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U.P. Yoddha vs Patna Pirates - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
U.P. Yoddha
Patna Pirates
PATNA PIRATES won the match
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That's all from the thrilling clash between Patna and UP, switch tabs to follow all the action from the Thalaivas final home game against the Bengal Warriors here -
The Yoddha will take heart from the fact that they came really close, only to lose in the final raid and will hope to come back stronger in their next game when they face off against the Telugu Titans on Saturday. 
FT: Patna Pirates win 43-41 against the UP Yoddha. 

What a match this transpired to be! Right from the get-go, both the teams picked points and at the half-stage, the Pirates just had a one-point lead. 

However, in the end they managed to pull through, quite literally as they register their first win of the season. 
40' What a finish to the game! Patna was leading by just one point, Shrikant Jadhav came in for the buzzer raid and was brought down by Jaideep. The rest of the defense pounces and only manage to keep their footing in their own half. 
40' Technical point to UP now! Coach Ram Kumar of the Pirates has been given a second warning for coaching from the benches and has gifted away a point to the Yoddha. 
40' Jadhav gets the better of a dash from Kuldeep. 
Last minute of the game. Patna lead by three points. 
40' Finally, Pardeep gets the better of Nitesh Kumar with a hefty touch. 
39' Technical point awarded to Patna! Prashant Rai got a touch point and Rishank charged back onto the mat in a haste, much to the disappointment of the Yoddha. 
Final two minutes coming up. 
Patna Pirates have a two point lead. 
38' Bonus point awarded to Pardeep Narwal!
38' SUPER 10 for Shrikant Jadhav! Jaideep comes in with a dash, Jadhav pauses just in time and rolls under the attempted block. 
Just three minutes left on the clock as the Pirates have a 39-37 lead. 

Can the Yoddha script a comeback or will the Pirates have their first win of the season?
37' Oh, no! Error from Amit! The Yoddha had managed to stop Pardeep in his tracks but Amit steps over the midline and gifts Pardeep two points. 
37' Two point raid for Jadhav! Gets a toe touch first and then powers through a dash from Jaideep. 
36' Top execution of the sliding toe touch as Deepak Narwal sweeps his leg backwards to catch Sagar Krishna off-guard. 
Just a little over five minutes to go as the Pirates have a very slender one-point lead. 
35' Pardeep has been pinned down by Nitesh Kumar, for the third time in this match!
34' Deepak Narwal picks up a bonus point. 
32' The Pirates defense comes to the party as Rishank Devadiga has been brought down by a strong ankle hold from Jaideep. 
32' Pardeep Narwal picks up a bonus point. Wow, that was too easy for him. 
Scores level on 33 apiece now! 
31' Prashant Rai claims a touch on Vikas Kale and he has been granted the point!
31' ALL-OUT on the Patna Pirates! Jawahar Dagar picks up a bonus point, but in the dying moments of his raid, Sagar Krishna picks up an ankle hold. 
30' Shrikant Jadhav reduces the Pirates to just one man as he turns away a tackle from Manjeet. 
30' Manjeet picks up a bonus point. 
The Pirates are down to just two men on the mat. 
29' Top raid from Rishank Devadiga, who swivels on his right foot, sweeps his left foot and gets a sharp toe touch on Jaideep. 
29' Deepak Narwal has been brought down by Nitesh Kumar!
27' SUPER TACKLE for Patna! Wow, that is some effort from Jawahar Dagar, who times his block to perfection, brings his body in Rishank's escape path and receives ample support from Tae Deok Eom. 
Patna Pirates are now down to just three men on the mat. 
26' Pardeep Narwal has been thrown down by Nitesh Kumar, who has had a terrific head to head stat against the Patna skipper. 
25' Shrikant Jadhav carries too much momentum as he goes into the lobbies without a touch. 
REVIEW called in by the Pirates. 

Yet again, a tight call on the bonus point but this time, it goes in favour of the Pirates. 
24' Bonus point attempt is a successful one for Pardeep. 
24' Shrikant Jadhav travels the court at some pace as he gets a running hand touch on Vikas Kale. 
 REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL! A tight review called and that has gone against the Yoddha. 
Review from the Yoddha. 

They are challenging the decision of a bonus point awarded to Deepak Narwal. 
23' Deepak Narwal picks up a bonus point but he has been pinned down by Sagar Krishna's ankle hold. 
23' Prashant Kumar Rai tumbles away through to the midline as he turns away from the left corner's tackle. 
22' Deepak Narwal picks up a comfortable bonus point. 
21' ALL-OUT inflicted on the Yoddha! Rohit, who came in as a substitute picked up a bonus but ran into the open arms of Vikas Kale. 
The Yoddha are down to just one down on the mat as we begin the second half. 
Welcome back to the second half! 

Both the teams have dealt blow for blow and an exciting second half awaits. 
HT: Patna Pirates lead 21-20 over the UP Yoddha. 

