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Puneri Paltan vs Bengal Warriors - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Puneri Paltan
Bengal Warriors
BENGAL WARRIORS won the match
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Full Time: Bengal Warriors 26-22 Puneri Paltan
40' GB More adds a bonus point with a quick raid on the left corner of the Bengal defence.
39' Puneri Paltan protect the baulk line but Kumawat sneaks in a touch point after getting away from the ankle hold.
39' GB More scores with a turn from the dash by the Warriors' defender.
39' All-out for Bengal Warriors!! Maninder Singh might just have clinched the match for the Warriors here. He gets the two men out and cleans out the Pune lineup.
38' Maninder Singh capitalizes on the mistake by the Pune defence as he scores two points after the hand touch on GB More and gets away from the block attempt by Girish Ernak.
37' Surjeet Singh scores his first tackle point with a strong dash on Rinku Narwal near the left side of the lobby.
The teams are using the Do-or-die raid strategy with a lot of empty raids put in tonight.
36' Ravindra Kumawat goes too deep into the right corner and Ernak comes in with the dash from the other corner.
35' GB More gets thetouch on Mahesh Goud with a kick on the thighs at the right corner of the Bengal defence.
35' Ravindra Kumawat gets a sliding toe touch on  the right corner but Puneri Paltan call for a review of the decision. 

The TV umpire rules in favour of the Bengal Warriors. Puneri Paltan lose their review.

13' Do-or-die for Monu now but he gets caught with the ankle hold by Ran Singh on the left corner.
32' Mahesh Goud goes too deep into the left corner and finally Girish Ernak locks in the ankle hold and Sandeep Narwal comes in with the dash to put the raider out.
30' Maninder Singh is revived and gets a touch point on Ravi Kumar with the hand touch at the centre of the defence.
29' Rinku Narwal is sent for the do-or-die raid for Pune and tries the 'Dubki' but fails to go past the block by Ran Singh.
28' Another do-or-die raid for Bengal as Ravindra Kumawat is brought down with the diving ankle hold by Rinku Narwal.
26' Do-or-die raid for Akshay Jadhav and he is dashed out of bounds after the shove by Mahesh Goud at the right side of the lobby.
26' Nitin Kumar goes into the lobby after failing to get a touch point.
Five minutes into the match and Puneri Paltan lead by one point as the score stands 14-13.
The second half begins in Gujarat.
Half Time: Puneri Paltan 13-12 Bengal Warriors
20' Do-or-die now for Puneri Paltan as Akshay Jadhav cheekily tries to catch the defenders by stepping into the lobby but no one from the Bengal defence fell for it.
19' Ravindra Kumawat is in for the do-or-die raid and fails to get the touch point after he is dashed out by Ravi Kumar on the right side of the lobby.
18' Monu runs into the thigh hold by Ravindra Kumawat after he catches him on the left corner of the defence.
17' Super Tackle!! Akshya Jadhav is just pulled back in time by the Bengal defence as he almost reached the midline. Great job by the Bengal defence.
16' Monu is active in the defence as he catches Nitin Kumar with the double thigh hold.
16' Monu runs all across the defence and lures Baldev into a mistake and jumps away from the block attempt and scores.
15' Nitin Kumar gets a sliding toe touch on Rinku Narwal on the left corner. First point for the young man who came in as the substitute.
14' Monu comes in for the do-or-die raid and forces a self out by Maninder Singh on the left corner.
13' Ravindra Kumawat enters the lobby without the hand touch and is ruled out.
11' Now it is Pune for the do-or-die raid and Baldev Singh tries the body hold again but it was too near the midline as GB More gets past the midline.
11' Ravindra Kumawat comes for the do-or-die raid and slipped past the dash by Girish Ernak who put in the dash near the baulk line but it is too late.
8' Monu is tackled at the left corner after the ankle hold and the defence rush in with the dash to keep the raider down.
8' Ravi Kumar is tagged again by Maninder Singh as this time, he brings out the running hand touch on the cover defender.
8' Monu goes low and gets the running hand touch on Mahesh Goud at the right corner.
7' Maninder Singh sneaks in with a toe touch on Ravi Kumar at the cover position catching the defender unaware.
6' GB More does brilliantly to take two men with him to the midline after absorbing the dash and block from Ran Singh and Baldev Singh.
6' Do-or-die again for Bengal but Mahesh Goud escapes the ankle hold by Rinku Narwal and reaches the midline.
5' Akshay Jadhav adds another raid point as he turns away from the block attempt by Surjeet Singh.
4' Ran Singh is unable to lock the ankle hold on Akshay Jadhav as the raider runs away quickly.
3' The Bengal Warriors get their first tackle point as Baldev Singh gets the body hold on GB More catching him blindsided.
3' Do-or-die raid for bengal Warriors as Ravindra Kumawat gets the sweeping hand touch on Girish Ernak at the cover position. Bengal get their first point.
2' GB More is on target as he adds another bonus attempt with a running attempt near the centre of the Warriors' backline.
1' GB More starts off with  a bonus point on the right corner with a quick attempt.
The teams are out on the mat as we are ready for the action here in Ahmedabad.
Starting 7

Puneri Paltan - GB More, Ravi Kumar, Monu, Girish Maruti Ernak, Rinku Narwal, Akshay Jadhav, Sandeep Narwal

Bengal Warriors - Surjeet Singh, Maninder Singh, Ran Singh, Ravindra Kumawat, Mahesh Goud, Baldev Singh, Ziaur Rehman
Welcome to the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018 as the Puneri Paltan take on Bengal Warriors at the Arena by Transstadia in the Ahmedabad leg of the competition.
The Arena by Transstadia, Ahmedabad
Match Start Time
Sat, 17/Nov/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Puneri Paltan vs Bengal Warriors
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
Inter Zone Week
Pro Kabaddi 2018