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Puneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi K.C. - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Puneri Paltan
Dabang Delhi K.C.
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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Nitin Tomar picked 20 raid points but sadly ended on the losing side as Delhi put in a top-notch performance to maintain the lead and convert it into a win. 
Fulltime: Dabang Delhi win 41-37 over the Puneri Paltan. 
40' DO OR DIE raid for Ranjith and he is enjoying a cool walk on the sidelines.

He is not even slightly interested to pick a point and for no small reason as Delhi already have this game in the bag. 
40' Nitin Tomar picks a bonus point and gets back in a hurry. 
Final minute of the game. Dabang Delhi lead 41-35. 
39' Nitin Tomar picks his 18th point of the game as he gets the better of an advanced tackle from Viraj Vishnu Landge. 
38' Schoolboy error from Sandeep Narwal as he steps out of the court and gifts a point to Delhi. 
38' More GB tumbles and slides his way into the half after getting away from an attempted ankle hold. 
Three minutes to go as Delhi's lead now stands on eight points. 
Wow! This is some serious commitment from Joginder Narwal! Looks like he has injured his knee, but he wants to continue and lead his team to victory. 
37' Pahal now in the scheme of things as he goes with a double ankle hold, Rajesh looks to jump away but the rest of the defense were there for support. 
37' Bonus plus a point for Pawan Kadian, who crawls away from an attempted dash from Vinod Kumar. 
37' Joginder Narwal comes in with an ankle hold and pins Nitin Tomar down on the mat! What a tackle, perfect timing!
36' Nitin Tomar continues to excel as he pushes through a back hold at the center of the mat. 
Penalty point awarded to Delhi! Looks like Sandeep Narwal came off the benches in the wrong order and that's a gift to Delhi. 
35' Naveen Kumar has stepped into the lobbies without a touch and loses out. 
35' Nitin Tomar goes away with a bonus. 
34' Two point raid from Pawan now! Girish Ernak tries to dash Kadian out but the Delhi raider escapes. 
34' ALL-OUT inflicted on Pune! More GB picks the bonus but has been brought down. 
33' Sandeep Narwal on this occasion goes for an advance tackle but Naveen is alert and turns away. 
33' Bonus point for Pune. 
33' Pawan Kumar Kadian lures a tackle from Ravi Kumar, who puts in a half-hearted tackle and Kadian collects an easy point. 
Puneri Paltan down to three men with eight minutes to go on the clock. 

Dabang Delhi has a slender one-point lead as the scoreline reads 28-27. 
32' Joginder Narwal strikes back as he puts in a massive ankle hold on Rajesh Mondal. 
Oh, a review called for by Delhi! Girish stepped into the lobbies and took Ravi Kumar went with him before Sandeep Narwal came up with the herculean effort. 

REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL! A super tackle has been awarded to Pune. 
31' Ranjith comes in for the DO OR DIE raid! Wow! That is some supreme power on display from Sandeep!

Ranjith's pressure took Girish out of the mat but Sandeep was upto the task, turning Ranjith back down towards the mat and celebrated one of the best tackles that the PKL has witnessed. 
Substitution for Pune. 

Rajesh Mondal comes in for Akshay Jadhav. 
29' Nitin Tomar has been pinned down! The whole of the Delhi defense comes through and keeps the Pune man down. 
29' Pawan Kadian comes in for a raid and makes the most of an error from Vinod Kumar to run away with a point. 
Review called in by Delhi. A tight call for the TV umpire who gives it in favour of Delhi!

They claimed that the raider was out before he crossed the midline and they get it right. Top call from Joginder Narwal. 
28' Amit gets the better of Vishal Mane on the latter's turn as he tumbles away towards the midline. 
Substitution for Delhi. 

Pawan Kadian comes in for Vishnu Landge. 
Substitution for Pune.

Amit Kumar comes in for Deepak Kumar Dahiya. 
27' Chandran Ranjith picks up a bonus point. 
26' Meraj Sheykh has been grappled down by Sandeep Narwal on the DO OR DIE raid!
25' REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL! Deepak Dahiya claimed that he had a touch on Meraj Sheykh, but gets nothing from that. 
Deepak Dahiya wants a review for a point on his DO OR DIE raid. 
24' Girish Ernak now has four tackles as he pins Naveen Kumar down on the mat with a tough ankle hold. 
23' Nitin Tomar picks up a bonus point on the DO OR DIE raid! Pressure, no thank you!
22' Chandran Ranjith catches Vinod Kumar off guard in the cover position to pick the first point of the second half. 
Welcome back to the second half! 