This game has swung like a pendulum and is sure to go all the way down to the wire, with both teams looking solid. 
20' Shrikant Jadhav does well to turn away from the dash from Vikas Kale but he has been ushered off the court. 
20' SUPER TEN for Pardeep! He also reduces the Yoddha to just two men on the mat. 
20' Prashant Rai is down on the DO OR DIE raid! Jawahar this time with the ankle hold ends the raid for Rai.
19' Pardeep Narwal strikes as he powers his way through the ankle hold from the right corner. 
18' Mistake from Narender on the DO OR DIE raid! Goes in for an advance tackle ahead of the baulk line as Deepak Narwal tumbles away with an important point. 
17' Rishank has been thrown down on the mat! Kuldeep and Vikas Kale combine to bring the UP Yoddha captain down on the mat. 
16' ALL-OUT inflicted on the Pirates now! This game is swinging like a pendulum! 
Pardeep went in for the raid, UP gave him nothing and the star raider lost out on time as he slowly walked away with a frown on his face. 
15' Patna down to one man now! Brilliant raid from Shrikant Jadhav, who gets a touch on the right corner, and then turns to pick another touch point on Kuldeep Singh, who was late to retreat. 
13' Tae Deok Eom continues to have a poor game as his attempted hold is warded away by Shrikant Jadhav. 
13' SUPER RAID from Rishank Devadiga! What a raid this is, from the UP skipper! Three points! 

Jaideep intentionally comes in with the tackle, Manjeet assists him while Jawahar also pounces in only to see Rishank tumble back to the half-line. 
12' ALL-OUT inflicted on the Yoddha! Prashant Rai picked up the bonus but goes in a little too deep into the right corner and the defense surrounded him to pin him down. 
12' A hapless tackle from substitute Sachin Kumar, as he looks to tackle him in haste, Pardeep pushes him away to go away with another point. 
11' Prashant Rai picks up a bonus point. An easy one at that. 
11' Pardeep Narwal has reduced the Yoddha to just two men on the mat with a hefty touch on Narender. 
10' Shrikant Jadhav looks to escape from Jawahar's ankle hold but is pushed down by the rest of the defense. 
10' Sagar Krishna on this occasion is Pardeep's bunny as the Pirates skipper strikes yet again. 
9' He strikes immediately! A top ankle hold from Kuldeep as Rishank Devadiga is off to the benches. 
Kuldeep Singh comes in for the Pirates. 
9' Pardeep now has two points from two raids as he makes most use of an error from Amit. 
8' Shrikant Jadhav gets a fantastic running hand touch on the DO OR DIE raid! Tae Deok Eom was a little too late in retreating and it was an easy touch for Jadhav. 
6' The UP Yoddha defense is in top form today! Narender from the right cover goes with a double ankle hold on Manjeet and the rest of the defense pounces. 
5' Two points for Rishank! Grapples away from the ankle hold and as he gets back to the mid-line, gets a feather touch with a  dive on Vikas Kale. 
4' First point of the night for Pardeep as he gets a running hand touch on left cover Amit Narwal. 
4' Two bonus points in two raids for Prashant Kumar Rai!
3' Now Deepak Narwal picks up an easy bonus point. 
3' Poor error from Jawahar Dagar as he steps onto the lobbies to gift an easy point to the Yoddha. 
2' Manjeet continues from well he left off last match as he gets a hefty touch on the right cover. 
2' UP Yoddha have run away to a 3-0 lead as Rishank Devadiga picks up a bonus point as well!
1' Prashant Rai picks his first point, a bonus point!
1' Nitesh Kumar pins down Pardeep on the opening raid! Pardeep turns his back to the right corner and he was kept down in a flash. 
Rishank Devadiga wins the toss (Read: Snatches the coin from the umpire) and opts for the court!

Toss time it is!
Here are how the two teams are stacked up for today - 

UP Yoddha: Rishank Devadiga (C), Prashant Kumar Rai, Narender, Amit, Shrikant Jadhav, Nitesh Kumar, Sagar B Krishna. 

Patna Pirates: Pardeep Narwal (C), Deepak Narwal, Manjeet, Jawahar Dagar, Vikas Kale, Tae Deok Eom, Jaideep. 
Right then, the final day of the Chennai leg and we have a spicy contest to start off with!

Team sheets in a while, stay tuned!
The Pirates, under the tutelage of Pardeep Narwal will hope to get back to winning ways after losing out to the Tamil Thalaivas while the Yoddha, who decimated the hosts will be walking into the clash with a whole lot of confidence. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the match between the UP Yoddha and Patna Pirates!
Having been humbled at the hands of the hosts Tamil Thalaivas in the opening encounter of the sixth season, defending champions Patna Pirates will be hoping to get their campaign back on track when they face the UP Yoddha in the opening fixture of the fifth day of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 6. 

The Yoddha, on the other hand will be looking to inflict some more damage onto the Pirates as they will be walking into the match beaming in confidence with a 37-32 win against the Thalaivas sure to hold them in good stead to push for a victory in this encounter. 

Rishank Devadiga and Pardeep Narwal are set to go head to head in this game, which can prove to be yet another thriller! 

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the live updates!
Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai
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U.P. Yoddha vs Patna Pirates
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