What is Sportskeeda Affiliate Program?

Sportskeeda founded in 2009 is one the largest worldwide all-sports website with over 130 million page views/month.

Sportskeeda Affiliate Program is a great way for you to earn commissions by sharing our articles on your Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blogs or apps. We share upto 75% of the total revenue generated.

How does it work?

You share articles from on your Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blogs or apps with the assigned ref tag. The monetizable clicks are monitored by the ref tags and the payout is calculated based on it.

How do I sign up as an affiliate?

You can fill out the affiliate application form given above. Our team will verify your application and within 48-72 hours you will receive an email if approved.

How much do I have to pay to join the program?

There are absolutely no costs involved in joining or being part of the affiliate program.

What is a ref tag?

Ref tag (referral tag) is a unique set of characters which are assigned to every affiliate.

All you have to do is take the URL of your choice from our website and generate the ref tag URL of the article from your dashboard.

What happens if I share articles with the incorrect ref tag?

This is very rare but if it happens, unfortunately, the revenue won’t be calculated. Please make sure to share articles with the correct ref tag.

What are monetizable clicks?

Monetizable clicks depend on mainly three factors:

  • If articles are being viewed on web-browsers without ad-blockers
  • If the audience are from countries where the payout is significant (> $0.5/1000 clicks)
  • If the bounce rate is too high

What is bounce rate?

If the user lands on a page and closes the pages very very soon which in turns constitutes high bounce rate. High bounce rate can also mean that you are using some unethical means to gain clicks on the articles like using bots, spamming or blatant click-baiting. In this case, we will have no other option than to cancel your affiliation.

How much bounce rate is permissible?

Bounce rate less than 40% is excellent, upto 60% is average and acceptable but anything more than that will be scrutinised from our end and it might result in cancellation of your affiliation.

Are there any way to reduce the bounce rate?

Fortunately, yes. Two highly recommended ways to reduce bounce rate are as follows:

  • Not indulging in blatant click-baiting
  • Sharing multi-page articles, also called slideshows or Top 5/Top 10 articles

Where can I find these slideshows?

We do lots of relevant slideshows everyday and it is quite easy to find on the home-page or sports pages. However, you can refer to this link to easily access the slideshows:

How is the revenue calculated?

The revenue will depend on the rate per 1000 monetizable clicks. The rate varies for individual affiliates depending on the quality of the pages/accounts.

What is quality of the pages?

Pages/Accounts with top high paying adsense countries (e.g. US, CA, AU, UK etc.) are considered as quality pages. The payout for the clicks from these countries will be higher than other countries.

What are the rates?

Tha rates vary from $0.5 to $7 depending on countries. As a thumb rule, here are the rates of some common countries:

United States (US) - $7

United Kingdom (GB), Canada (CA), Australia (AU) - $5.5

Singapore (SG) - $4

Malaysia (MY) - $3

South Africa (ZA) - $2

India (IN) - $1.5

Others -$0.5 - $1

Are there any countries for which clicks can’t be monetized?

Yes, there are certain countries for which monetization is not possible and hence we don’t consider them for calculating payouts.

Can I share articles from your sister site

Unfortunately, no. We have not started affiliate program on Sportskeeda Hindi and hence it is not permitted.

How often do I get paid?

The payments will be made by 15th of every month for the previous month.

Are there any minimum threshold for payouts every month?

Yes, the minimum thresholds are as follows:

For India: INR 1000

For Outside India: USD 25

If I don’t earn the minimum threshold amount in a month, what will happen to this payout? Will it be cancelled?

Absolutely not. The payout for the month will be added to the next month and once it reaches the minimum threshold in the subsequent months, you can claim your payment.

How do I get paid?

For Indian affiliates we pay via bank transfer. Globally, we pay via Paypal, Payoneer or wire transfer.

Do I need any additional documents to receive the payments?

For Indian affiliates, we need PAN card details. For affiliates outside India, any government ID will have to be presented.

Why a PAN card is needed?

We deduct 10% TDS if the yearly payout is more than INR 30,000 (or INR 4,000 per month). We need the PAN details to process the payment.

I don’t have a PAN card, can I apply?

If you are unable to provide your PAN card details, you can provide your relative’s PAN card. If you do not wish to provide that, we can release your payment after deducting 20% TDS.

If the TDS is being deducted, will I get the proof for it?

Yes, we provide the TDS certificate (Form-16) every quarter which you can submit to the Income Tax department while filing your taxes and reclaim the amount.

What if I don’t want to pay taxes?

Unfortunately, as per Government of India rules, all Indian freelancers are required to present the PAN card and pay 10% TDS, without which we won’t be able to accommodate you in our affiliate program.

I am not an Indian resident, do I have to pay taxes as well?

No. But, any Government approved ID card has to be presented for it.

Which are the acceptable government approved ID cards?

Social Security Number or Employee Identification Number or National Insurance Number is fine.

My country is not listed on Paypal. What should I do?

We do pay through wire transfers to your bank directly but minimum threshold in this case will be $500 because of high fees for the transactions. So we suggest you to apply for the payment only when it is reaches $500.

Is there any maximum payout limit?

No, but if your payment in a month exceeds USD 500, we will be paying via wire transfer to your account due to high fees for transactions.

Dashboard is slow/not responding. What should I do?

The dashboard will take time to get updated due to caching issues. For the best results, we suggest you to check your stats every morning.

If the dashboard is not responding at all, contact We usually respond within 24 hours for urgent cases.

Can I use any URL shortener services like or


My total clicks on URL shortner is different from the clicks shown on the dashboard. Why is this happening?

We use Google Analytics to calculate the visits on the website which is a world renowned analytics tool. URL shorteners in general tend to calculate the junk clicks and not necessarily calculate the monetizable clicks.

Will data from URL shorteners be considered instead of the dashboard stats?

Unfortunately, no. We will only consider the data from the dashboard.

How often should I share links?

There is no restriction on number of links to be shared in a day/week/month. The more you share, the more revenue you will generate.

Can I publish my own article(s) on the website and share?

One is always welcome to write for our website but the articles will have to be screened by the team of Editors which might take time and might not get published at all either because of duplicate content, plagiarism or grammatical errors. We suggest you to use the search feature to find the articles on the website. Our team of writers work hard to cover all important news in sports.

What are the good practices of sharing?

Do not use blatant click baiting, share timely articles, share more slideshow articles, do not to use spamming websites.

What is blatant click baiting and spamming?

Using an article with wrong caption/title to cheat the user to click on the article is called blatant click-baiting. Spamming is sharing the same article several times or sharing an irrelevant/very old news article with a new caption or using websites to generate fake clicks.

What happens if I get caught for spam or using blatant click-baiting?

Your account will be disabled with immediate effect and no payment will be made for the same.

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