Nitin Tomar has topscored with 14 points and has set the mat on fire! Can he be stopped or will the Paltan reign supreme?
Halftime: Puneri Paltan lead 22-20 over Dabang Delhi. 
20' Tomar picks two points on the buzzer raid! Pahal initially went in for the ankle hold, Tomar dived towards his own half and takes another point as the cover defender looks to drag Tomar back into their own half.
20' Deepak Dahiya slips on the raid and has been thrown off by the Delhi defense. 
19' Vinod Kumar gives away a point to Ranjith with a poor attempted double ankle hold. 
18' Erank on this occasion comes in with a charging dash and shoves Naveen Kumar off the mat. 
18' Tomar continues to go about his merry ways, picks another big running hand touch. 
Three minutes to go on the clock and the score is leveled on 18-18. 
17' Deepak Dahiya looks for the scorpion kick but is dashed off by Vishal Mane. 
16' WOW! That is a superhuman effort from Nitin Tomar to inflict the all-out on Delhi! 

Tomar had to deal with the defensive prowess of Pahal and Mane. The former did manage to keep him down and Mane came in, only to see Tomar swivel on his back and get his leg across the line. 
15' Pawan Kadian comes in as a substitute, gets two points! A bonus point and a big kick on More GB. 
15' Nitin Tomar reduces Delhi to just one man on the mat. Meraj Sheykh goes in with the tackle in the dying minutes of the raid and Tomar turned away to escape with another point. 
14' Naveen Kumar comes in for the DO OR DIE raid! Naveen did get the bonus point but goes in for a touch point and finished as bait for Girish Ernak's ankle hold.  
Dabang Delhi have been reduced to three men on the mat.
12' Top stuff from Nitin Tomar, who gets a big running hand touch on Joginder Narwal in the left corner. 
12' Chandran Ranjith has been pinned down by Sandeep Narwal. 
11' Absolute strength on display from Tomar! Collects a bonus point, jumps away from the dash attempted by Vishnu Landge. 

10' Nitin Tomar now picks up a bonus point. He's been chipping away with the points. 
10' Chandran Ranjith executes the bonus point to perfection. 
9' This time, Deepak Dahiya gets a touch on Ravinder Pahal with a quality running hand touch. 
9' ALL-OUT inflicted on the Puneri Paltan. 

Dabang Delhi lead 11-5. 
8' Joginder Narwal comes to the party as he brings down Sandeep Narwal on the latter's first raid. 
8' Meraj Sheykh plies the pressure on Nitin Tomar, who is lured into a tackle. 
7' Bonus point for Nitin Tomar. 
7' Chandran Ranjith continues to have a good game as he catches Deepak Dahiya napping on the left cover. 
6' Wow! That is some execution of the toe touch from Tomar! Nitin looks for a bonus, fails on the attempt but sweeps his leg and gets a hefty touch on Pahal. 
6' Poor error from Girish Ernak, who runs in for an advance tackle but only manages to gift away a point to Naveen Kumar. 
5' First DO OR DIE raid of the match and Ravinder Pahal pounces on More GB! 
Not even five minutes on the clock and Joginder Narwal has picked up a 'Green Card'. 
3' Naveen picks up two more! Sandeep Narwal on this occasion goes for the back hold but Naveen powers through the tackle and also gets a feather touch on Vinod Kumar. 
3' Two points in two raids for Tomar as he slips away from an ankle hold from Meraj Sheykh. 
2' Ranjith gets away from the attempted back hold from Girish Ernak and turns away into his own half. 
1' Meraj Sheykh runs into the chain of Girish Ernak and Deepak Dahiya, which sees him being thrown down on the mat. 
1' Nitin Tomar picks his first point of the game! Bonus point for Tomar. 
Girish Ernak wins the toss and opts for court! 

Dabang Delhi to raid first! 
The two captains are on the mat! 
The two teams are on the mat and looked pumped up! We surely have a fantastic match coming up!
Puneri Paltan - Girish Ernak (C), Nitin Tomar, Sandeep Tomar, More GB, Deepak Kumar Dahiya, Ravi Kumar, Vinod Kumar. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the second game of the day between Dabang Delhi and Puneri Paltan!

In the opening game of the Haryana leg, the Haryana Steelers won 32-25 over the Gujarat Fortunegiants. 
In the second game of sixth day of the Pro Kabaddi League, Dabang Delhi will face off against the Puneri Paltan at the Motital Nehru School Sports in Sonepat, Haryana.

The Paltan, unbeaten from their two games so far will be looking to keep the momentum on their side while Dabang Delhi, who started off with a tie against the Gujarat Fortunegiants look a far more confident side from last season that of last season and can pose some serious problems for the Paltan.

Chandran Ranjith, who came off the bench to amass ten points will be up against Sandeep Narwal and Girish Maruti Ernak while the Paltan's top raider Nitin Tomar's battle with Joginder Narwal and Ravinder Pahal can be a mouth watering prospect.

A lot of exciting internal battles await, stay tuned for all the live updates from Sportskeeda. Catch all the live updates of the points table here!
Motilal Nehru School of Sports, Rai, Sonepat
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Fri, 12/Oct/2018 21:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Puneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
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