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U Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
U Mumba
Jaipur Pink Panthers
U MUMBA won the match
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HT: U Mumba win 48 - 24 over the Jaipur Pink Panthers. 

The Pink Panthers yet again failed to play in cohesion as U Mumba dominated all through the game to finish with double the points of the Panthers and in the process have also climbed to the top of the 'Zone A' table with seven wins from nine matches. 

The Pink Panthers, on the other hand will remain at the bottom of the table with just two wins from eight matches. 
40' Sandeep Dhull's good run continues as he pins Darshan Kadian down with a strong ankle hold.
39' Abhishek Singh runs in from the right cover position as he throws Amit Kumar down on the mat with a trunk hold.
39' Desai comes on for the raid as a substitute and Sandeep Dhull sends him off to the benches with a strong ankle hold.
39' Anand Patil collects two points on the Do or Die raid as he escapes the ankle hold from Rana and powers through the dash attempted by Surender Singh.

Oh, wait! It's a SUPER RAID from Patil as he has also collected a bonus point. 
Darshan Kadian has also picked up a Super-10!
37' ALL-OUT on Jaipur! Young Chang Ko looks for a confident back hold but Darshan Kadian struggles through to erase both men from the mat. 
37' Super-10 for Abhishek! First one in his career! Gets away from the dash attempted by the chain combination of Anup Kumar and Sandeep Dhull.
36' High-5 for Fazel! Runs in from the left side and removes Anand Patil. 
Time-out called by U Mumba. 

The hosts currently lead 40-19 with over five minutes to spare.
34' Amit Kumar makes a valiant effort to get across the mid-line as Fazel and Abhishek combine to keep Amit within the mid-line. 
33' Sandeep Dhull's double thigh hold removes Darshan Kadian from the mat.
33' Surinder Singh dives on the ankles of Hooda as the prolific raider is brought down on the mat.
U Mumba lead 38-18 with a little over eight minutes left on the mat.
32' Vinod Kumar attempts an ankle hold on Deepak Hooda as Rana arrives for support, but in the end, Hooda runs away with two points. 
31' Super tackle for Jaipur! Abhishek Singh gets a touch on Young Chang Ko and looks to escape but the Korean removes him with an ankle hold.
31' Amit Kumar looks for a running hand touch but is brought down by Vinod's ankle hold. 
29' Surinder Singh is sent off to the benches by a kick from Lokesh Kaushik.
28' Error yet again from Selvam as his poor ankle hold gifts another point to Darshan Kadian.
28' Anup Kumar has been pinned down by an ankle hold from Vinod Kumar.
27' Abhishek Singh turns away from the block attempted by Santhapanaselvam to collect a point on the Do or Die raid.
26' Fazel Athrachali's ankle hold is in vain as Anup slips away to collect another point.
25' The Panthers defense finally comes to the party as Anup's ankle hold and Sandeep Dhull's block keep him down on the mat.
24' Deepak Hooda has been tackled by an ankle hold from Rohit Rana as Fazel takes care of the dangling hand.
23' Kadian continues on his merry way as he gets rid of Young Chang Ko with a heavy kick.
23' Vinod Kumar attempts a back kick to remove Santhapanaselvam fromm the mat.
22' Anup Kumar removes Abhishek Singh with a sliding toe touch,
22' ALL-OUT on Jaipur! Third one of the night as Siddhgavali gives away an easy point to Abhishek.
21' Wow! What a tackle from Abhishek! Short block of the highest quality to bring down Hooda. 
21' Sandeep Dhull is removed on the first raid with a running hand touch from Darshan Kadian.
The second half has commenced!

Jaipur start with three men on the mat.
HT: U Mumba lead 26 - 8 over Jaipur Pink Panthers. 

The hosts have completely knocked the winds out of the Panthers' sails and with two all-outs inflicted on them in the first half, the Jaipur Pink Panthers are certainly staring down the barrel with dangerous signs of a big loss. 
20' Empty raids from Abhishek Singh and then Selvamani K ends the first half.
19' Anup Kumar is removed from the mat by a running hand touch from Darshan Kadian.
19' Bonus point for Anup Kumar.
18' Two point raid for Vinod Kumar! Slips away from an ankle hold from Chhillar and also is gifted a point by Siddhgavali, who dives for a tackle but in vain.
18' Deepak Hooda removes the dangerous Abhishek Singh with a running hand touch.
17' What a raid from Abhishek! Struggles through the block attempted from Mohit Chhillar and also gets a kick on Young Chang Ko.
26' Cheralathan is removed by a running hand touch from Selvamani K.
16' Comfortable bonus point picked up by Darshan Kadian.
15' Vinod Kumar slips away from the ankle hold attempted by Anup Kumar.
15' Deepak Hooda tumbles over a dash from Rohit Rana to collect a vital point.
14' ALL-OUT on Jaipur! Second one of the night! Sandeep Dhull pushes Abhishek back into the U Mumba half.
14' Easy meat for Fazel as substitute Lokesh Kaushik runs into the Iranian's open arms.
13' Yet another running hand touch for Abhishek Singh, this time on Young Chang Ko!
12' Abhishek Singh removes Siddhgavali with a hefty running hand touch.
11' Bonus point awarded to Deepak Hooda.
Nitin Rawal looks to be writhing in pain as he clutches his ankles while walking away to the benches. 

Sandeep Dhull comes in place of the young all-rounder.
9' Oh, no! Error from Mohit Chhillar as he steps over the mid-line while attempting a tackle on Darshan Kadian.
8' Selvamani is brought down by a powerful ankle hold from Fazel Athrachali.
8' ALL-OUT on Jaipur! Last man Young Chang Ko pushes Darshan back into his own half as U Mumba race away to a seven-point lead. 
7' Two points for Darshan on the Do or Die raid as he wards off a dash from Mohit and powers through a block from Siddhgavali.
7' Rohit Rana comes in with a short block from the left side as Deepak Hooda is trapped on the Do or Die raid.
4' Mohit Chhillar strikes one back as he brings down Abhishek Singh with an ankle hold.
4' Fazel pounces on the ankles of his opposite number as Anup jogs away to the benches. 
3' Selvamani has been dragged back by the U Mumba lineup as they pick a tackle point. 
1' First point of the night for Anup Kumar with a bonus point. 
U Mumba win the toss which means Jaipur to raid first. 
The two teams are on the mat and we will have the anthem and toss soon!
So the hot news from this match is Siddharth Desai is starting on the bench!
Here is how the two teams lineup for today -

U Mumba: Fazel Athrachali (C), Abhishek Singh, Darshan Kadian, Vinod Kumar, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Rohit Rana, Surender Singh. 

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Anup Kumar (C), Deepak Hooda, Nitin Rawal, Selvamani K, Mohit Chhillar, Sunil Siddhgavali, Young Chang Ko.
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the first game of the Mumbai leg between the hosts U Mumba and the Jaipur Pink Panthers!
Pro Kabaddi League season six action moves to the grand city of Mumbai as U Mumba will gear up to host the Jaipur Pink Panthers at the Dome@ NSCI SVP Stadium in Mumbai. 

In a game that will see Anup Kumar returning to the Dome for the first time since shifting to the Panthers, Fazel Athrachali and Co. will look to spoil the return of U Mumba's ex-skipper while Anup himself will be hoping to maintain the momentum which the Panthers have with their win from their previous assignment. 

Stay tuned for all the live updates!
DOME@NSCI SVP Stadium, Mumbai
Match Start Time
Fri, 09/Nov/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
U Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
Pro Kabaddi Zone Round 2018
Zone A
Pro Kabaddi 2018