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Bengaluru Bulls vs Tamil Thalaivas - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Bengaluru Bulls
Tamil Thalaivas
BENGALURU BULLS won the match
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The Thalaivas' shocking campaign this season continues as they have not lost five games in a row while the Bulls will be high on confidence with two wins in two games. 
Full Time: Bengaluru Bulls win 44-35 over the Tamil Thalaivas. 

A dominating show from the Bulls in a game that was marred by Ajay Thakur's injury which only added insult to injury for the Thalaivas, who could not make a comeback after a setback in the first half. 
40' Anand just spends some time in the Thalaivas half and soaks in the atmosphere as he finishes the buzzer raid. 
40' Victor Obiero picks up a bonus but is shoved away with a dash from Mahender Singh!
39' Super tackle for the Thalaivas! Gopu on this occasion goes in with an ankle hold and brings Anand down on the do or die raid. 
39' Jasvir loses balance on his raid as he steps into the lobbies after an attempted scorpion kick. 
38' Jasvir Singh picks up a point with a running hand touch on Jawahar Vivek.
37' Pawan is just not a raider, he surely is one of the better defenders in the team! Goes in with the double thigh hold and brings down Athul MS. Gets a bug thumbs up from the Bulls coach as well!
Bengaluru Bulls lead by 10 points with a little less than four minutes to go on the clock. 
37' Super tackle for Thalaivas! Anand comes in with the pursuit, gets nothing but only comes across a strong block from Manjeet Chhillar, who brings the youngster down with ease. 
36' Surjeet Singh has been brought down by the chain of Pawan and Mahender Singh. 
35' Two more points for Pawan Sehrawat! Evades an ankle hold first from the left corner and also slips away from the tackle by the left cover. 
35' Sandeep's tackle from the left corner gifts away a point to Surjeet Singh. 
34' Too much momentum for Athul as he goes into the lobbies without a touch. 
33' Jasvir Singh is sent off to the benches by Pawan Sehrawat's running hand touch. 
33' Jasmer Gulia is yet again the target for Athul MS who goes deep into the right corner and collects a touch point. 
32' Manjeet Chhillar comes in with a block as Anand looks to turn away but has nowhere to go. 
Substitution for the Thalaivas. 

Jasvir Singh comes in for Ajay Thakur. 
Oh, no! Ajay Thakur looks in agony as he lays on the mat. He was pinned down on the previous raid and he has been stretchered off the court. How big a blow will this be for the Thalaivas?
32' Ashish Sangwan continues to have a top game as he brings down Ajay with a double ankle hold as the rest of the Bulls defense surrounds Thakur. 
31' Pawan turns away from D Gopu and also gets a touch on Sukesh Hegde to collect two more points!
31' Ajay Thakur pushes away Mahender's dash as he tumbles away to pick a point. 
30' Top effort from Anand, who picks up a bonus point on the Do or Die raid. 
30' Jasmer Gulia is caught napping on the right corner by Athul MS. 
29' What a tackle from Ashish! Sukesh was looking to go away with nothing but Ashish took matter into his own hands, went in with a double thigh hold and Sukesh was down and out. 
28' Ajay Thakur comes in for the Do or Die raid and he has run into the arms of Jasmer Gulia! The right corner was right in Thakur's way, who was looking to go through the chain but lost his way. 
28' Ashish Sangwan picks up a bonus point on his first raid. 
Review UNSUCCESSFUL! The Bulls lose their only review. 
Review called in by the Bulls. The challenge is for a bonus point on Kashi's previous raid. 
26' Two points in two tackles from Sunil as he comes in with a strong back hold to keep Kashi down on the mat. 
25' Top raid from Athul as he turns away from the dash attempted by Ashish Sangwan!
25' Pawan picks up a bonus but falls to the back hold and dash from Sunil and C Arun respectively. 
24' Athul MS picks up a bonus point. 
Meanwhile, Kashiling Adake has picked up a Super 10. 
23' ALL-OUT inflicted on the Bulls! Kashiling Adake picks up a bonus point but gives up as he walks into the arms of the cover defender. 
23' Jasmer Gulia's ankle hold is in vain as Ajay Thakur skips away and reduces the Bulls to just one man on the mat.
22' Kashiling Adake picks up a bonus point. 
22' Oh, no! Poor attempted tackle from Pawan as he puts in a woeful tackle on Ajay, who turns away with another point. 
21' Two points for Pawan as he gets a bonus and a hand touch on Athul MS. 
21' Sandeep is yet again sent off by Ajay Thakur with a firm touch. 
The second half has commenced.

Bengaluru Bulls start with three men on the mat. 
HT: Bengaluru Bulls lead 25-14 over the Tamil Thalaivas. 

