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Puneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Puneri Paltan
Haryana Steelers
PUNERI PALTAN won the match
That's all from this match between the Puneri Paltan and the Haryana Steelers! Switch tabs to follow the game between the Tamil Thalaivas and UP Yoddha. 

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The Puneri Palan have managed to win their first game of this season after a thrilling tie against U Mumba in their opening game while the Steelers will hope that their skipper Surender Nada is deemed fit for their next encounter, in order to get back to winning ways. 
Full Time: Puneri Paltan win 34 - 22 over the Haryana Steelers.

A dominating win for the Paltan over the Steelers, who certainly missed the fizz and were probably dealt a 'psychological' blow by the absence of Monu Goyat owing to an injury. 

For the Paltan, Nitin Tomar topscored with seven points while an all-round show from More GB saw him finish with six points. 

The Steelers could never strike a comeback after losing out on the lead as the raiding trio of Vikas Khandola, Wazir Singh and Anand Tomar could not find their bearings against a tightly knit Paltan defense unit. 
Final minute coming up in this encounter. 
Oh, no no! This is a massive blow for the Haryana Steelers! 

Surender Nada went in for a valiant tackle on Deepak Dahiya and falls on the mat. He looks writhing in pain and is not moving his left hand. He has been taken off the court and is on the sidelines. 
39' A little too hasty by Girish Ernak from the left corner as he goes in for a solo effort but Vikas Khandola turns away and picks a point. 
38' First point in the PKL for Anand Tomar, who picks up a bonus point. 
Back live now, with Deepak Dahiya in for the raid. 

Picks up a bonus point!
Time-out called for by the Steelers. 

Just over three minutes left on the clock as the Paltan lead 30-18. 
37' Ravi Kumar goes in for an advance tackle but Vikas Khandola is alert as he turns, gets a big touch on the Pune defender and runs away with a point. 
Substitution for the Steelers. 

Anand Surendra Tomar comes in for Wazir Singh. 
The Puneri Paltan have run away to a massive 30-17 lead with just over four minutes left on the clock. 
36' Second ALL-OUT inflicted on the Steelers! 

Deepak Dahiya comes in for the raid with just Nada left on the mat, who puts in a valiant effort to trap Dahiya who stumbles backwards to escape and sports a smile. 
36' Now down to just one man, the Steelers. Mayur comes running towards Sandeep Narwal, who's thigh hold is too strong for the youngster. 
Haryana Steelers are now down to just two men with a little more than five minutes left on the clock. 
35' Arun Kumar HN comes in for the DO OR DIE raid and Ravi Kumar pushes him off the court! 
34' DO OR DIE raid for More GB. Excellent effort from him to add two more points to his kitty! 
Sunil on that occasion is a little too hasty on his ankle hold and Sachin Shingade, who comes running in for a dash is pushed off. 
Substitution for the Steelers. 

Arun Kumar HN comes in place of Kuldeep Singh. 
31' Wazir Singh continues to have a woeful start to his campaign as he is ushered off the mat by a strong dash from Ravi Kumar. 
30' Sunil's ankle hold shuts the escape path for Deepak Dahiya on the DO OR DIE raid!
29' Vikas Khandola is sent off to the benches again as he fails to escape from the Paltan defense. 
Substituition from the Haryana Steelers.

Kuldeep Singh comes in place of Anand Surendra Tomar. 
Back live now! Less than 12 minutes to go on the clock. 
Time-out called for and this can serve as a much needed breather for the Steelers, who have looked out of sorts. 
REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL! Shocker of a review from the Puneri Paltan.

A comfortable bonus attempt from Wazir Singh. Wonder what Girish Ernak missed out on that occasion. 
Puneri Paltan have reviewed this. Wazir Singh was given a bonus point and the Paltan believe that there is no point there. 
29' Wazir Singh gets a bonus point as well!
29' Nitin Tomar picks up an easy bonus point. 
28' Vikas Khandola is gifted a point on the DO OR DIE raid! Deepak Dahiya looks for an ankle hold but his sweaty hands slip away and Khandola runs away to safety. 
27' Nitin Tomar is back on the mat and strikes with two points! Wriggles away from the attempted ankle hold and as he swivels, touches Surender Nada and runs away to his half. 
26' Sunil on the right corner continues to have a great debut! Deepak Dahiya is caught in the chain between Sunil and Anand Tomar and he was a sitting duck. 
25' Wazir Singh brings all his experience into play as he gets a running hand touch on Sandeep Narwal. 
24; Khandola is pinned down! Girish Ernak takes matters into his own hands as he pulls Khandola back on the mat. 
24' Poor, poor effort from Sandeep. Vikas Khandola was only looking to go back empty-handed, Sandeep comes in with a half-hearted dash and Khandola has an easy point. 
24' Deepak Dahiya gets the big fish! Extends his right foot and gets the slightest of toe touches on Nada. 
23' Vikas Khandola picks up a bonus point. 
Bad news for the Paltan. Nitin Tomar is down on the mat after falling hard on the mat. 

Oh, no! Looks pretty serious as Tomar is being stretchered off the mat. 
22' Second tackle point for Sunil! Tomar turns his back on the right corner, who needed no second invitation to pounce. 
21' Deepak Dahiya strikes first! Brings out his famous running hand touch, which has been his primary calling card and gets a firm tug on Mayur Shivtarkar. 
We are back live for the second half now! 

