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U Mumba vs Bengal Warriors - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
U Mumba
Bengal Warriors
U MUMBA won the match
That's all from this encounter! Switch tabs to follow all the action from the game between the home team Telugu Titans and the Jaipur Pink Panthers here.
The win for U Mumba continues to keep them at the top of the table while the Bengal Warriors will certainly need an improve show in their next few games to claim a spot in the playoffs.
FT: U Mumba win 31 - 20 over the Bengal Warriors.

An all-round performance from U Mumba as both the departments combined fabulously well to keep the Warriors from taking even the slightest of sniffs at a lead.
40' Yet again Gaurav Kumar goes deep into the corner and is brought down by Ran Singh.
40' Fazel's dash is brutal as he keeps Amit Kumar off the mat in a flash.
40' Darshan Kadian is late to get back into his own half and gifts a point to the Warriors.
39' Fazel Athrachali's ankle hold receives support from Rohit Rana as Maninder jogs away to the benches.
39' Gaurav Kumar goes too deep into the right corner as Baldev Singh traps him with an ankle hold.
38' Wow! Stunning from Fazel! The Iranian looks for the dash on Ravindra Kumawat, fails on the first attempt but then swivels on his back to keep the raider from crossing the mid-line with a formidable back hold.
37' Bonus point for Darshan Kadian on the Do or Die raid.
37' Maninder Singh produces a running hand touch to remove Surender Singh from the mat.
Time-out called by the U Mumba coach. 

Bengal Warriors look out of steam and trail by 11 points with a little less than four minutes left on the clock.
35' Siddharth Desai strikes as he dives away from Baldev Singh's ankle hold.

U Mumba use their review to collect two points from that raid.
34' Fazel's dash is in vain as Maninder pushes through to get across the mid-line.
32' Good start from Ramesh Kumawat as he gets a toe touch on Rohit Rana.
Time-out called for. 

U Mumba lead 25-13 with a little over eight minutes to go on the clock.
31' Horrible error from Amit Kumar as he attempts a solo ankle hold on Darshan Kadian just as the raider was about to go back empty-handed.
30' Rohit Rana's dash is in vain as Ravindra Kumawat gets across the midline in the nick of time.
30' Darshan Kadian charges to his left and gets a running hand touch on Baldev Singh, who is late to retreat on the right corner.
28' The U Mumba defense continues to strike as Maninder Singh is yet again off to the benches on the Do or Die raid.
28' The U Mumba defense continues to strike as Maninder Singh is yet again off to the benches on the Do or Die raid.
27' Darshan Kadian strikes on his first raid as a substitute, skips away from Ran Singh's solo ankle hold.
25' Maninder Singh collects an important point as he skips away from Fazel's last second ankle hold.
23' Surjeet Singh crouches low as he pins Rohit Baliyan down with a double thigh hold.
23' Rohit Baliyan tumbles away on collecting a point off Vijin Thangadurai's half-hearted dash.
22' Top effort from Surender and Rohit Rana as they combine to dash Maninder off the court.
21' All-out on Bengal! Ran Singh picks a bonus point but is no match to Fazel's ankle hold.
Bengal start with one man on the mat, Ran Singh.
HT: U Mumba lead 15-9 over the Bengal Warriors.

The table toppers from Zone 'A' have continued their good form this season into this game as they have held on to a lead which has also resulted in some much-needed momentum going into the second half.

Can we see the Bengal Warriors pulling it back? The second half has all the answers.
20' Power on display from Siddharth Desai, who forces his way through a tackle from Amit Kumar.
18' Maninder looks for a running hand touch but is brought down by Rohit Baliyan's ankle hold.
17' Rohit Baliyan is off to the benches after succumbing to the ankle hold from Surjeet Singh.
16' Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat is thrown to the wolves on the Do or Die raid and is dashed off the court by a strong effort from the U Mumba defenders.
14' Vijin Thangdurai does well to dash Baliyan off the court but crosses the midline on doing soon and gifts a point to U Mumba.
13' Super tackle for U Mumba! Maninder's attempt to get through the chain tackle goes in vain as Cheralathan dives on his ankles to keep him down.
12' Comfortable bonus point collected by Rohit Baliyan.
12' Desai is pinned down on the other hand as Baldev Singh runs in from the right corner to block Desai's escape path on the Do or Die raid.
11' Surender Singh's advance ankle hold is in vain as Amit Kumar slips away to collect a point on the Do or Die raid.
9' Desai slides his foot as he removes Ramesh Kumawat with a sliding toe touch,
8' Surender Singh pulls off a solo tackle as he brings down Maninder Singh with a stunning ankle hold.
U Mumba are under the pump with only three men on the mat. 
6' Vinod Kumar is enveloped by the chain tackle from Ran Singh and Baldev Singh on the Do or Die raid.
5' Ravindra Ramesh Kumawar uses his pace to lure an error from Fazel Athrachali, who steps into the lobbies. 
Substitution for U Mumba. 

Vinod Kumar comes in for Rajguru Subramaniam.
4' Maninder is off to the benches after a thigh hold from Rajguru Subramaniam.
3' Baldev Singh strikes again and this time, an even better effort as he turns Rohit on his back and keeps him away from the midline.
2' Baldev Singh keeps Desai in the Bengal half with a decisive back hold. Top effort from the right corner!
2' Bonus point taken by Rohit Baliyan.
1' Maninder strikes first blood with a diving hand touch on Surender Singh.
Bengal Warriors win the toss and opt for court. U Mumba to raid first!
The two teams have charged on to the mat and it's game time soon!
Starting sevens - 

U Mumba: Fazel Atrachali (C), Siddharth Desai, Rohit Baliyan, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Rohit Rana, Surender Singh, Rajguru Subramaniam.

Bengal Warriors: Surjeet Singh (C), Maninder Singh, Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat, Amit Nagar, Ran Singh, Vijin Thangadurai, Baldev Singh.
Action continues on the second day of the Telugu Titans home leg as U Mumba and Bengal Warriors square off in a much-awaited clash at the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Vishakapatnam.

Table toppers U Mumba will be eyeing some momentum ahead of the playoffs while the Bengal Warriors, have had bitter-sweet results this season and can do well with a win tonight that can strengthen their claim for a spot in the playoffs from Pool 'B'. 

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Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Vizag
Match Start Time
Sat, 08/Dec/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
U Mumba vs Bengal Warriors
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