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U Mumba vs Puneri Paltan - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
U Mumba
Puneri Paltan
U MUMBA won the match
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FT: U Mumba win 31-22 over the Puneri Paltan. 

The Maharashtrian Derby produced a whole lot of action as Pune's multiple super tackles kept them in the game, albeit it did not suffice in the end as U Mumba put up an all-round show to reign supreme. 
40' Surender Singh's ankle hold is in vain as Akshay Jadhav collects an easy point. 
40' Powerful show of strength from Abhishek Singh as he pushes away a block from Sandeep Narwal to collect an easy point. 
40' Fazel has a little brainfreeze as he attempts a tackle on Akshay Jadhav only inches away from the mid-line. 
U Mumba lead by 10 points with a minute and a half to go on the clock. 
39' Rohit Rana now has his first point as he pounces on the ankles of GB More. 
38' Girish Ernak picks his first tackle point of the night with a dash on Vinod Kumar. 
37' Comfortable bonus point for Akshay Jadhav. 

U Mumba lose their review as they challenge that call. 
U Mumba lead 29-18 with five minutes left on the clock. 
35' Darshan claims a running hand touch on Ravi Kumar and he has been granted the point.
34' ALL-OUT on Pune! Surender Singh wastes no time as he dashes Deepak Dahiya off the court. 
Pune challenge the decision. Sandeep Narwal is confident that Abhishek Singh was shoved off the court. 

REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL! Abhishek Singh collects two points as Pune are down to one man on the mat. 
32' Finally, Abhishek Singh collects two points on the Do or Die raid as he negates the threat of the super tackle!
31' More GB almost pulls off a super raid on the Do or Die raid as he gets through the chain tackle before Surender's ankle hold brings him down. 
30' More GB effects a super tackle! Darshan Kadian was running out of time as he succumbs to the ankle hold from the Pune all-rounder. 
28' Vinod Kumar dives on the ankles of Monu as the U Mumba defense collects another point. 
27' Super tackle for Pune! The defense can do no wrong today! R Sriram is thrown to the wolves on the Do or Die raid and looks for a jump on Sandeep Narwal's ankle hold but is in vain. 
26' Surender Singh jumps in with a double ankle hold on Rajesh Mondal as Fazel runs in and keeps the raider down on the Do or Die raid. 
24' Super tackle for Pune! Fourth of the night! More GB on this occasion goes low on the right ankle of Abhishek Singh and pins him down on the mat. 
23' Cheralathan looks for a thigh hold on Akshay as the raider jumps away but is enveloped by the rest of the defense on the Do or Die raid. 
21' Super tackle for Pune! Shubham Shinde brings out an ankle hold as Vinod looks to wriggle away but Girish keeps him from reaching the mid-line. 
The second half has commenced!

Pune start with three men on the mat.
HT: U Mumba lead 19 - 10 over the Puneri Paltan. 

The Maharashtrian Derby has lived up to all the hype that circled the encounter prior to the start and although U Mumba have run away with the momentum into the break, Puneri Paltan will hope for a comeback and a big one at that. 
20' Darshan Kadian returns empty-handed on the buzzer raid. 
20' Deepak Dahiya strikes one back with a touch on Surender Singh. 
20' Abhishek Singh gets a running hand touch on Ravi Kumar in the right corner. 
19' Vinod Kumar pounces on the ankles of Monu as the raider falls flat on the mat. 
19' Darshan Kadian is dashed off the court by Sandeep Narwal but the defender also goes out. 
17' Akshay Jadhav pauses for just a slight moment as Fazel senses the opportunity, runs in and throws Akshay down on the mat. 
16' Bonus point for Akshay Jadhav on the Do or Die raid. 
16' Abhishek Singh enters the lobbies without a touch and has to jog off to the benches. 
13' More GB attempts the bonus but is brought down by a firm ankle hold by Vinod Kumar. 
13' Vinod Kumar gets a running hand touch on Girish Ernak. 
12' Wow! Extreme power from Fazel as he drags Deepak Dahiya deep into the U Mumba half with a double thigh hold. 
12' ALL-OUT on Pune! More GB steps out of the court and Abhishek Singh gets a touch on Girish Ernak to complete the all-out. 
11' Excellent dash from Surender as he reduces the Paltan to one man on the mat with a tackle on Akshay Jadhav. However, Surender goes out as well and it's one point each. 
10' Two points for Akshay Jadhav as he picks up a bonus and forces Vinod Kumar to step out of the court through pace in his raid. 
Pune down to one man on the mat. 
9' Abhishek Singh removes Sandeep Narwal from the mat through a turn on the Do or Die raid!
8' Monu is tackled by a reverse ankle hold from Fazel Athrachali on the Do or Die raid. 
6' Super tackle for Pune! Monu in the thick of things as he brings down Darshan Kadian with a double thigh hold. 
5' U Mumba do well to stay away from Deepak Dahiya and pile pressure on the raider, who falls to lack of time on the Do or Die raid. 
3' Abhishek Singh removes Ravi Kumar with a running hand touch. 
3' Fazel collects his first point of the game with a block on More GB. 
2' Two point raid for Darshan Kadian as he goes through the chain tackle from Sandeep Narwal and Rinku Narwal. 
1' First point of the night for Deepak Dahiya as he gets a touch on Surender Singh. 
U Mumba win the toss and opt for court! Pune to raid first. 
Well, well! No Siddharth Desai or Nitin Tomar for today's contest!

Both the raiders are reportedly carrying niggles and have been rested for today's encounter. 
U Mumba: Fazel Athrachali (C), Darshan Kadian, Abhishek Singh, Vinod Kumar, Surender Singh, Rohit Rana, Dharmaraj Cheralathan.

Puneri Paltan: Girish Ernak (C), Deepak Dahiya, More GB, Monu, Sandeep Narwal, Ravi Kumar, Rinku Narwal. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the game between Puneri Paltan and U Mumba!
The second day of the UP leg will feature the 'Maharashtrian Derby' in the opening game as the Puneri Paltan and U Mumba square off at the Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex in Greater Noida, UP. 

U Mumba will be coming into the contest with two wins in a row while Pune can be expected to pose a stiff challenge after bouncing back to winning ways from their last encounter against Dabang Delhi. Who will reign supreme?

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Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex, Greater Noida
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Sat, 03/Nov/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
U Mumba vs Puneri Paltan
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