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Impact Wrestling Genesis Results - 25th January, 2018

Daniel Wood
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Eli Drake in the main event of Impact Wrestling: Genesis

Impact Wrestling's resurgence continues with their 'Genesis' special, borrowing the name from one of their more prominent pay-per-view shows and promising a night of spectacular wrestling which they delivered, with this being one of Impact's strongest start-to-finish wrestling shows in some time.

Even though it's a television special, Impact Wrestling Genesis could very well have been a pay-per-view with most of the the matches they'd advertised being pay-per-view worthy main event title matches..

Eli Drake was defending the Impact Title against Johnny Impact and Alberto El Patron in a Six Sides of Steel Match, EC3 was defending his Grand Championship in an ordinary 1-on-1 stipulation match against Matt Sydal, Laurel Van Ness was putting her title on the line against Allie and Taiji Ishimori defends the X Division Title against Andrew Everett.

EC3 Vs. Matt Sydal - Grand Championship match

EC3 vs Matt Sydal for the Grand Championship opens the show
EC3 vs Matt Sydal for the Grand Championship opens the show

Impact Wrestling wasted no time getting down to business as JB and Josh Matthews announced that Sydal vs EC3 would be the first match of the night. This was a Grand Championship Title Match that did away with the gimmick of judges and rounds, something EC3 quickly commented on during his entrance cockily asking where the judges were.

The match started with Sydal aggressibely going after his opponent until he received a huge clotheslike that allowed EC3 to get the upper hand and beat down on Matt Sydal with his size and power advantage, however it didn't take long for the athletic ability and speed of Sydal to even the odds.

Sydal then remained in control until he tried to do an ill-advised move on EC3 from the turnbuckle. EC3 swept his legs away and Sydal took one of the nastiest bumps I think I've seen in a while. In fact I noticed throughout the match that Sydal was excellent at selling EC3's moves.

EC3 remains consistently dislikable throughout the match, constantly taunting Sydel with 'choking' gestures. His cockiness almost cost him though, as in the latter third of the match Sydal almost hit the Air Bourne but missed. EC3 once again used the opportuntiy to put Sydal on the defensive

But shortly after this moment EC3 hit the One Percenter, but rolled out of the ring instead of pinning the title challenger. This mistake allowed Sydal to reverse a TK3 attempt from the top rope and hit his Shooting Star Press for the win, and the title.

Result: Matt Sydal def. EC3 (c) - Impact Grand Championship Match

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