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U.P. Yoddha vs Bengal Warriors - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
U.P. Yoddha
Bengal Warriors
Match Draw
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With this tie, the Warriors continue their unbeaten run this season while UP have done well to arrest the spate of losses in their campaign this season. 
FT: UP Yoddha tied 40-40 with Bengal Warriors. 

UP Yoddha will certainly take the tie having faced the deficit in the second half and the spotlight belongs to Prashant Rai, who consistently kept UP in the hunt with bonus points in the dying minutes of the second half. 
40' Prashant Rai picks a bonus point on the buzzer raid! Quite a bizarre defensive strategy from the Warriors, who give the raider ample space to go away with a bonus point. The match has ended in a tie!
Final raid coming up as Bengal lead by one point. 
40' Bonus point, yet again for Prashant Rai!
40' Maninder picks two important points! Nitesh went in for an ankle hold, Maninder escapes and wards off a dash from Sachin Kumar as well. 
39' Shrikant Tewthia loses out on patience as he puts in a weak ankle hold on Prashant Rai. Super 10 for Rai!
39' Maninder Singh collects a bonus point. 
39' Prashant Kumar Rai picks up another bonus point! Top raiding!
39' Maninder escapes from a double ankle hold attempted by Narender. 
38' Errors flowing from Ziaur Rahman who advances for a tackle and Prashant only gets a touch to run away with another point. 
Maninder Singh's bonus point was challenged by the Yoddha and the Yoddha lose their review. 
Just a one point lead for Bengal with a little over two minutes left to go on the clock. 
38' Maninder Singh strikes with a bonus point of his own. 
38' Bonus point for Prashant Kumar Rai. 
37' Sagar Krishna is yet again Maninder's bunny as the Warriors' raider picks his 11th point. 
37' Prashant Rai turns and tumbles away from a dash attempted by Ziaur Rahman. 
36' Rishank runs into the chain of Tewthia and Rakesh Narwal. Pressure is now on the Yoddha. 
36' Super 10 for Maninder Singh! Gets to the landmark with a bonus point. 
Scores leveled on 32-32 with less than five minutes left on the clock. 
36' All-out inflicted on the Yoddha! Rai picks up a bonus point but Ran Singh brings him down with a double ankle hold. 
35' Maninder reduces the Yoddha to just one man with a touch on Sachin Kumar. 
UP Yoddha have just two men on the mat. 
35' Prashant Rai picks up a bonus point. 
34' Narender's double ankle hold is in vain as Maninder pulls through to the mid-line. 
34' Rishank Devadiga has been dragged and turned around in the UP half as he walks away to the benches. Sixth tackle point for Surjeet Singh!
33' Wow! Maninder gets through the block from Nitesh Kumar to pick another point. 
33' Prashant Rai is brought down by a double ankle hold from Surjeet Singh. 
UP Yoddha lead by six points with a little more than seven minutes to go on the clock. 
33' Maninder looks for the bonus but yet again lures a tackle from Sagar Krishna to escape with a point. 
32' Prashant Rai executes the running hand touch to perfection as he removes Ran Singh from the mat. 
32' UP pin down Jang Kun Lee as Sagar Krishna initiates the block from the left corner. 
31' Ran Singh comes to the party with a strong thigh hold on Shrikant Jadhav. 
30' Top effort from Maninder as he collects a bonus point on the Do or Die raid. 
28' Rishank sweeps his leg to get a comfortable touch on Ziaur Rahman. 
28' One technical point to the Warriors! Excessive chat is cited as the reason for awarding the point. 
28' Poor effort from Prashant Rai as he is covered by the chain tackle from Surjeet and Narwal. 
28' Jang Kun Lee powers his way through to the center line as he gets away from Nitesh's ankle hold. 
Review from the Warriors.

They believe that Tewthia was inside before the tackle was made. No luck from that, Warriors lose their review. 
27' Jadhav comes in for the Do or Die raid! Error from Tewthia! Steps out of the court before the tackle and gifts a point to the Yoddha. 
26' Maninder jogs away to the bench as Narender's double thigh hold is met by ample support from the two corners. 
25' Rishank removes Rakesh Narwal from the mat with a clinical hand touch. 
24' Maninder Singh collects a point through a half-hearted ankle hold attempt from Sagar Krishna. 
23' Bonus point for Prashant Kumar Rai. 
23' All-out on Bengal! Rakesh Narwal picks a bonus point but is thrown down by the mat through a block from Sagar Krishna. 
22' Ran Singh leaps on Rishank's ankles, who just skips away to reduce the Warriors to one man. 
Bengal Warriors have two men on the mat. 
22' Rakesh Narwal picks up a bonus point. 
21' Rishank kicks off the opening minute with a powerful attempt through the dash. 
The second half has commenced! 
HT: UP Yoddha lead 18-15 against Bengal Warriors. 

