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U.P. Yoddha vs Haryana Steelers - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
U.P. Yoddha
Haryana Steelers
U.P. YODDHA won the match
Stranded in fifth place on the Zone 'A' table, the Steelers will hope that the Thalaivas beat Dabang Delhi in order to retain hopes of qualifying for the playoffs.

That's all from this encounter! Switch tabs to follow the action between hosts Dabang Delhi and Tamil Thalaivas here.
FT: UP Yoddha win 30-29 over the Haryana Steelers.

UP Yoddha made a fantastic comeback from being 12-15 down to win in the end and this win for UP virtually means that it is the end of the road for the Steelers this season.
40' Naveen is thrown to the wolves on the Do or Die raid as he is brought down by a double ankle hold from Nitesh Kumar.
38' Prashant Kumar Rai is pinned down on the mat by a colossal block from Parveen.
38' Kandola gets a massive toe touch on the left cover defender.
UP Yoddha lead 29-26 win a little less than three minutes left on the clock.
37' Monu Goyat is dashed off the court by the UP defenders after Nitesh Kumar's ankle hold cuts the pace on his escape.
37' A criminal error from Kuldeep as he is too keen to bring Jadhav down but in the end, its an easy point for him on the Do or Die raid.
35' Naveen is ushered off the court by a combination dash from Sachin Kumar and Shrikant Jadhav.
34' Shrikant Jadhav gets a hefty toe touch on Parveen to level scores.
33' Monu Goyat gets rid of Narender with a fantastic running hand touch on the right corner.
32' Shrikant Jadhav removes Sudhanshu Tyagi with a running hand touch.
32' Naveen uses his power as he drags Nitesh Kumar into his own half to collect a point.
31' Kuldeep Singh gets in the thick of things with a short frontal block on Prashant Kumar Rai.
30' Kandola is rooted to the spot by a combination tackle from the two corner defenders.
29' Prashant Kumar Rai's top game continues as he pulls the defender into his own court with some power.
29' Super 10 for Monu Goyat! Attempts a hand touch on Sagar Krishna but instead does well to get a touch from Narender's dash.
28' Naveen runs away with another point through a poor ankle hold from Narender.
27' Sunil gifts a point to Prashant Rai with a poor double thigh hold.
26' Yet another bonus point for Prashant Kumar Rai.
26' Fantastic reverse kick from Naveen as he catches Sachin Kumar napping on the left corner.
25' Bonus point picked up by Prashant Kumar Rai.
25' Monu Goyat goes a little too deep into the left corner as he is circled by the UP defense.
24' Steelers running away with the contest as Kuldeep Singh lets go of the chain and crouches low to bring down Shrikant Jadhav with a front block.
23' Super raid for Monu Goyat! Picks up a bonus, gets a touch on Jeeva's toe and finally evades a dash from Narender to get away with three points.
23' Bonus point for Prashant Kumar Rai.
22' All-out on the Steelers! Kandola runs into the open arms of Jeeva Kumar, who puts in a colossal block to trap the raider on the mat.
21' Sachin Kumar does extremely well to turn away from Kuldeep's dash and gets across the midline as he powers through a back hold from Prateek.
We are back live for the second half!
HT: Haryana Steelers lead 15-12 against the UP Yoddha.
20' Bonus point for Kandola on the buzzer raid, which was also a Do or Die raid.
20' Two point raid for Sachin Kumar as he powers through the chain tackle from Sachin Shingade and Sunil on the Do or Die raid!
17' Monu attempts a side kick on Nitesh Kumar, who is quick to react and brings the Haryana skipper down with a double ankle hold.
15' Kuldeep Singh dives on the ankles of Shrikant Jadhav as the raider is enveloped by the Haryana defenders on the Do or Die raid.
15' Nitesh Kumar pulls down Naveen with a low ankle hold while Jeeva Kumar finishes off with a trademark dash.
14' Sachin Shingade's short block gets ample support from his teammates as Prashant Rai is off to the benches.
14' First tackle point of the game as Jeeva Kumar dashes Vikas Kandola off the mat!
14' Shrikant Jadhav removes Monu Goyat with a running hand touch.
13' Super raid for Kandola! Fabulous effort from Kandola as he escapes from Nitesh's ankle hold and also pushes off dashes from Jeeva Kumar and Narender to collect three points.
Sagar Krishna comes in for Rishank Devadiga.
12' Bonus point for Monu Goyat.
11' Prashant Kumar Rai picks up an important touch point on the Do or Die raid.
9' Monu Goyat turns away from Jeeva Kumar's dash to tumble away with a point.
8' Rishank Devadiga is not given the bonus point as he calls for a review.

UP Yoddha lose their review as they asked for a re-check on the bonus. Poor call from Devadiga to review that.
8' Narender is off to the benches yet again as Monu Goyat executes an easy touch point.
7' Top raid from Jadhav as he gets a running hand touch on Kuldeep and then turns back to tag Mayur Shivtarkar as well.
6' Narender runs in with extra momentum as he goes out while attempting a dash on Kandola.
5' Prashant Rai picks up a bonus and wriggles away from Mayur Shivtarkar's ankle hold on the Do or Die raid.
4' Bonus point for Monu Goyat, his second point of the night.
3' Sachin Kumar gifts a point to Naveen as he puts in a half-hearted back hold.
2' Shrikant Jadhav strikes on his first raid with a running hand touch on Sachin Shingade.
1' Monu Goyat sets the ball rolling with a bonus point.
UP Yoddha win the toss and opt for court. Haryana Steelers to raid first!
Starting VIIs - 

Haryana Steelers: Monu Goyat (C), VIkas Kandola, Naveen, Mayur Shivtarkar, Sachin Shingade, Kuldeep Singh, Sunil.

UP Yoddha: Rishank Devadiga (C), Prashant Kumar Rai, Shrikant Jadhav, Jeeva Kumar, Nitesh Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Narender.
The final day of Dabang Delhi K.C's home leg features two exciting clashes and the first one of which will be contested between the Haryana Steelers and the UP Yoddha. 

The Yoddha have failed to live up to their potential and risk losing their sixth game in a row while the Haryana Steelers will hope to continue with their momentum from their win against the Bengal Warriors in their last game and pile more misery on the Yoddha. 

Can the Yoddha bring their faltering campaign back to life or will the Steelers reign supreme? Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the live updates from this encounter!
Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi
Match Start Time
Thu, 06/Dec/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
U.P. Yoddha vs Haryana Steelers
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