? Deepak Niwas Hooda was just walking around on the mat, Abhishek goes in for an ankle hold, decides to opt out but Deepak just about gets a touch and walks away. 
31' Baliyan's one-point raid levels the scores! Magnificent comeback this from U Mumba!
30' ALL-OUT inflicted on the Pink Panthers! Lone man Anup Kumar comes in for the raid, picks a bonus point but he's been thrown down on the mat by Surinder Singh. 
Panthers now down to just one man. 
28' Costly error from the veteran. He just assumed that he took a point off Mohit Chhillar and steps into the lobbies, but he'se been sent off. 
Panthers down to two men. Look who's here for a raid, it's Dharmaraj Cheralathan!
27' Abhishek Singh opens his account with a top raid! Struggles away from the ankle hold to crawl his way to the mid-line. 
26' SUPER TACKLE for the Panthers! Siddharth Desai goes a bit too deep into the left corner and he was a sitting duck. 
26' Error from Dharamraj Cheralathan who goes in for the tackle but gets no support. Two points for Amit!
25' Now the Panthers down to one man. Siddharth Desai lures the tackle from the defender and also collects another touch point. 
The Panthers are still down to three men. 
24' Bonus point for Nitin Rawal. Smart work from the youngster!
23' Santhapanaselvam has stepped out of the court on Desai's raid, point to U Mumba. 
22' DO OR DIE raid from Amit and he picks a point! Surinder Singh goes in with a hasty tackle to gift a point to the Panthers. 
The second half has commenced!

Pink Panthers have only three men on the mat. 
HT: Jaipur Pink Panthers 15 - 13 U Mumba. 

A slender two-point lead for the Panthers, an exciting second half awaits!
20' Siddharth Desai continues to have a good game as he tumbles away from an attempted back hold from Bajirao Hodage. 
20' Deepak has been pinned down by Iranian Fazel Athrachali! The Jaipur all-rounder looked for a running hand touch but Fazel was in his way of escape. 
19' Schoolboy error from Mohit Chhillar on the right corner, who goes in for a half-hearted tackle and easily gifted a point. 
17' Nitin Rawal fails on the DO OR DIE raid! However, a defender steps out of the court and it's a point apiece. 
16' Excellent dash from Nitin Rawal on the DO OR DIE raid from Desai! The lanky raider went deep into the left corner, Rawal charged in from the right side and got enough support from Mohit Chhillar to prevent Desai from getting over the mid-line. 
Substitution for U Mumba. 

Rohit Baliyan comes in place of Abolfazl Maghsoudlou. 
14' Fazel Athrachali comes to the party! Anup Kumar went in for the bonus but Fazel was quick to put in the ankle hold and bring down his opposite number. 
13' Sandeep Dhull is having a terrific game today! Yet again, he puts in a decisive ankle hold and brings down Abhishek Singh. 
12' Surinder's colossal block brings down Deepak Hooda on the DO OR DIE raid! 
11' Skipper Anup Kumar goes in for an ankle hold but gets no support as Desai picks up another easy point. Adds a bonus to that as well, so two points from that raid. 
10' ALL-OUT inflicted on U Mumba! 
Lone man Siddharth Desai goes a little too deep into the left corner and Sandeep Dhull needed no second invitation to pounce. 
10' Now down to just one man. Rajguru goes in with a weak ankle hold and Nitin Rawal slips away with ease. 
U Mumba down to two men on the mat. 
9' Rohit Baliyan picks two points! He was the lone man on the mat and does well to get rid of Anup Kumar with a hand touch and picks up a bonus point as well. 
8' Oh, no! Tragic turn of events for U Mumba! 
Hadi and Fazlel managed to pull off a super tackle but it looks like Fazel stepped out on the lobby ahead of the tackle and hence, Rawal was given the point. 
7' Abolfazl in for the DO OR DIE raid! The Panthers defense comes to the party! 
Anup Kumar and Sandeep Dhull combine for an ankle hold and Abolfazl had nowhere to go. 
5' REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL! Rawal has been awarded the two points and he takes out Surinder and Cheralathan off the mat. 
Review called in by U Mumba. Nitin Rawal was given two points for his raid but Fazel believes that Rawal was already out. 
4' Abhishek Singh has been pinned down on the DO OR DIE raid! Bajirao Hodage on that occasion lures the error from the raider who goes in too deep, only to run into Hodage's arms. 
Abhishek Bachchan, who co-owns the Jaipur Pink Panthers is in the stadium along with his whole family! Great to see the Panthers receive such support!
3' Deepak Niwas Hooda gets the big fish in Desai with a sweep of his left hand on the lanky raider's knees. 
2' Sandeep Dhull picks his first tackle point of the day with an excellent ankle hold from the left corner!
1' Siddharth Desai sets the ball rolling with a bonus point!
Anup Kumar calls the right side of the coin and opts for the court! 

U Mumba to raid first!
Two power-packed teams on display means only one thing - A nail-biting thriller! 

Are you ready? Game time in a while!
A lot of mouth-watering internal battles to watch out from this match! 

Siddharth Desai v Mohit Chhillar
Anup Kumar v Fazel Athrachali
Deepak Hooda v Dharmaraj Cheralthan

Have you made your list yet? 
Here are how the two teams are stacked up for today - 

U Mumba: Fazel Athrachali (Captain), Abolfazl Maghsoudlou, Abhishek Singh, Siddharth Desai, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Surender Singh, Hadi Tajik. 

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Anup Kumar (Captain), Deepak Niwas Hooda, Nitin Rawal, Mohit Chhillar, Bajirao Hodage, Young Chang Ko, Sandeep Dhull. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the exciting game between the Jaipur Pink Panthers and U Mumba!
Action continues on the fourth day of the Pro Kabaddi League as U Mumba and Jaipur Pink Panthers lock horns for the opening fixture of the day at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium in Chennai. 

One of the biggest talking points ahead of the Mumbai-Jaipur clash would be Anup Kumar's shift in loyalty, for the first time in six seasons. The Jaipur skipper led U Mumba for all the seasons in the history of the league and will be the cynosure of all eyes when he takes to the mat and for the first time, will be set to plot the downfall of U Mumba. 

While the Panthers will hope to start on a high, U Mumba's draw with the Paltan in their opening clash might see a little more pressure on the Fazel Athrachali-led side prior to the game. 

Stay tuned for all the live updates from Sportskeeda! 
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U Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
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