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Tamil Thalaivas vs U.P. Yoddha - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Tamil Thalaivas
U.P. Yoddha
U.P. YODDHA won the match
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Full Time: Tamil Thalaivas 32-37 UP Yoddha
40' Jasvir has messed it up!! Thalaivas get punished for the double entry again by the referees.
40' Prashant Kumar Rai scores a bonus point at the right corner of the Thalaivas defence.
39' Final minute of the match as UP Yoddha lead 35-31 in the match. Can Tamil Thalaivas do it in the last minute? Stay tuned!!
39' Jasvir Singh scores a quick raid point as he revies the main man Ajay Thakur with a smart raid.
39' Ajay Thakur is finally tackled out!! The captain is caught at the centre of the mat by the UP defenders as we head into the final minute of he match.
39' Shrikant Jadhav, the last man is tackled out by Manjeet Chillar with a solid block attempt.
38' Ajay Thakur adds another touch point with a quick raid to reduce UP to one man on the mat.
38' Shrikant Jadhav scores a bonus point to keep the lead in favour of the UP Yoddha.
37' Ajay Thakur takes Jeeva Kumar out with his running hand touch again. He has been on fire in the second half.
37' Rishank Devadiga is tackled at the baulk line by a block put in by Arun as the defenders swarm the UP captain.
37' Ajay Thakur gets his classic running hand touch and gets his Super 10!! 
36' Rishank Devadiga gets a bonus point at the left corner of the Tamil defence.
36' Ajay Thakue gets two points as he adds a bonus and another running hand touch on the left corner defender.
35'  Ajay Thakur executes a fast raid with a running hand touch and gets back quickly to his side.
34' Rai evades the tackle attempt from Manjeet Chillar and scores the point in a do-or-die raid.
34' Ajay Thakur gets a bonus point on the left corner as he keeps trying for a touch point but fails to do so.
33' Athul MS gets caught at the right corner with an ankle hold as Nitesh Kumar gets the tackle point taking out the in-form raider. 
32' Amit Hooda steps into the lobby during Rishank Devadiga's raid and a point is awarded to UP Yoddha.
31' Super Raid!! Ajay Thakur cleans out the two defenders on the mat for the Yoddhas as he manages to get his leg past the midline. Thalaivas have made a comeback into the match and trail by 9 points.
29' Rishank Devadiga is tackled out after a diving tackle hold by Manjeet Chillar on the left corner as the defenders join in support.
29' Ajay Thakur gets a raid point after the UP Yoddha's defence use too much force on the raider. In addition, Jasvir Singh is shown the green card for dissent.
29' Prashant Kumar Rai goes for the do-or-die raid and gets dashed out of the mat with a superb attempt by Manjeet Chillar.
27' The Thalaivas have asked for a review of the decision (2 pts). The refs check the footage and the review is deemed unsuccessful.
27' Athul MS scores a brilliant raid!! He gets two men out with his raid as he wrestles away from the body hold from two defenders.
25' Amit Hooda mistimes his ankle hold attempt on Prashant Kuma Rai as he wrestles away easily to the midline.
25' Athul keeps the scoreboard ticking with another bonus point.
25' Athul MS scores another touch point with a running hand touch on Jeeva Kumar. Impressive debut so far for the young man.
24' Shrikant Jadhav goes in for the do-or-die attempt and scores the point after a late ankle hold attempt from Darshan.
23' Athul MS scores the bonus point on the left corner with a good leg extension.
22' Tamil Thalaivas have reviewed for the Thakur bonus point attempt. The refs check the video and award the bonus to the Thalaivas.
22' Ajay Thakur is tackled by Narender with a calf hold after he tried to turn away but failed to do so.
21' All-out!! UP Yoddha get another one on the Tamil Thalaivas!! 
Half Time:
Tamil Thalaivas 4-18 UP Yoddha

A one-sided first half as UP Yoddha have dominated proceedings with their triumvirate of raiders running riot on the home defence of Tamil Thalaivas. Will the Ajay Thakur-led side make a comeback after a half time pep talk? Stay tuned to this space for all live updates.
19' Ajay Thakur falls again to the diving tackle attempt put in by Jeeva Kumar who uses his experience to pounce on the lanky Thalaivas captain.
18' Athul scores a touch point on Sagar Krishna with a good attempt as he uses the lobby to get back o the midline after a running hand touch.
18' Prashant Kumar Rai does superbly to get away from the dash put in by Chillar and drags Narwal to the midline. Strong showing by the raider!!
Surjeet Narwal scores a bonus point on the right corner of the UP defence.
Rai brushes off a dash attempt by Darshan and rushes to the midline. Thalaivas have been poor defensively, a stark difference from last night.
Jasvir Singh is tackled with a strong block by Sagar Krishna who got his man on the turn and the defenders rush in to get the point.
Jadhav gets the touch on Ajay Thakur with a reverse kick as the Thalaivas skipper fumbled there in haste.
Ajay Thakur adds the second point with a hand touch on the UP defender as the crowd erupts in joy.
Finally!!! Thalaivas have their first point!! Manjeet Chillar goes in with a short block on Rai as the defenders help him out to get the tackle point.
11 Narender blindsides Jasvir Singh and dashes him out of the mat with a strong push. UP Yoddha are in total domination in the first half.
10' All-out!! Tamil Thalaivas have been blanked out as Jayaseelan is tackled by Narender with a block. UP Yoddha lead 10-0
Devadiga gets the corner defender with an easy hand touch and reduces Thalaivas to just one man.
No points for the Tamil Thalaivas yet as they have to make a subsitution - K Jayaseelan comes in to raid.
Shrikant Jadhav gets the big fish - Manjeet Chillar!! A hand touch deep into the left corner for the former U Mumba man.
Ajay Thakur goes in for the do-or-die attempt and gets caught at the right corner with a diving tackle by Nitesh Kumar foiling his attempt to execute the jump as the entire defence joins in to secure the point.
Devadiga gets the first raid point for UP Yoddha with an easy bonus point on the left corner.
Jasvir Singh claims a touch point and the ref gives the point and Rishank Devadiga calls the review. However, the umpires overturn their initial decision and give UP Yoddha the point.
We are just minutes away from the start of the match as Rishank Devadiga wins the toss and chooses the court option.
Tamil Thalaivas Lineup - Ajay Thakur, Jasvir Singh, Surjeet Narwal, Manjeet Chillar, Amit Hooda, C Arun, Darshan J
UP Yoddha Lineup - Rishank Devadiga, Shrikant Jadhav, Prashant Kumar Rai, Narender, Sagar Krishna, Jeeva Kumar, Nitesh Kumar

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the second match of the day in the Pro Kabaddi League.

Tamil Thalaivas, the home side will take on UP Yoddha at the JLN Stadium in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
The second day of the Chennai leg as part of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018 season six will see hosts Tamil Thalaivas taking on UP Yoddha in the second fixture of the day.

The Thalaivas ran riot against the Patna Pirates in their opening encounter and Ajay Thakur will hope his men play with the same approach when they step on the mat against Rishank Devadiga's UP Yoddha. 

The Yoddha, on the other hand, will look to start off on the right foot and spoil the Thalaivas' party. Rishank Devadiga will be partnered by Prashant Rai in the raiding unit while Jeeva Kumar and Nitesh Kumar will be set to lead the defense unit. 

Can the Thalaivas continue their domination from last night or do the Yoddha have something special to show?

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the live updates from this thrilling encounter!
Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai
Match Start Time
Mon, 08/Oct/2018 21:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Tamil Thalaivas vs U.P. Yoddha
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
Zone B
Pro Kabaddi 2018