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Bengal Warriors vs Telugu Titans - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Bengal Warriors
Telugu Titans
BENGAL WARRIORS won the match
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The Warriors now have two wins from two games while the Titans lose their first in three games. 

The Titans face the Patna Pirates in their next encounter on the 19th of October while the Warriors will square off against the UP Yoddha on the 20th of October. 
Full-Time: Bengal Warriors win 30-25 over the Telugu Titans. 

Rahul Chaudhari's poor form marred what was to be a positive run for the Titans while for the Warriors, Maninder picked his first 'Super 10' of the season to lead his team to a win in the end. 
40' Surjeet picks the final point with an ankle hold on Mohsen on the buzzer raid!
40' What an error from Rahul Chaudhari! Super tackle for the Warriors. Rahul steps into the lobbies without a touch and goes away to the benches. 
Just a minute left to go as the Warriors have a slender two-point lead. 
39' What a tackle from Abozar! High-5 for the Iranian! Comes running in, Mohsen supports him as the duo carry and throw Maninder off the mat!
Warriors down to four on the mat. 
39' Manoj Kumar comes in as a substitute and picks a point as he swivels on his back to get his foot across the midline. Timely point for the Titans. 
Bengal Warriors call for a review. Surjeet believes Rahul got a touch on Surjeet before he got into the lobbies. 

UNSUCCESSFUL! Rahul did not get any touch, Warriors lose their review. 
38' Point each! Rahul Chaudhari goes into the lobbies without a touch but Ran Singh carries momentum as he looks for a dash and is forced to go out as well. 
38' Vishal Bharadwaj pounces with an ankle hold as Mahesh Goud is down on the mat. 
Bengal Warriors enjoy a comfortable five-point lead with just over 3 minutes to go. 
37' Nilesh Salunke goes in a little too deep into the left corner and he loses his footing as he is thrown down on the mat by the Warriors. 
Titans lose their only review as they challenge the bonus point attempted by Maninder. Desperation showing?
37' Maninder has been brought down! Manages to pick a bonus point but the Titans envelope Maninder and bring him down. 
37' Aggression from Tewthia as he runs in, picks Mohsen off the mat and throws him out to collect a tackle point!
35' Super 10 for Maninder! Gets his tenth point with a top bonus attempt!
35' Surjeet comes in with a dash but Mohsen turns away as he gets his hand across the midline. 
34' Maninder picks up a bonus point. 
Bengal Warriors enjoy a slender two-point lead as a little more than six minutes are left on the clock. 
34' Mahesh Goud looks to escape from the clutches of Vishal but his ankle hold is too strong in the end. 
33' Wow! Confidence from Ran Singh as he comes in with a surprise block and brings down Rahul. 
32' Bonus point for Rahul Chaudhari. 
30' All-out inflicted on the Titans! Maninder initially gets away from the ankle hold from Abozar and then evades a dash from Sombir to collect two points!
30' Nilesh Salunke picks up yet another bonus point. 
29' Maninder induces a false tackle from Anil, who puts in an unwanted tackle from the right corner and Maninder goes away with yet another easy point. 
Titans down to three men on the mat. 
27' Rahul Chaudhari loses out on time on the Do or Die raid! He's not having the greatest of outings today and this raid proves exactly that. 
26' Super tackle for the Titans! Jang Kun Lee goes very deep into the left corner and Anil Kumar brings him down with an excellent double thigh hold!
25' Error from Vishal Bharadwaj, who lets go of the chain from Nilesh and puts in an ankle hold but Maninder skips away. 
24' Mahesh Goud looks for a thigh hold on Nilesh, who crawls away to pick another point. 
23' Maninder gets a touch on Farhad on the Do or Die raid! 
22' Do or Die for Mohsen! The Iranian looks to jump over Surjeet Singh, who goes high with his tackle and puts him down on the mat. 
The second half has commenced!
HT: Telugu Titans lead 13-10.

The Titans have made a comeback in this half as they have claimed top honours from this half and will hope to keep the momentum as they look to pick up their third win of the season. 

