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Dabang Delhi K.C. vs U.P. Yoddha - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Dabang Delhi K.C.
U.P. Yoddha
U.P. YODDHA won the match
That's all from this encounter, switch tabs to follow Patna's home game against the Haryana Steelers here.

Follow all the live updates from the points table here. 
With this win, the UP Yoddha climb to the top of the Zone 'B' standings Delhi stand in third place with two wins from five matches. 
HT: UP Yoddha win 38-36 over Dabang Delhi KC. 

Delhi have only themselves to blame as two of their most experienced defenders in Joginder Narwal and Ravinder Pahal gifted two points to Jadhav in the Yoddha's penultimate raid that gave UP the upper hand. 
40' Prashant Rai is happy to walk along the mid-line and kill time on the buzzer raid. 
40' What a tackle from Narender as he brings down Naveen Kumar with a supremely strong ankle hold!
40' Two points for Jadhav on the Do or Die raid! Joginder Narwal's hasty tackle gifts away a point to Jadhav, who also collects another point through an ankle hold attempted by Pahal.
Last minute to go as Delhi lead 36-35.
29' Top raid from Naveen as he goes deep into the right corner and gets Sachin with a running hand touch!
Time-out called for. 

Scores tied on 35-35 with a little less than three minutes to go. 
38' Schoolboy error from Nitesh Kumar as he steps out of the court. 
37' Shrikant Jadhav too has a Super-10 with a terrific running hand touch on Joginder Narwal. 
37' Ranjith collects a Super-10 and draws level as he gets a hefty touch on Narender, who fails to retreat in time on the right corner. 
37' Prashant Kumar Rai picks up a bonus point. 
35' Rajesh Narwal comes in with a surprise block and looks to blindside Jadhav, who cleverly turns away to collect a point. 
35' Amit's advanced tackle from the right corner is in vain as Ranjith slips away on the Do or Die raid. 
Time-out called for. 

The score is tied on 32-32 with just a little over seven minutes to go on the clock. 
33' Prashant Rai gets a running hand touch on Vishal Mane and collects his Super-10 as well!
32' Delhi take the lead as Naveen collects yet another touch point. He's been on fire today!
32' Rajesh Narwal's double thigh hold removes Rohit's escape path. 
31' Ranjith has been awarded a bonus point. 
30' Yogesh Hooda brings down Jadhav with yet another ankle hold! What a game he is having!
30' Super-10 for Naveen! Gets there with a comfortable bonus point. 
29' ALL-OUT inflicted on Yoddha! Vishal Mane's block does the trick as Rai picks up a bonus but has been pinned down on the mat. 
UP Yoddha call for a review. Just one point from that raid, the Yoddha believe.

Review Unsuccessful. Ranjith has been given the two points and the Yoddha are down to one man.  
28' Two points for Ranjith! Forces Nitesh to go out of the court and also gets a touch point on Amit in the left corner. 
27' Super tackle for UP! Naveen goes into the open arms of Nitesh, who grips on as Azad Singh comes in for support and the duo keep Naveen away from the mid-line. 
26' Prashant Rai's block is in vain as Naveen turns away and gets his hand across the mid-line. 
25' Yogesh Hooda collects his second tackle point of the night. 
25' Super tackle for UP! Sachin Kumar puts in the thigh hold and Nitesh Kumar runs in to keep Ranjith from getting across the mid-line. 
The UP Yoddha are down to three men on the mat. 
23' Bonus point for Rohit Choudary
22' Narender has been sent off to the benches by a vicious kick from Chandran Ranjith. 
22' Two points in two tackles as both of the UP raiders are on the bench now. Naveen comes in with a surprise double ankle hold and brings down Jadhav. 
21' Yogesh Hooda comes in as a substitute and brings down Prashant Rai with a firm ankle hold. 
The second half has commenced!
HT: UP Yoddha lead 25-17 over Dabang Delhi. 

Shrikant Jadhav has more than made up for the absence of Rishank with eight points including three from a super raid while skipper Prashant Kumar Rai has eight points as well. 

