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U Mumba vs Telugu Titans - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
U Mumba
Telugu Titans
U MUMBA won the match
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While the Titans could not put up a strong performance, Rahul Chaudhari did pick seven points and in the process also became the first man to pick 700 raid points in the Pro Kabaddi League. 
FT: U Mumba win 41-20 over the Telugu Titans. 

Abozar Mighani's absence from the Titans line-up certainly hurt the Titans as Siddharth Desai wrecked havoc to pick 16 points from the game and take the game away from the Vishal Bharadwaj-led side. 
40' Vishal Bharadwaj puts in the final raid, an empty raid to finish the match. 
40' Abhishek Singh contributes with his first point through an ankle hold as Armaan fails to pick a point. 
39' R Sriram runs into the open arms of Farhad Milagardhan on the Do or Die raid!
U Mumba enjoy a massive 21-point lead with a little more than a minute to go on the clock. 
38' Nilesh Salunke looks to slip away from Fazel's ankle hold but the U Mumba defense is upto the task and keep Nilesh away from the mid-line. 
37' Wow! Surender Singh asserts his dominance with a powerful dash to keep Rahul Chaudhari out of the court!
36' R Sriram comes in for his first raid but has been kept on the mat down by a strong tackle from the Iranian duo of Farhad and Mohsen Maghsoudlou. 
34' Armaan fails to get away from the might of Fazel Atrachali. 
33' Desai continues like a well-oiled machine, getting a running hand touch on Nilesh Salunke. 
U Mumba lead 36-18 with a little over seven minutes to spare in the game. 
33' ALL-OUT inflicted on the Titans! Third one this game! Anil Kumar manages to pick the bonus point but Rohit Rana runs in to shove Anil off the court!
32' Darshan turns away from Farhad's dash on the Do or Die raid as he reduces the Titans to one man on the mat. 
The Telugu Titans are down to one man on the mat.
31' Rohit Rana's dash comes in good as Armaan fails to get across the mid-line. 
30' Rahul Chaudhari has been pinned down by Vinod's ankle hold! Finally, something comes good for Vinod. 
29' Darshan Kadian picks two points on his first raid as he gets away from a trunk hod attempted by Vishal Bharadwaj and also evades the dash from Maghsoudlou. 
28' 700 points for Rahul Chaudhari in PKL history! He's the first player to get there! Gets it through a vicious kick on the right cover defender. 
28' Desai is on a different level. Extends his right arm on the run to get a touch on Salunke. 
28' Vinod Kumar contiues to err as Chaudhari gets another easy point. 
27' Two more points for Desai! Vishal Bharadwaj's ankle hold is in vain as Desai wriggles away and also gets away from the dash. 
26' ALL-OUT inflicted on the Titans! Second of the day! Anil Kumar picks up a bonus point but Fazel comes in from the left and puts in a low block to kill Anil's escape path. 
25' Desai gets away from Farhad's ankle hold on the Do or Die raid. 
25' Armaan has been shoved off the court! Gets a little greedy and goes in toward Fazel in the last few seconds, Surender comes in for the dash and throws Armaan off. 
23' Nilesh Salunke picks up a bonus point, first point of the day for him. 
22' Power from Farhad! Super tackle for the Titans! There were only two men on the mat, Farhad goes in for the solo tackle against Desai, turns the raider down on the mat and throws him down!
21' Super 10 for Desai! Three points from that and it is a SUPER RAID! There is absolutely no stopping the U Mumba man! Mohsen gets a thigh hold and brings him down, Vishal comes in for support and so does Anil but in the end, Desai gets his hand across the mid-line to collect three points!
The second half has commenced!

Rahul Chaudhari is only two points away from 700 raid points. 
HT: U Mumba lead 17-12 against Telugu Titans. 

