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Patna Pirates vs U.P. Yoddha - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Patna Pirates
U.P. Yoddha
PATNA PIRATES won the match
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That's all from this encounter between Patna and UP Yoddha!

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Shrikant Jadhav was the top contributor for UP with 17 points but his efforts were overshadowed by the likes of Pardeep and Deepak Narwal, who picked Super 10s to lead Patna to a comfortable win. 
Full Time: Patna Pirates win 43- 27 over UP Yoddha. 

Three losses in a row for the Yoddha and they are certainly under the pump in this season. Patna, on the other hand, now have two wins in a row and will be brimming with a lot of confidence as they go into their next game. 
40' Diabolic effort from Narender on the left corner, Deepak only pushes him away and collects a SUPER 10!
40' Shrikant Jadhav continues to chip away with the points, three bonus points in a row now. 
Last minute left on the clock. Patna comfortably in the driver's seat with a six point lead.
39' Yet another bonus point for Shrikant Jadhav. 
39' Deepak Narwal turns and tumbles away from the attempted dash from Pankaj. 
38' Bonus point for Shrikant Jadhav. 
38' Rishank comes in for the DO OR DIE raid and he has been pinned down! Vikas Kale on the right corner went in for a strong double thigh hold and the rest of the defense kept Rishank down. 
38' Costly error from Nitesh Kumar, who goes in for an expensive ankle hold as Deepak Narwal goes away with ease. 
Patna Pirates lead 39-34 with three minutes left. 
36' Deepak Narwal picks up the bonus point. 
36' Jawahar Dagar steps over the end line of the court to gift a point to Rishank Devadiga. 
35' Pankaj has Pardeep's number this time as he goes high on the ankles to keep the Pirates skipper down. 
Patna Pirates lead 38-32 with just a little over five minutes left on the clock. 
35' Vikas Kale's dash from the right cover is in vain as Rishank powers through to collect a point. 
35' Pardeep lures in a tackle from Amit as he then turns away to get his shoes across the midline. 
34' Rishank Devadiga sends Jaideep off to the benches with a tug on the left corner's shirt. 
33' Pankaj comes on as a substitute, gets a little bit too greedy as he tries to go low with an ankle hold but fails as Pardeep dances away to the midline. 
32' Pardeep Narwal's running hand touch is lethal as he gets a firm one on Amit.
32' Vijay's half-hearted ankle hold is too weak to keep Rishank Devadiga down. 
30' ALL-OUT inflicted on UP! Patna have now raced away to a 7-point lead with a little over ten minutes left on the clock. 
30' Shrikant Jadhav has been shoved off the mat through a dash from Tae Deok Eom!
29' Super 10 for Pardeep Narwal as he gets the better of an advance tackle from Amit. 
Shrikant Jadhav is back on the mat. 
28' Pardeep now gets a hefty touch on Prashant Kumar Rai with a running hand touch. 
28' Prashant Kumar Rai picks up a bonus point. 
27' Pardeep executes the dubki to collect three points! Super raid for the Pirates skipper! 
Goes under the chain of the Sachin Kumar and Rishank Devadiga and gets a touch on the left cover defender as well. 
UP Yoddha lose their review as they demand a double-check against the Deepak Narwal bonus point. 
25' Deepak Narwal picks up a bonus point but he has been thrown down on the mat by a firm double thigh hold from Narender. 
The scores are now level on 24-24 with fifteen minutes left on the clock. 
UP Yoddha call in for a review and claim four points from that raid. 

Successful review 
from UP! What a timely review from the Yoddha and that's an all-out inflicted on the Pirates. 
Oh, no! Shrikant Jadhav is writhing in pain as he is taken off the court. Looks like he landed hard on his elbow while attempting the escape. 
24' Super raid from Shrikant Jadhav! What a day he is having! Escapes from the double thigh hold attempted from the cover defender and also powers through the dash to reduce the gap. 
23' Oh, what has happened here? Sagar Krishna steps out of bounds during the raid and although Pardeep Narwal was pinned down on the mat, the Pirates claim the point. Poor error from Sagar. 
22' Super raid for Deepak Narwal! Narwal starts off with a bonus and turns away from the chain tackle on the right corner to pick three important points. 
21' Wow! Shrikant Jadhav's shirt has been ripped off by Jaideep! Nevertheless, Jadhav picks up an easy point. 
The Pirates have only two men on the mat. 
21' Deepak Narwal picks up a bonus point. 
The second half has commenced!
HT: Patna Pirates lead 19-17 over UP Yoddha. 