20' Shrikant Tewthia gets a touch on Rahul Chaudhari on the buzzer raid! 
The Bengal Warriors are down to three men on the mat. 
19' Lee is pinned down on the Do or Die raid! The Titans pounce in all at once as Lee looks to get a kick on Rahul Chaudhari. 
Review Successful! Looks like Ran Singh stepped into the lobbies before the tackle was initiated. 
Review called by Titans. 

Titans believe that a defender was out of the court before Nilesh was tackled.
18' Nilesh is pinned down on the Do or Die! Surjeet comes in with a colossal block at the middle to bring down Nilesh. 
16' Super tackle for the Titans! Abozar leaps towards Mahesh's thighs and brings him down, gets enough support from Vishal as well. 
15' Nilesh Salunke picks up a bonus point on the Do or Die raid! Excellent application!
Time-out called by the Titans. 

Bengal Warriors currently lead 9-8 with just a little more than five minutes to go. 
13' Super tackle for the Titans! Vishal Bharadwaj puts in an ankle hold and Abozar joins in as they bring Maninder down. 
12' Wow! Power from Tewthia! Rakshith got a touch on his ankle hold but Shrikant pulls him back with an ankle hold. 
The Titans are for the second time in this match, down to three men on the mat. 
Substitution for the Titans. 

Rakshith comes in for Anil Kumar. 
10' Mohsen puts in a weak ankle hold as Maninder picks up a point on the Do or Die raid. 
10' Do or Die raid for Farhad Milagardhan! He falls to an ankle hold from Mahesh Goud! 
Mahesh throws himself at Farhad's ankles, who was surprised by the tackle and was swarmed by the Bengal defense. 
8' Abozar Mighani traps Jang Kun Lee on the right corner with a strong ankle hold. 
8' Poor defending from Surjeet as he goes in with an expensive advance tackle on Mohsen to gift the Titans a point. 
The Telugu Titans are down to three men on the mat. 
7' Error from Rahul as he steps into the lobbies without a touch. 
6' Top raid from Jang Kun Lee! Runs away to his right, forces Nilesh to backtrack and gets a hefty hand touch on the Titans raider. 
5' Farhad Milagardhan goes in with a half-hearted ankle hold as Maninder slips away to collect another point. 
5' Rahul Chaudhari has his first point of the day through a bonus point. 
4' Mahesh Goud does well to get rid of Vishal Bharadwaj with a clean touch. 
4' Wow! Quick bonus from Nilesh on the Do or Die raid! Class!
3' Jang Kun Lee kicks off his tally with a bonus point. 
2' Maninder has been tackled on the Do or Die raid! Abozar and Mohsen come in with the chain and block Maninder from escaping. 
1' Nilesh Salunke picks the first point with a bonus!
Game time! Bengal to raid first. 
Telugu Titans win the toss and opt for court!
We are only a couple of minutes away from the toss!
Right then. 

Rahul Chaudhari sits on 684 raid points and is only 16 points shy of breaching the 700-raid point mark, which will send him into the history books as the first player to get there. 

However, Rahul just averages four raid points per game against the Warriors. What's the story going to look like today?
Here are how the two teams have fared so far - 

Telugu Titans - 
Won 33-28 against Tamil Thalaivas
Won 34-29 against UP Yoddha

Bengal Warriors -
Won 36-27 against Tamil Thalaivas. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the game between the Telugu Titans and Bengal Warriors!
A high-flying Telugu Titans setup will clash against the Bengal Warriors for the opening fixture of the penultimate day of the Haryana leg at the Motilal Nehru Sports School in Sonipat, Haryana. 

The Titans have registered two convincing wins in the two matches this season while the Warriors clicked right when it mattered to start their campaign off to the perfect start as well. Which team will spoil their opponents' winning run today?

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Motilal Nehru School of Sports, Rai, Sonepat
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Tue, 16/Oct/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengal Warriors vs Telugu Titans
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