Siddharth Desai has yet again emerged as the king of the court, picking up nine points in the first half, highlighting the effect of Abozar Mighani's absence from the court. Sombir, Abozar's replacement has disappointed in his first start, giving away free points to the lanky Desai. 
20' Siddharth Desai makes optimum use of a poor tackle from Sombir to finish with a point on the buzzer raid. 
20' Bonus point awarded to Rahul Chaudhari. 
19' What an error from Salunke! The Titans did really well to maintain a high-line of defense against Desai, Salunke gives away a point with a half-hearted ankle hold. 
18' Armaan dives to his right and gets a touch on Fazel Athrachali, who cannot believe his luck. 
18' A super quick bonus point for the lanky Siddharth Desai. 
17' Vinod Kumar's solo tackle is in vain as Rahul Chaudhari crawls away to the mid-line. 
16' Sombir attempts an ankle hold on Desai, who yet again escapes. 
16' Abolfazl goes for an ill-fated tackle as Rahul attempts a kick and gets on on the Iranian. 
15' Armaan picks up a bonus point this time. 
15' ALL-OUT inflicted on Telugu Titans! Desai gets an easy point as Farhad surrenders as the lone mat on the mat. 
14' Fazel extracts revenge as he brings down Armaan with a double thigh hold. 
14' Desai gets an easy kick on Mohsen as he runs away with a point. 
13' Young Armaan piles the pressure on Athrachali as the U Mumba steps into the lobbies and gifts a point to the youngster. 
The Telugu Titans are down to two men on the mat. 
12' Sombir's hasty ankle hold is too weak in the end as Desai slips away and collects another point. 
11' Rahul Chaudhari runs into Cheralathan, who brings him down with a double ankle hold on the Do or Die raid. 
10' Abolfazl swears on the mat as he claims a touch on Vishal on the Do or Die raid. Vishal is not convinced but the point is awarded to the Iranian!
8' Error from Nilesh Salunke as he steps into the lobbies without a touch and has to go away to the benches. 
8' Top effort from Vinod Kumar as he gets a touch on Anil Kumar on the Do or Die raid. 
6' Mohsen Maghsoudlou slips away from an ankle hold attempted by Siddharth Desai. 
5' Abhishek Singh looks to power through an ankle hold from Anil Kumar but the Titans defense comes into play to keep him in their half. 
5' Top skill from Rahul Chaudhari as he gets a reverse kick on Surender Singh, who is caught off-guard. 
4' Vishal Bharadwaj pounces on the ankles of Abolfazl Maghsoudlou to bring the Iranian down. 
4' Mohsen Maghsoudlou picks a bonus point of his own. 
3' Yet another bonus point for Siddharth Desai. 
Review taken very early by the Titans. Rahul Chaudhari claims a bonus. 

Poor call from Chaudhari, he has clearly stepped on the line and not over it, Titans lose their review.
2' Siddharth Desai kicks off his tally with a bonus point. 
2' Abolfazl's ankle hold brings down Nilesh Salunke on the raider's first raid. 
1' First point of the night for Rahul! Vinod's advance ankle hold is in vain. 
U Mumba win the toss. Telugu Titans to raid first!
The two teams are on the mat and it's toss time in a short while from now!
Surprise, surprise! 

Abozar Mighani misses out from the starting seven for the Titans. 
This is the first change in the starting seven for the Titans this whole season, as Sombir comes in place of the burly Iranian. 
U Mumba: Fazel Athrachali (C), Siddharth Desai, Abhishek Singh, Abolfazl Magsoudlou, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Surender Singh, Vinod Kumar.

Telugu Titans: Vishal Bharadwaj (C), Rahul Chaudhari, Nilesh Salunke, Mohsen Maghsoudlou, Farhad Milagardhan, Anil, Sombir. 

Here is how the two teams have performed thus far - 

Telugu Titans
Won 33-28 against Tamil Thalaivas
Won 34-29 against UP Yoddha
Lost 25-30 against Bengal Warriors
Won 35-31 against Patna Pirates

U Mumba
Drew 32-32 with Puneri Paltan
Won 39-32 against Jaipur Pink Panthers
Won 56-23 against Haryana Steelers
Won 42-32 against Haryana Steelers
Lost 32-33 against Puneri Paltan
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the game between U Mumba and Telugu Titans!
The penultimate day of the Pune leg is here and with that two exciting clashes and in the opening game, U Mumba will face off against the Telugu Titans at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune. 

The Telugu Titans will be high on confidence after their win against the defending champions Patna Pirates in their previous game while U Mumba will hope to rectify their shortcomings from the previous 32-33 loss against Pune and get back to winning ways. 

Siddharth Desai and Rahul Chaudhari will be facing off in this clash and with the former making big waves, quite contrary to the latter, Rahul Chaudhari will be itching to get back to form and earn his place back as one of the top raiders in this season. 

Catch all the live updates from the match here!
Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune
Match Start Time
Tue, 23/Oct/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
U Mumba vs Telugu Titans
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