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Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Bengaluru Bulls
Bengal Warriors
BENGAL WARRIORS won the match
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The Bengaluru Bulls put an end to their home leg, adopted one at that without a win as they fall to an upbeat Bengal Warriors setup but still manage to stay on top of the Zone 'B' table. 
FT: Bengal Warriors win 44-37 over the Bengaluru Bulls.
40' Vijin Thangadurai looks for a thigh hold as Rohit Kumar tumbles away with a point.
39' Surjeet Singh is removed through a running hand touch from Pawan.
39' Rohit Kumar's dubki is in vain as Surjeet comes running in from the right cover and throws him off the mat.
38' Amit Sheoran collects a point as he pins down Mahesh Goud with a firm ankle hold.

Bengal Warriors lose their review as they appeal for a bonus.
38' Agility from Rohit Kumar as he swivels on his feet to get away from a tackle by Thangadurai.
37' Pawan turns his back against Ran Singh who senses the opportunity to bring the raider down on the mat.
Bengal Warriors lead 42-32 with a little less than five minutes left on the clock.
36' Pawan Sehrawat's frog jump over the Bengal Warriors brings him a useful point.
36' Error from Amit Sheoran who attempts a back hold and fails to retreat.
35' Harish Naik gets away from Vijin Thangadurai's dash and also collects a touch from Baldev SIngh's ankle hold. 
34' Yet again Surjeet Singh does a good job as he produces a front block and dashes Rohit off the court.
33' Ran Singh produces a fantastic back hold to bring down Pawan Sehrawat.
33' The Bulls defenders continue to make errors as Mahender Singh fails to dash Ravindra Kumawat off the mat. 
33' Rohit Kumar does well to get away from an ankle hold attempted by Surjeet Singh.
32' ALL-OUT on Bengaluru! Power on display from Maninder Singh as he powers through a massive block from Mahender and Harish Naik.
32' Bonus point awarded to Harish Naik.
31' SUPER RAID for Maninder! The burly raider slips after getting a toe touch on Nitesh but then slips through the dash from Amit Sheoran and the cover defender.
30' Harish Naik continues to pick up the bonus points.
30' Bonus point picked by Rohit but he is dashed off by Surjeet Singh.
29' Ravindra Kumawat is having a top game as he removes Pawan with a deep hand touch.
28' Pawan Sehrawat slips away from Surjeet's ankle hold to walk away with a point.
28' SUPER 10 for Maninder! Picks a bonus and also gets a touch point.
27' ALL-OUT on Bengaluru! Sumit Malik comes on as a substitute, picks up a bonus but is rooted on the mat by Baldev Singh's back hold.
26' Error from Ashish Sangwan as he attempts a thigh hold but Maninder pushes him away and runs away with another point.
26' Ashish Sangwan picks up a bonus point and also gets a vital touch point on Baldev Singh.
25' Pawan is slow to retract as Maninder Singh removes him with an easy touch. 
25' Harish Naik is inches away from the midline as he is brought down by Ravindra Kumawat.
24' Two point raid for Ravindra Kumawat as he wipes off the corner defenders in one raid.
23' Schoolboy error from Rohit Kumar as he steps into the lobbies without a touch.
23' Poor ankle hold from Amit Sheoran as Maninder Singh escapes with ease.
22' ALL-OUT on the Warriors! Harish Naik picks up a bonus point but runs into the open arms of Ran Singh.
22' Maninder SIngh reduces Bengaluru to one man as he drags through the left corner.
21' Bonus point for Bengaluru Bulls.
The second half has commenced.
HT: Bengaluru Bulls lead 19-12 over the Bengal Warriors.

Can the Bulls maintain their lead and cement their place on top of Zone 'B'?
20' Bonus point for Harish Naik on the Do or Die raid, which is also the buzzer raid.
20' Ran Singh does well to remove Rohit Kumar from the mat with a running hand touch.
19' Running hand touch from Maninder Singh as he removes Mahender on the right corner.
18' First tackle point of the night for the Warriors as Surjeet Singh gets the better of Pawan Sehrawat with a frontal block.
18' Ravindra Kumawat is given a free point through a poor ankle hold from Raju Lal.
18' Confidence from Rohit Kumar as he picks up a bonus point on the Do or Die raid.
17' Bonus point awarded to Mahesh Goud.
16' Sangwan on this occasion looks for a dash but his effort is warded off by Mahesh Goud.
15' Top effort from Ashish Sangwan as he pins Maninder down on the mat with a double ankle hold.
15' Schoolboy error from Ravindra Kumawat as he looks for an expensive ankle hold and gifts a point to Rohit on the Do oe Die raid.
12' Ravindra Kumawat picks up a bonus and also slips away from Raju Lal's ankle hold.
12' Baldev Singh's poor night continues as he fails to escape from the toe touch attempted by Harish Naik.
11' Mahesh Goud lures an ankle hold from Amit Sheoran as he collects another point.
11' Bonus point for Harish Naik on his first raid of the night.
10' Point gifted to Maninder as Pawan attempts a half-hearted ankle hold.
10' Yet again Pawan Sehrawat sends Surjeet Singh off to the benches.
9' Mahesh Goud attempts the dubki but Raju Lal and Harish Naik do well to go low and keep him from getting away.
9' Comfortable bonus point awarded to Pawan Sehrawat.
8' ALL-OUT inflicted on Bengal! Rohit Kumar collects the final point as he wriggles away from a valiant ankle hold from Ran Singh.
7' Raju Lal Choudary dives on the ankles of substitute Amit Nagar as the Warriors are now down to one lone man.
6' Pawan goes deep in the middle and gets a touch on Ravindra Kumawat.
6' Ashish Sangwan and Pawan Sehrawat combine with a chain tackle to cut out the raider's escape path.
5' Yet another error from Baldev Singh as he launches onto Rohit's ankles near the midline on the Do or Die raid.
3' A decisive ankle hold from Amit Sheoran brings down Mahesh Goud.
2' Pawan Sehrawat claims his first point with a running hand touch on Surjeet Singh.
2' Raju Lal runs in from the right corner as he attempts a front block but in vain as Maninder gets across the midline.
1' Baldev Singh's advance tackle gifts an easy point to Rohit Kumar.
1' Maninder starts off with confidence as he gets a confident running hand touch on Ashish Sangwan.
Bengaluru Bulls win the toss and opt for court. Bengal to raid first!
Starting 7s - 

Bengaluru Bulls: Rohit Kumar (C), Pawan Sehrawat, Harish Naik, Mahender Singh, Ashish Sangwan, Raju Lal Choudary, Amit Sheoran.

Bengal Warriors: Surjeet Singh (C), Maninder Singh, Mahesh Goud, Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat, Ran Singh, Baldev Singh, Vijin Thangadurai.
The final day of Bengaluru Bulls' home leg will feature the home team clashing against the Bengal Warriors at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune. 

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Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune
Match Start Time
Thu, 29/Nov/2018 21:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal Warriors
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
Zone B
Pro Kabaddi 2018