Who's your money on, Pune or Haryana?
Half-time: Puneri Paltan lead 15 - 9 going into the break. 

The Paltan have done remarkably well to take a comfortable six-point lead going into the second half and the all-out in the final few minutes of the first half will certainly give them the momentum at the start of the final half. More GB has been a surprise contributor in the defense unit while Nitin Tomar has gone about his task with precision. 

The Steelers raiders have been kept at bay while Surender Nada has looked like the only bright spark in the first half, with three points to his credit. 

Can the Steelers make a comeback? Stay tuned for an exciting second half!
20' This time, Sandeep Narwal amongst the points as he puts in a double ankle hold to trap Anand Tomar in his tracks. 
20' Surender Nada makes up for the all-out in style as he comes in with a colossal block on Nitin Tomar. 
19' ALL-OUT inflicted on the Haryana Steelers!

Tomar Runs towards Surender Nada, escapes from the attempted thigh hold and wards off a dash from Mayur Shivtarkar to inflict the all-out. 
REVIEW SUCCESSFUL! Excellent review from the Paltan, no point for the youngster. 
Puneri Paltan have reviewed this decision. They believe that Mayur did not get a touch on Ravi Kumar. 
18' Young Mayur Shivtarkar has claimed a point on Ravi Kumar who is in the left cover position! Point given! 
17' Oh, no! Sunil on the right corner steps out of the court and awards an easy point to Tomar. 

Steelers down to just two men on the mat. 
The Steelers are now under the pedal as they have just three men on the mat. 
16' Deepak Dahiya wriggles away from an attempted thigh hold from Sachin Shingade to pick yet another point. 
15' Wazir Singh in for the DO OR DIE raid and he has been thrown off the court! Ravi Kumar runs in from the right cover, Wazir Singh looks to dive away but Ravi dashes him away with disdain. 
14' Nada in his elements yet again as he pounces on More GB's ankle and collects a vital point on a 'solo-tackle' of sorts.
13' Khandola steps into the lobbies on the DO OR DIE raid! A schoolboy error from Khandola and he gifts a point to the Paltan. 
12' No mercy for Nitin Tomar! Sunil on the right corner gets a firm grip on Tomar who was looking to get away but he had no chance. 
11' What has happened here? A super tackle for the Haryana Steelers! 

A sad turn of events for More, who did not calculate the time on the DO OR DIE raid, fails to get back in time and has to go away to the benches. 
Haryana Steelers now down to three men on the mat. 
9' The Pune defense is on fire! Anand Tomar fails to pick a point on the DO OR DIE raid! 
More GB this time yet again displays his efficiency as a defender, an ankle hold stops Anand Tomar in his tracks. 
8' Wazir Singh commits an error as he puts in a weak ankle hold, Nitin Tomar slips away easily to pick an easy point. 
7' DO OR DIE raid for Khandola! He has been pinned down! 
GB More goes in with the ankle hold and it's right on time, as Khandola was looking to get a touch on Girish Ernak. 
5' More GB strikes on the DO OR DIE raid! Attempts the scorpion kick on the right corner Sunil and crawls away to the mid-line. 
Puneri Paltan are down to three men on the mat. 
4' Khandola impresses on the DO OR DIE raid! A carbon copy of his attempt in his first raid, runs across toward the left corner and gets a touch on Sandeep, who is not quick enough to escape. 
3' Deepak Dahiya fails to pick a point on his first raid! Mayur Shivtarkar puts in a strong back hold in the middle and the rest of the defense unit pounces. 
3' Tomar is off to the benches as he runs into Nada's outstretched arms! First point of the season for the Haryana skipper. 
2' Vikas Khandola strikes first blood! Charges to his left, extends his left arm and gets a hefty touch on Girish Ernak. 
Game time! Are you ready? 
The two teams are on the mat and it is toss time! 

Girish Ernak calls the right side of the coin and opts for court!
Here are how the two teams are stacked up for today! 

Puneri Paltan: Girish Ernak (C), Nitin Tomar, More GB, Sandeep Narwal, Deepak Kumar Dahiya, Ravi Kumar, Sandeep. 

Haryana Steelers: Surender Nada (C), Vikas Kandola, Mayur Shivtarkar, Sachin Shingade, Wazir Singh, Anand Tomar, Sunil. 
Well, well! big news coming in! 

Monu Goyat will not be featuring for the Haryana Steelers in today's clash! 

How big a miss will that be? Only time will tell. 
We are only a few moments away from the start of the game! 

Stay tuned for the team sheets, toss and more!
The Steelers, led by Surender Nada will be itching to get on the mat and with that start their campaign on a high while the Paltan, who clawed their way from a small deficit in the dying minutes in their opening game will hope to ward off some tense nerves in this game. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the clash between Haryana Steelers and Puneri Paltan!
After a thrilling opening day of the sixth edition of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 6, the second day is all set to play host to some intense action as the Haryana Steelers will lock horns with the Puneri Paltan in the first fixture of the day at the Jawaharlal Indoor Stadium in Chennai.

Monu Goyat, who stole the limelight as he emerged as the costliest buy in the history of the league will be the cynosure of all eyes while Surender Nada's tactics, sans-Mohit Chhillar will be interesting to look out for.

The Paltan would certainly have taken the positives from their nail-biting tie against U Mumba and hope to put in a more convincing performance against a strong Haryana Steelers setup.

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the live updates from this encounter! 
Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai
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Puneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers
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