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Tamil Thalaivas vs Patna Pirates - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Tamil Thalaivas
Patna Pirates
TAMIL THALAIVAS won the match
Full Time:
Tamil Thalaivas 42-26 Patna Pirates

Ajay Thakur's Tamil Thalaivas win their first home match as they beat the defending champions Patna Pirates in the first match of the PKL Season 6 in a strong all-around showing. Stay tuned for all live updates from the second match right here at Sportskeeda.
Manjeet goes in for the final raid of the match and is able to get away from the block attempt and fall towards the midline.
Pardeep Narwal takes the last two men for Thalaivas as the Pirates get their first all-out in the match. Too little, too late in the match.
Pardeep Narwal gets his Super 10 as he wrestles his leg away from the clutches of Darshan on the right corner.
Manjeet Chillar is caught by Jaideep with an ankle hold on the left corner of the defence.
Pardeep Narwal scores two as he escapes from Thakur's ankle hold and gets another man on his way back to the midline.
Surjeet is caught at the left corner as Darshan gets the raider with an ankle hold attempt successfully.
Ajay Thakur goes in for a do-or-die raid and escapes from the clutches of the defenders using his physicality well to make it to the midline. Two points for Thalaivas.
19'  Manjeet adds another touch point with a running hand touch on Amit Hooda at the left corner using his reach well.
Manjeet scores another raid point as he gets a touch on Darshan with a running hand touch.
Ajay Thakur gets another touch point on the left corner as he escapes from the half-hearted ankle hold attempt. Another point for the captain of the Thalaivas.
Surjeet Singh scores a raid point as he got Manjeet out with a hand touch on his way back to the midline.
Pardeep Narwal is caught at the corner again as Amit Hooda locks in the diving tackle and Manjeet chips in to get the star raider out.
Ajay Thakur goes for the do-or-die attempt and gets the hand touch on Vikas Kale who is unable to get back in time.
Manjeet gets a point during his raid after he escapes from the dash attempt by Jasvir Singh. The decision was reviewed by the umpires and Pirates get the point.
Thalaivas get the first Super Tackle as they catch Pardeep Narwal in a combination tackle after the diving tackle by Gopu on the corner.
Manjeet scores again as he gets away from the defender' double thigh hold and drags himself using his strength well to get the point.
Jasvir Singh scores a touch point in the corner with a reverse kick as he gets immediately back to the midline.
Pardeep Narwal gets a raiding point as he gets away from the hold by Arun and goes easily towards the midline as the Thalaivas defenders stay back.
Manjeet gets a running hand touch on Amit Hooda going deep into the left corner and uses the lobby to get back to the midline.
TImeout taken by the Patna Pirates as the coach advises the players to get their act together as they trail by a massive 23 points.
Ajay Thakur goes in against two men and makes it four for the Thalaivas as he dodges the tackle attempts and inflicts another all-out scoring his Super 10 in the process.
The second half starts with Tushar Patil raiding for the Pirates but Manjeet Chillar is back at it again as he executes another ankle hold and the defence swarms in.
Half Time:
Tamil Thalaivas 26-8 Patna Pirates

It has been one-way traffic in the first half of the match as the defending champs have struggled to get going at all. Ajay Thakur and co have not allowed them any breathing space on the mat as they have kept the danger man Pardeep Narwal in check.
Manjeet Chillar is on point again as he gets Pardeep Narwal out with the dash as Arun and Darshan J come in fast to secure the tackle point.
Jascir Singh scores a point as he gets away from the dash attempt by Tae Deok Eom who dashed in too late. Pirates are struggling on all fronts in the match.
Ajay Thakur gets four points as he inflicts the second all-out on Patna Pirates. 

Score: Thalaivas 23-8 Pirates
Manjeet Chillar gets the tackle point on Narwal with a superb dash attempt from the left corner.
Pardeep Narwal scores a touch point on Manjeet Chillar who is unable to get back in time.
The first match of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018 takes place at the JLN Stadium in Chennai as the defending champions Patna Pirates take on Tamil Thalaivas.

The two teams go into the upcoming seaon with a few changes to their roster. Manjeet Chillar and Jasvir Singh will assist Ajay Thakur for the Thalaivas as they are a good mix of experience. 

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Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai
Match Start Time
Sun, 07/Oct/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Tamil Thalaivas vs Patna Pirates
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
Zone B
Pro Kabaddi 2018