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Tamil Thalaivas vs Jaipur Pink Panthers - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Tamil Thalaivas
Jaipur Pink Panthers
That's all from this encounter! Switch tabs to catch all the action between the hosts Telugu Titans and Haryana Steelers here.
HT: Jaipur Pink Panthers win 37-24 over the Tamil Thalaivas.

A dominating show from the Pink Panthers after being trounced by the home team Telugu Titans in their previous encounter. Deepak Hooda was the star with nine points while Sunil Siddhgavali's fine dashes fetched him a 'High-5'.
40' Super tackle for Jaipur! Siddhagavali does well to wrap his arms around the raider and pin him down on the mat. 
Thirty seconds left on the clock as Jaipur lead by 10 points. 
40' Jaipur Pink Panthers use their review to contest for a bonus point. REVIEW UNSUCCESFUL.
39' Obiero removes Deepak Niwas Hooda with a fine extension of his left hand. Five points in four raids for the burly raider!
38' Two-point raid for Obiero as he turns away from Sandeep Dhull's dash and powers through Selvam's back hold as well.
38' Victor Obiero in fine nick as he now gets a running hand touch on Amit Kumar.
37' Vimal Raj attempts a half-hearted ankle hold as Deepak Hooda skips away with a point.
37' Yet again, the chain of Siddhgavali and Amit strikes as Ajay Thakur is forced back to the benches.
36' Victor Obiero comes in for Jasvir Singh and picks up a bonus point on his first raid.
35' ALL-OUT on the Thalaivas! Sunil Siddhgavali runs in from the right cover as Jasvir Singh is blindsided and is thrown off the mat.
Thalaivas down to one man as Jaipur lead 27-17 with six minutes to go on the clock.
35' Ajinkya Pawar explores the mat with his pace and gets the better of Amit Hooda on the right corner.
33' Two points for Hooda! What a champion raider the Jaipur skipper is! He's reduced the Thalaivas to just two men with a fantastic dive through the chain on the Do or Die raid.
32' Santhapanaselvam strikes yet again as Athul MS comes crashing down on the mat. 
Jasvir Singh comes in for C Arun.
Athul MS comes in for Jasvir Singh.
Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 23-16 with a little more than nine minutes left on the clock.
31' Ajay Thakur is only inches away from the mid-line as Santhapanaselvam's ankle hold receives enough support from the rest of the defense.
31' Amit Hooda and C Arun combine as they bring Anand Patil down in a flash.
30' Sandeep Dhull's ankle hold does not suffice as Ajay Thakur tumbles away with a point.
29' Amit Kumar strikes on the other end to dash out Sukesh Hegde.
29' Magnificent attempt from Sunil to keep Ajinkya Pawar in the Thalaivas half after being cornered by the raider.
27' Manjeet Chhillar yet again fails as he is brought down by the chain of Selvam and Amit Kumar on the Do or Die raid,
26' Ajinkya Pawar is brought down by a vicious ankle hold from Amit Hooda on the Do or Die raid.
25' Jasvir Singh slips on the raid as Sandeep Dhull runs in to shove him off the mat. 
24' Top raid from Sukesh Hegde as he picks a bonus point and gets away from Selvam's ankle hold.
22' Arun is late to retreat as Ajinkya Pawar gets a hefty toe touch on the Do or Die raid.
21' First blood for the Panthers in the second half as Ajay Thakur is trapped by Santhapanaselvam.
HT: Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 17-10 over the Tamil Thalaivas.

Deepak Hooda and Anand Patil have combined fabulously well to amass eight points and have kept the threat of Manjeet Chhillar at bay while for the Thalaivas, Sukesh Hegde has been the star of the show with four raid points.

Can the Thalaivas make a comeback or will the Panthers reign supreme? The second half has all the answers!
20' Deepak Hooda has been granted a touch point on Jasvir Singh, who looks absolutely flustered at the call and opts for a review.

Good call from Jasvir as the Thalaivas retain their review.
19' Manjeet Chhillar can't keep to himself as he looks for a tackle on Patil but ends up gifting another point.
19' Bonus point picked up by Sukesh Hegde on the Do or Die raid.
17' What a raid from Deepak Hooda! ALL-OUT on the Thalaivas! Intially gets away from Jasvir's ankle hold and then powers through a combination tackle from Sukesh and Amit Hooda to bring about five vital points.
16' Manjeet Chhillar's 'dubki' goes to waste as Sunil and Santhapanaselvam crouch to effect a combination tackle.
15' Anand Patill gets away from Sunil's back hold and also gets a touch on C Arun on his way back, two-points on the Do or Die raid.
14' A valiant effort from Thakur to get under the chain of the Jaipur defenders but the Pink Panthers do well to keep him in their own half.
12' Deepak Hooda is brought down by Amit Hooda's ankle hold as the rest of the Thalaivas' defense throws Hooda off the mat.
12' Sukesh Hegde does well to collect a point as he tumbles across the midline on evading the dash from Amit Kumar.
11' Manjeet Chhhilar's off-day continues as Deepak Hooda lures a tackle from the veteran defender.
11' Sandeep Dhull brings down Ajay Thakur with a wrist hold as he gets support from Sunil Siddhgavali.
10' Anand Patil is off to the benches as the Thalaivas' defenders swarm around him to root him down on the mat.
9' First point of the night for Sukesh Hegde, who picks a point of a hefty reverse kick on Santhapanaselvam.
9' Top skill from Ajinkya Pawar as he gets a slight touch on Manjeet Chhillar.
8' Santhanpanaselvam comes around Jasvir Singh as the veteran is trapped on the Do or Die raid.
6' Anand Patil's attempt to cross the mid-line on the Do or Die is in vain as Arun's ankle hold brings him down.
5' Jasvir Singh goes too deep into the right corner and is dashed off by Sandeep Dhull.
5' Sunil Kumar blocks Deepak Hooda's escape path to keep the Panthers skipper from crossing the mid-line.
3' Ajay Thakur uses his height to excellent effect to get a hefty touch on Sunil Sidhgavali.
2' Manjeet Chhillar is off to the benches courtesy of a diving hand touch from Ajay Thakur.
1' Jasvir Singh picks the first point of the night with a running hand touch on Amit Kumar.
Tamil Thalaivas win the toss and opt for court! Jaipur to raid first.
The two teams have come charging on the mat and the crowd at the Port Stadium in Vizag is all set for the battle? Are you?
Starting sevens - 

Tamil Thalaivas: Ajay Thakur (C), Jasvir Singh, Sukesh Hegde, Manjeet Chhillar, Amit Hooda, Sunil, C Arun.

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Deepak Hooda (C), Ajinkya Pawar, Anand Patil, Mohit Chhillar, Amit Kumar, Sandeep Dhull, Santhapanaselvam.
The third day of the Telugu Titans' home leg will also double up as the final day of the Inter Zonal Challenge week as the Jaipur Pink Panthers clash paths with the Tamil Thalaivas in the opening game at the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Vizag. 

With both the teams still in with a chance of making it to the playoffs, the game could prove to be a mouth-watering prospect. Stay tuned to all the live updates from Sportskeeda!
Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Vizag
Match Start Time
Sun, 09/Dec/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Tamil Thalaivas vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
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