Shrikant Jadhav's super raid has seen the momentum wrest with the Yoddha going into the break that will serve as a refresher for both teams with a thrilling second half to come!
20' Wow! Super raid for Shrikant Jadhav as he picks three important points! Shrikant went a little deep into the left corner position, Jawahar Dagar and Vikas Kale came in for the dash and in the end, Jadhav also gets away from an ankle hold as he takes the momentum with him into the second half. 
19' Technical point awarded to Patna! Sagar Krisha, while tackling Pardeep pulled the Patna skipper's shirt and has been reprimanded for that. 
17' Rishank comes in for the Do or Die raid. Calmly walks off with confidence on picking a bonus point. 
16' Pardeep Narwal gets another running hand touch on Sachin Kumar, who has been Pardeep's bunny today. 
15' Manjeet continues to impress as he yet again gets away from Nitesh's ankle hold and get his hand across the mid line. 
14' ALL-OUT inflicted on the Yoddha! 
14' Vijay puts in an impressive ankle hold on the raider to bring UP down to just one man on the mat. 
The UP Yoddha are down to just two men on the mat. 
13' Jawahar and Jaideep combine to bring down Rishank Devadiga on the Do or Die raid!
12' Do or Die raid for Manjeet. Top effort from Manjeet as he picks two points from that raid! Manjeet uses his tall frame to excellent effect as he dives away from an ankle hold from Nitesh Kumar and also extends his arm to get a touch on the defender who tried to jump away from Manjeet. 
Substitution for Patna. 

Manjeet comes in for Tae Deok Eom. 
10' Rishank Devadiga evades the dash from Vijay to tumble over the mid line!
9' Wow! Pardeep Narwal has been dragged back into the UP half by an ankle hold from Nitesh Kumar!
9' Pardeep Narwal gets a running hand touch on Sachin Kumar on the left corner. 
8' Super tackle for Patna! Second of the day and it's on the DO OR DIE raid. Jaideep goes in with the double thigh hold, and the rest of the defense pounced in. 
Patna Pirates down to three men on the mat. 
6' Vijay continues to have a top game as he picks his second bonus point of the day. 
5' Poor solo ankle hold from Jawahar Dagar as Shrikant Jadhav crawls away to the mid line. 
5' And now Vijay picks up a touch point!
4' Super tackle for Patna! Vijay goes in for the ankle hold and traps the raider down on the mat. 
4' Nitesh and Rishank Devadiga combine to bring down Deepak Narwal, who almost got across the midline but was held back by the other defenders. 
4' Bonus point yet again, for Shrikant Jadhav. 
3' The UP defense pins down Pardeep Narwal at the centre. Pressure early on the Pirates!
3' Poor ankle hold from Jaideep as Rishank slips away to go with another point. 
2' First point for Patna through Deepak Narwal's bonus point. 
2' Rishank Devadiga picks his first point of the night with an excellent running hand touch on Vikas Kale. 
1' Shrikant Jadhav kicks off proceedings with a bonus point. 
Patna Pirates win the toss and opt for court! 

UP Yoddha to raid first. 
The two teams are on the mat and we are only a few moments away from the toss!
Here is how the two teams have performed so far - 

Patna Pirates -
lost 26-43 against Tamil Thalaivas
Won 43-41 against UP Yoddha. 

UP Yoddha - 
won 37-32 against Tamil Thalaivas
lost 41-43 to Patna Pirates
lost 29-34 to Telugu Titans. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the game between UP Yoddha and Patna Pirates!
Action continues on the eighth day of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 6 as Patna Pirates will take on UP Yoddha in the opening fixture of the day at the Motilal Nehru Sports School in Sonipat, Haryana. 

The two teams have already met once this season during the Chennai leg in a game that went all the way down to the wire as the Pirates clinched a nerve-wracking win in the final raid to clinch their first win of the season. 

The UP Yoddha, with two losses in their last two encounters will be itching to get back to winning ways while the Pirates, with a win against the same opposition their latest result can be expected to put up a tough fight. 

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the live updates from this encounter!
Motilal Nehru School of Sports, Rai, Sonepat
Match Start Time
Sun, 14/Oct/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Patna Pirates vs U.P. Yoddha
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