This match has swung like a pendulum with both teams dealing blow for blow that has paved way for a thrilling second half. Stay tuned!
20' Maninder Singh fails to pick a point on the Do or Die raid and claims a bonus but he has not been given the point. Has to go away to the benches. 
19' Rishank comes in for the Do or Die raid! Surjeet Singh and Tewthia dash Rishank out but Surjeet slides out as well. Point each.  
17' Jang Kun Lee gets a kick but has been dragged back by a solo back hold from Amit. 
16' Prashant Rai looks to turn away from the back hold but he has been pinned down by the Bengal defense. 
16' Top effort from Jang Kun Lee to get a reverse kick on Nitesh Kumar. 
15' Schoolboy error from Ziaur Rahman who steps over the endline to gift a point to Jadhav. 
15' Maninder yet again falls to the ankle hold from Sagar Krishna. 
14' Rishank Devadiga is dragged back into the Bengal half but the point is awarded to the UP skipper since he was pulled back by Surjeet through a tug on the raider's shirt. 
13' Maninder strikes back with two points! Maninder gets away from Sagar's ankle hold and also collects a point from a poor dash through Narender.  
12' Super raid for Rishank Devadiga! Surjeet initially tries a double thigh hold, Shrikant Tewthia and Rakesh Narwal come in for support but Rishank crawls away across the mid-line. 
11' Shrikant Jadhav picks up a bonus point but cannot find an escape route against Surjeet's ankle hold. 
11' Jang Kun Lee extends his arm to get the better of Amit in the left cover. 
10' Shrikant Jadhav runs across to his right and gets a hefty running hand touch on Ran Singh to run away with another point.
10' Error from Narender, who fails to retreat in time and gives Maninder an easy point. 
8' Surjeet this time goes with a double thigh hold to bring down Rishank Devadiga. 
8' Nitesh Kumar's ankle hold is precise as Rakesh Narwal falls on the mat and is enveloped by the UP defenders. 
7' Prashant Rai gets the better of Tewthia to collect an important point. 
7' Maninder Singh succumbs to the might of a thigh hold from Amit. 
6' Ziaur Rahman blazes through with a colossal block and keeps Jadhav down. 
5' Excellent dash from Surjeet Singh to throw Rishank off the mat, but he goes out as well. Point apiece for both teams. 
4' Rakesh Narwal is pinned down on the Do or Die raid! Sagar comes in with the block, gets enough support as Narwal is thrown down on the mat. 
3' Rishank Devadiga picks a point on the Do or Die raid. 
2' Two more points for Lee! Gets another bonus and a slight touch on Amit, who looked for the dash but stepped into the lobbies. 
1' Jang Kun Lee gets his team off to a great start as he collects a bonus and slips away from Nitesh's ankle hold. 
UP Yoddha win the toss and opt for the court. Bengal Warriors to raid first. 
Toss time in a short while from now, stay tuned!
Bengal Warriors: Surjeet (C), Maninder Singh, Jang Kun Lee, Rakesh Narwal, Ran Singh, Shrikant Tewthia, Ziaur Rahman. 

UP Yoddha: Rishank Devadiga (C), Prashant Kumar Rai, Shrikant Jadhav, Narender, Amit, Nitesh Kumar, Sagar B Krishna. 
Here is how the two teams have performed thus far - 

UP Yoddha - 
Won 37-32 against Tamil Thalaivas. 
Lost 41-43 against Patna Pirates
Lost 29-34 against Telugu Titans
Lost 37-43 against Patna Pirates

Bengal Warriors - 
Won 36-27 against Tamil Thalaivas
Won 30-25 against Telugu Titans. 
Pro Kabaddi League season six action continues on the third day of the Pune leg as UP Yoddha and Bengal Warriors clash in the opening game of the day at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune. 

In a campaign of contrasts, UP Yoddha face an uphill task of resurrecting their faltering campaign as they push for a win after three straight losses while the Bengal Warriors will be eyeing a hat-trick of wins after comprehensively winning their first two encounters. 

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Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune
Match Start Time
Sat, 20/Oct/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
U.P. Yoddha vs Bengal Warriors
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