For Delhi, Naveen umar's eight points and Ranjith's cagey approach to pick five points have formed the vast majority of points. 
20' Oh, no! Poor tackle attempted by Amit as he attempts the tackle close to the mid-line, Naveen jumps away with another point. 
19' ALL-OUT on Delhi! Second one of the half for Delhi as Rajesh Narwal picks up a bonus point but is pinned down by a strong ankle hold from Nitesh Kumar. 
19' Prashant Kumar Rai reduces Delhi to one man as he gets a touch on Vishnu Landge. 
19' Rajesh Narwal picks up a bonus point. 
18' Super raid for Jadhav! Terrific athleticism from Jadhav, who gets a hefty touch on Pahal and then powers through a chain dash from Joginder Narwal and Vishal Mane. 
Review Unsuccessful! Ranjith has to go off to the benches and Narender collects a point. 
16' Narender's dash removes Ranjith from the court as Delhi call for a review. 

Ranjith believes that he has got two touches and has also managed to cross the mid-line on the raid. 
16' Naveen does extremely well to jump over the tackle from Nitesh but is dashed off by the rest of the defense. 
15' Ravinder Pahal gets in the thick of things as he puts in an ankle hold to bring down Jadhav. 
15' Ranjith continues to chip away with the bonus points. 
14' Prashant Rai picks a bonus point and turns away from a dash attempted by Vishnu Landge, goes away with two important points. 
13' ALL-OUT on Delhi! Prashant Rai comes in for the raid, powers through an ankle hold from Pahal and gets through the tackle attempted by Chandran Ranjith. 
13' Yet another bonus point for Ranjith. 
12' Bonus point for Chandran Ranjith. 
11' Easy point awarded to Jadhav as Satpal comes in as a substitute and throws in a poor thigh hold. 
10' Naveen Kumar continues to excel as he picks a bonus point and also escapes the ankle hold from Sagar Krishna. 
10' Joginder Narwal's first tackle is in vain as Shrikant Jadhav's struggles away from the ankle hold. 
9' Bonus point for Naveen Kumar. 
9' Two point raid for Jadhav! Intially gets a big touch on Rajesh Narwal and then evades a dash from Vishnu Landge. 
8' Error from Narender as he goes for an advance tackle on the Do or Die raid as Naveen easily gets a hand touch. 
8' Vishal Mane's attempted dash brings an easy point for Rohit, who turns away to get an easy point. 
6' Prashant Rai slips away from Pahal's half-hearted tackle to pick a point. 
6' Narender dives on the ankles of Chandran Ranjith to remove the raider from the mat. 
4' Naveen on this occasion gets the better of the right corner, who goes in for a thigh hold but is defeated by Naveen's jump. 
4' Vishnu Landge comes in with a strong dash as Shrikant Jadhav has been shoved off the court. 
4' Dabang Delhi get another point through Ranjith's bonus point. 
3' Prashant Rai, in the meantime, picks up a bonus point. 
3' Naveen gets a hefty touch on the left corner to tumble away with a point. 
2' Ranjith gets his tally started with a bonus point. 
1' Top skill from Prashant Rai as he removes Vishnu Landge and Rajesh Narwal with a running hand touch! 
1' Naveen Kumar picks a bonus point on the first raid of the night. 
Prashant Kumar Rai, captaining the side wins the toss and opts for court! Delhi to raid first. 
We are only a couple of minutes away from the toss! Stay tuned!
Some big news coming in as Rishank Devadiga is set to miss out from this game. 

However, Jeeva Kumar is back from injury and starts off on the bench. 
Team sheets for today - 

UP Yoddha: Shrikant Jadhav, Prashant Kumar Rai, Narender, Amit, Rohit Kumar Choudary, Nitesh Kumar, Sagar B Krishna. 

Dabang Delhi: Joginder Narwal, Chandran Ranjith, Naveen Kumar, Vishal Mane, Ravinder Pahal, Viraj Landge, Rajesh Narwal.  
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the game between Dabang Delhi and UP Yoddha!
The third day of the Patna leg as part of the Pro Kabaddi League season six is set to commence and in the opening game of the day, Dabang Delhi will be taking on UP Yoddha at the Patliputra Sports Complex in Patna. 

Both teams will be coming into the contest at the back of convincing wins in their previous encounters and will been keen on maintaining the positive run with yet another win today. 

For Delhi, the onus will be on the defensive corners in Joginder Narwal and Ravinder Pahal while the raiding department's form in this encounter will be crucial for the Yoddha. 
Patliputra Sports Complex, Patna
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Sun, 28/Oct/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Dabang Delhi K.C. vs U.P. Yoddha
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