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Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Bengaluru Bulls - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Dabang Delhi K.C.
Bengaluru Bulls
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
A strong second half from the Bengaluru Bulls as they notch another win at their home turf.
Full Time: Dabang Delhi KC 32-31 Bengaluru Bulls
40' Final raid of the match for Meraj Sheykh as the Bulls protect the baulk line. He chose not to cross the line and Delhi win it by one point.
40' Pawan Sehrawat escapes the tackle attempt by Ravinder Pahal after getting the bonus point. 
39' Another bonus point for Pawan Sehrawat as he sneaks one at the left corner and rushes back.
39' A bonus point for Pawan Sehrawat as he rushes back quickly to reduce the gap down to five points.
39' Naveen Kumar goes for the do-or-die raid and gets caught with the tackle by Raju Choudhary on the right corner.
38' Rohit Kumar gets trapped with the back hold by Joginder Narwal and the defensive support rush in to keep the skipper down.
37' Rohit Kumar pulls off a great skill with the reverse leg extension to sneak a bonus point at the left corner of the Delhi defence. He gets his Super 10 tonight.
35' Chandran Ranjit scores a bonus at the left corner and capitalizes on a mistake by Amit Sheoran to score two raid points.
35' Rohit Kumar escapes the ankle hold after getting the bonus point on the left corner.
35' Rohit Kumar scores a quick bonus at the left corner of the Delhi defence.
34' Do-or-die raid for Meraj Sheykh. He scores the running hand touch on Raju Choudhary and uses the lobby to get back. Clinical raiding from the Iranian!!
34' Rohit Kumar scores the bonus point after a review by the Bulls on the left corner.
32' Pawan Sehrawat comes in after the injury scare and gets tackled by Vishal Mane with the strong block on the left corner.
31' Nine minutes to play as Dabang Delhi KC lead 27-18 over the Bulls.

Can the table toppers mount a comeback ? Stay tuned!!
31' Pawan Sehrawat comes in for Mahesh Maruti Magdum
30' Chandran Ranjit is tackled at the baulk line after a strong chain tackle by Amit Sheoran and Rohit Kumar.
30' Rohit Kumar raids successfully after escaping the chain tackle initiated by Ravinder Pahal from the right corner.
29' Naveen Kumar scores the kick touch on the left corner Amit Sheoran.
29' Rohit Kumar powers pat the block by Vishal Mane after getting the bonus at the left corner.
29' Mahesh Maruti Magdum comes in for Pawan Sehrawat
28' All-out!! Meraj Sheykh cleans out the Bulls' backline. 
The Iranian escapes two lines of defence of the Bulls and gets his hands past the midline to take Delhi to a 12-point lead. Superb raid by Sheykh!
27' Pawan Sehrawat gets tackled by Ravinder Pahal at the baulk line with a strong attempt.

He lands awkwardly on his neck as the play is stopped to attend to the raider.
27' Anand V is held down with the ankle hold by Satpal Narwal from the left corner.
26' Naveen Kumar is blocked by Pawan Sehrawat at the baulk line as the defenders rush in to keep the youngster down.
25' Pawan Sehrawat scores a bonus point at the centre of the Delhi defence.

The home side call for a review. TV Umpire rules it in favour of the Bulls. Delhi lose their review.
25' Ravinder Pahal gets Rohit Kumar with the double thigh hold at the baulk line rooting the Bulls' skipper to the spot.
24' Stunning escape by Naveen Kumar who escapes the tackle attempt by Raju Choudhary. Superb agility from the raider.
24' Rohit Kumar tags Joginder Narwal with the scorpion kick at the left corner.
23' Meraj Sheykh scores the running hand touch getting Ankit out in the cover position.
22' Super Tackle!! Pawan Sehrawat gets tackled with the ankle hold by Chandran Ranjit and the support rushed in to keep him down at the lobby.
22' Strong raid by Pawan Sherawat as he escapes the block by Satpal after trying the hand touch on the left corner.
The second half resumes in Delhi as the hosts lead 14-10.over the Bulls.
Half Time: Dabang Delhi KC 14 - 10 Bengaluru Bulls
Satpal comes in for Rajesh Narwal
20' Chandran Ranjit shows great skill to get the running hand touch on Amit Sheoran at the left corner. The raider attempted two touches in a single move.
19' Pawan Sehrawat escapes the ankle hold by Vishal Mane at the baulk line and scores the raid point.
18' Amit Sheoran locks in a strong hold on Naveen Kumar as the defenders come in to keep the raider away from the midline.
17' Pawan Sehrawat scores the running hand touch on Ravinder Pahal at the right corner of the Delhi defence.
Rajesh Narwal comes in for Anil Kumar
15' Rohit Kumar is trapped with a strong ankle hold by Anil Kumar and the other defenders rush quickly to block the path of the Bulls skipper.
14' Anil Kumar comes in for Rajesh Narwal
13' Do-or-die now for Anand V who gets the hand touch on Meraj Sheykh at the left IN position catching the Iranian on the thigh.
13' Chandran Ranjit scores in the do-or-die raid with a bonus at the right corner and takes his time to go back.
11' Rohit Kumar forces a mistake from Joginder Narwal who steps out of bounds on the left corner.
10' Naveen Kumar gets tackled with the diving ankle hold by Ashish Sangwan and the defence rushes from both sides to keep the raider down.
9' Rohit Kumar scores his first point tonight with a bonus at the left corner of the Delhi defence.
8' All-out!! Ashish Sangwan gets the easy bonus but is trapped with the double thigh hold by Ravinder Pahal, who gets his first tackle point tonight. 
8' Meraj Sheykh scores the kick on Anand V after cornering him at the left corner. Bulls on the verge of being cleaned out.
7' Naveen Kumar is up against three defenders and escapes the ankle hold attempt by Amit Sheoran on the left corner. Bulls down to two men.
7' Anand V scores a bonus at the right corner of the Delhi defence.
5' Chandran Ranjit executes a superb reverse kick on Rohit Kumar at the left corner to reduce Bulls down to three men.
4' Pawan Sehrawat gets trapped with a classic ankle hold by Joginder Narwal as Vishal Mane rushed in with the dash along with Rajesh Narwal.
3' Naveen Kumar scores the running hand touch on Raju Choudhary on the right corner.
2' Chandran Ranjit scores the raid point in his first attempt getting away from the attempted tackle by Mahender Singh.
1' Pawan Sehrawat strikes back with a touch on Rajesh Narwal in the cover position, thus reviving his skipper.
1' Meraj Sheykh starts off proceedings for Delhi with a toe touch on Rohit Kumar at the left corner.
Bengaluru Bulls win the toss & select the Choice of court
Starting Lineups:

Dabang Delhi KC - Joginder Narwal, Ravinder Pahal, Vishal Mane, Rajesh Narwal, Meraj Sheykh, Naveen Kumar, Chandran Ranjit

Bengaluru Bulls - Rohit Kumar, Ashish Sangwan, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, Anand V, Amit Sheoran, Mahender Singh, Raju Lal Choudhary
Welcome to the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018 as the home side Dabang Delhi KC take on Bengaluru Bulls at the Thyagraj Indoor Stadium in Delhi.
Thyagaraj Sports Complex, Delhi
Match Start Time
Wed, 05/Dec/2018 21:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs Bengaluru Bulls
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