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Haryana Steelers vs Puneri Paltan - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Haryana Steelers
Puneri Paltan
PUNERI PALTAN won the match
Full Time: Haryana Steelers 33-35 Puneri Paltan

A stunning comeback from the Puneri Paltan side as Sandeep Narwal and Monu help the local side to get the five points against the Steelers.
40' GB More kills the time in the last raid of the match but gets a touch as he escapes the dash by Sachin Shingade.
40' Sandeep Narwal tries to keep Monu in check but the raider turns away and gets past the midline.
40' GB More scores a key point as he catches Sudhanshu Tyagi with a high kick on the right corner.
39' Vikas Khandola gets caught at the left corner with the double thigh hold by Akshay Jadhav as the support rushed in.
Timeout taken as the Steelers trail by just one point (31-32) after a stunning comeback by Puneri Paltan in the second half.
39' Khandola continues to score as he catches Ravi Kumar with the running hand touch and keep on the heels of the opposition.
38' Sandeep Narwal scores a bonus point and celebrates in style to keep Pune in the lead.
38' Vikas Khandola scores a crucial point as he escapes the block by Girish Ernak at the baulk line.
38' Monu clears out the Haryana defence. Pune take the lead for the first time tonight as they get an all-important all-out.
37' Monu Goyat is tackled at the left corner with a diving ankle hold by Girish Ernak from the left corner.
36' Sandeep Narwal does brilliantly to catch Shingade at the right corner with the reverse kick.
36' Monu Goyat scores a bonus point at the left corner and takes up all of his raid time as we inch closer to the final minutes of the match.
36' Do-or-die raid for Monu. He goes deep into the right corner of the Steelers' defence and scores the hand touch on Sudhanshu Tyagi. Clinical raiding from the all-rounder.
Five minutes to play as Haryana Steelers lead 28-24. Can Puneri Paltan level things up in the match? Stay tuned!!
34' Vikas Khandola is slammed down on the mat after a strong ankle hold by Sandeep Narwal as Girish Ernak rushed in with the dash from the left corner.
33' More G B raids successfully getting Naveen out as he keeps the deficit at five points in the match.
32' Naveen scores a quick toe touch on the cover position and celebrates in joy despite Ravi Kumar's insistence on no touch.
Ten minutes to play as Haryana Steelers lead 27-22 after a strong second half comeback by Puneri Paltan.
31' However, he fails in the defensive side of things giving away an easy tackle escape to GB More at the right corner.
31' Monu Goyat raids successfully after the all-out to start off things nicely with the hand touch.
Naveen comes in for Parveen
32' Sandeep Narwal gets the surrender raid as Pune inflict the all-out on Haryana Steelers.
30' Monu Goyat tries a bonus point attempt but Ravi Kumar rushes with a dash to get him down.
30' Parvesh is on target yet again getting the touch point with a good attempt at the right corner.
29' Parvesh capitalizes on the mistake by Sachin Shingade and gets a slight touch on the head on the cover defender.
Parveen comes in for Naveen
28' Monu Goyat escapes the ankle hold by Girish Ernak and got a bonus point as well.
27' Do-or-die raid for Sandeep Narwal and he strikes gold!! Super Raid for the Beast!!

He escapes the double thigh hold by Kuldeep Singh and Narwal managed to get past the midline getting two more touches.
26' After a string of empty raids, Vikas Khandola comes in for the do-or-die attempt. 

A short one at that as the diving tackle by Ravi Kumar is supported by the dash by Girish Ernak.
23' Haryana strike back with a tackle of their own as Vikas Khandola is in action with an ankle hold getting Monu down at the left corner.
23' Naveen goes in for the do-or-die raid against four defenders and is tackled down near the baulk line after trying to escape the ankle hold.
22' Akshay Jadhav scores a bonus point at the right corner of the Haryana defence.
The second half begins in Pune as Haryana Steelers lead 23-8 over the Puneri Paltan
Half Time: Haryana Steelers 23-8 Puneri Paltan
20' Parvesh is blocked at the baulk line as Kuldeep Singh traps him with the chain tackle on the right corner.
18' GB More is tackled at the right corner as Sunil picks up his third tackle point of the half.
17' Monu Goyat is tackled by the Pune defence in the first raid after the all-out on Pune.
16' Parvesh, off the bench gets the bonus point but is tackled down by the defence as Haryana get their second all-out and take a commanding lead.
16' Girish Ernak is caught on his way back by Monu Goyat who reduces Pune to just one man on the mat, Rinku Narwal.
15' Do-or-die raid for Akshay Jadhav and it doesn't last long as he is brought down with the diving tackle by Kuldeep Singh.
13' Monu Goyat does well to catch Ravi Kumar with the toe touch on the right corner. Pune are down to three men now.
12' Monu is trapped with a suprise tackle by the opposition skipper Monu Goyat with a thigh hold at the baulk line.
11' Sandeep Narwal is tagged with the running hand touch attempt by Monu Goyat on the right corner.

Pune call for a review of the decision. The decision is retained and Puneri Paltan lose their review for the night.
11' GB More gets the bonus point after the all-out but the Haryana defence is quick to surround the raider near the baulk line.
10' Vikas Khandola cleans out Puneri Paltan single-handedly!! He catches Rinku with the running hand touch and Sandeep Narwal tries a dash but Khandola is back to the midline in time.
9' Superb ankle hold by Sunil on the right corner as GB More gets caught in his attempt to steal the bonus point. 
8' Vikas Khandola scores another running hand touch on Girish Ernak as the raider uses the lobby to get back to the midline.
8' Akshay Jadhav goes in for the do-or-die raid. He is dashed out of bounds by Tyagi with a well-timed dash at the left kobby. No bonus for Akshay Jadhav.
7' Naveen is tackled at the left lobby as the four Pune defenders do well to keep him down.
5' Monu tries to leapfrog Sunil at the right corner but is tackled down after the fall as three Haryana men were quick in action. 
4' Ravi Kumar tries to hold back Naveen at the baulk line but the raider turns away and gets his legs past the midline.
4' Akshay Jadhav scores in his first raid as Sudhanshu Tyagi goes in for a mistimed tackle and concedes an easy point.
3' Monu Goyat gets a touch on the run as he tags Rinku Narwal on the left corner of the defence.
3' GB More sneaks in a quick bonus point at the right corner of the Haryana defence.
2' Vikas Khandola immediately claims a running hand touch on Girish Ernak in the cover position. The umpires had not given it initially.

After the TV review, Haryana are given the touch point and open their account on the night.
2' Monu starts off big!! The youngster gets the hand touch on the right corner Sunil and the late dash by Sachin Shingade is not enough to keep him down. Two points for Pune.
A couple of empty raids to start us off as the raiders get a feel of the mat.
Haryana Steelers win the toss & select the Choice of court
Starting Lineup:

Haryana Steelers - Monu Goyat, Vikas Khandola, Naveen, Sachin Shingade, Sudhanshu Tyagi, Sunil, Kuldep Singh

Puneri Paltan - Girish Maruti Ernak, Ravi Kumar, Rinku Narwal, Monu, GB More, Akshay Jadhav, Sandeep Narwal
Hello and welcome to the live coverage of tonight's Pro Kabaddi League action as Puneri Paltan take on Haryana Steelers at the Balewadi Stadium in Pune.
Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune
Match Start Time
Wed, 28/Nov/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Haryana Steelers vs Puneri Paltan
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
Zone A
Pro Kabaddi 2018