Not for the first time this season, the Thalaivas looked to have lost bite in their campaign and have found themselves under the pump going into the break. Two all-outs in the first half certainly does not paint a pretty picture and the Thalaivas, barring skipper Ajay Thakur have looked hapless. 
20' Pawan Sehrawat picks up a bonus point on the buzzer raid of the first half. 
20' Mahender Singh's attempted tackle goes in vain as Athul crawls his way back to the midline. 
19' Rohit Kumar loses out on time as he has to jog off on the Do or Die raid. Rohit is smiling after that raid, seems as if he was only wanting to have fun there. 
19' Hat-trick of points for Ajay, as he runs and gets a hand touch on Ashish Sangwan. 
18' Kashiling Adake is a sitting duck on the left cover as Ajay extends his arm to get a touch and jogs away with another point. 
17' Wow! Pawan is now on the right corner, goes in with the trunk hold and brings down the raider!
16' Pawan Sehrawat piles the pressure on Athul, who is slow to retreat and gifts an easy point to Pawan. 
15' Ajay Thakur gets a toe touch on the left corner Sandeep.
14' Jasmer's ankle hold is in vain as Athul gets away to pick a point. 
14' Dubki from Kashi! The Bulls raider sees D Gopu coming in for a dash and goes under the chain to pick a point. 
14' Ajay Thakur manages to pick up a comfortable bonus point. 
13' Kashiling Adake's ankle hold is met by a strong dash from Mahender as Surjeet is thrown off the mat. 
13' Second ALL-OUT inflicted on the Thalaivas! Poor start for the Thalaivas as they now face a 13-point deficit. 
12' Surjeet is down on the Do or Die! Surjeet did manage to pick a bonus point but Mahender was quick on his dash and Surjeet was a goner. 
11' Kashi gets a vicious kick on Sunil on the Do or Die raid! The lanky raider is having a top game and he has absolutely made a fool out of Sunil on that occasion. 
10' Bonus point for Surjeet Singh. 
9' Super tackle for the Thalaivas! Amit Hooda goes in with the block at the center and as Pawan looks to escape, Sunil comes in and keeps the raider down. 
9' Jasmer Gulia is in the thick of things as he brings down Ajay Thakur with a double thigh hold.
8' Pawan Sehrawat has a super raid now! Four points yet again! Pawan initially collects the bonus point, evades the dash and slips away from an ankle hold from the corner to collect four points. 
7' Surjeet looks to jump over Kashi who does well to get hold of the raider's ankles and brings him down. 
6' Sukesh Hegde turns away from the trunk hold attempted by Mahender Singh to collect a point. 
6' All-out inflicted on the Thalaivas! Kashi goes in for the raid and almost shakes Manjeet's hands as he gets the point to inflict the all-out. 
5' Thalaivas down to one man as Ajay Thakur has been pinned down by the Bengaluru defense. 
5' Pawan Sehrawat gets a hefty touch on Amit on the right corner! It was the Do or Die raid,Pawan runs to his left, sweeps his hand and gets a touch on Hooda as he goes into the lobbies. 
4' Ajay Thakur comes in for the Do or Die raid! Thakur picks up a bonus point and stays safe on the raid. 
2' Super Raid for Kashiling Adake! Four points for Kashi on his first raid! Top, top raid from the Bulls raider and he has dealt some serious impact on the Thalaivas early in this game. Initially gets away from the ankle hold from Sunil and powers through the dash from the right chain to collect four points. 
1' Sukesh Hegde starts off with a bonus point!
Tamil Thalaivas win the toss and opt for court! 

Bengaluru Bulls to raid first. 
Just a few minutes away from this high-voltage clash! Who's your money on?
One change for the Bengaluru Bulls as Sandeep comes in place of Jawahar Vivek K. 

For the Thalaivas, Sukesh Hegde will be playing his first match while Surjeet Singh also returns to the fold. 
Tamil Thalaivas: Ajay Thakur (C), Manjeet Chhillar, Sukesh Hegde, Surjeet Singh, Amit Hooda, Sunil, C.Arun. 
Here is how the two teams have performed so far - 

Bengaluru Bulls
Won 48-37 against Tamil Thalaivas. 

Tamil Thalaivas 
Won 42-26 against Patna Pirates
Lost 32-37 against UP Yoddha
Lost 28-33 against Telugu Titans
Lost 37-48 against Bengaluru Bulls
Lost 27-36 against Bengal Warriors
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the opening game of the day between Bengaluru Bulls and Tamil Thalaivas!
The 'Southern Derby' will be on display in the opening encounter of the final day as part of the Haryana leg of the Pro Kabaddi League season six at the Motilal Nehru Sports School in Sonipat, Haryana. 

Bengaluru Bulls, high on confidence after decimating the Tamil Thalaivas in their opening encounter will be hoping for a repeat performance against their familiar foes while the Thalaivas, who will be coming into the contest after a break following a four-match losing streak at home will be eyeing a comeback to winning ways. 

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Motilal Nehru School of Sports, Rai, Sonepat
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Wed, 17/Oct/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Bengaluru Bulls vs Tamil Thalaivas
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