नए साल को लेकर WWE सुपरस्टार्स की जबरदस्त प्रतिक्रियाएं

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इस समय विश्वभर में नए साल का बड़े ही शानदार तरीके से जश्न मनाया जा रहा है। जहां हर कोई एक दूसरे को साल 2018 के शुभ संदेश भेज रहे हैं, तो WWE सुपरस्टार्स भी इसमें पीछे नहीं रहे। भले ही WWE सुपरस्टार्स को नए साल के पहले दिन ही रैसलिंग करनी पड़ेगी, लेकिन फिर भी उन्होंने इस दिन को सेलिब्रेट का करने का मौका नहीं छोड़ा। WWE सुपरस्टार्स ने ट्विटर और इंस्टाग्राम अकाउंट पर नए साल को लेकर जबरदस्त प्रतिकयाएं:

(यह साल मेरे काफी खास रहा। मैंने बहुत कुछ देखा और मैंने इस बीच खराब वक्त भी देखा। हालांकि इस बीच मेरी बीवी और बच्चों ने मेरा पूरा साथ दिया।"

(2018 में भी सैमी और केविन शो जारी रहेगा।"

(मैं नए साल को मरीस के अलावा और किसी के साथ भी सेलिब्रेट नहीं कर सकता था।"

Happy Rusev Day! #HappyNewYear #2018 #WWE A post shared by Samir Singh - WWE Superstar (@harvsihra_wwe) on
2017....a year where: The IC Title became the most talked about, most relevant, most prestigious title in @wwe. No Title was featured more whether on Live Events, Raw, PPV, appearances, signings, and/or TV/Radio interviews. As much as I like to give all the credit to myself. WWE isn’t a one man show. It takes not only another dance partner in the ring but so many people behind the scenes as well. Thank you to all who helped make this happen. and if you thought I was annoying in 2017 wait till I get an even bigger head in 2018. I hosted The Challenge: Champs Vs Stars Season 2. From season 1 to season 2 the ratings went up 20%. I applaud the cast for not only bringing the funny, the drama, and the competitive spirit that makes this show so entertaining but for competing to raise money and awareness for charity. I loved being able to come back to the place that allowed me to realize I could do anything I set my mind to. I starred in my 4th Marine movie: The Marine 6: Close Quarters. My dad would always take me to movies when I was a kid. I would see movie posters and dream someday maybe that could be me. I am so proud and honored to be apart of this franchise. Our Armed Forces are the real action heroes. I saw that first hand on the holiday USO Tour. I shared the ring at Wrestlemania w/ my wife in front of 75,000 in the audience & millions watching at home I got to tag w/ my wife for the 1st time. I didn’t think anything could be bigger until @marysemizanin is pregnant. My boys can swim and we will be welcoming a baby girl in the spring. I can’t wait to meet her, hold her, guide her, most importantly love her the best I can. Maryse is the best tag team partner a man could ever ask for. Can’t wait to tag her in for diaper duty ? 2018 is a perfect year to set new goals. I’m excited to see where life takes me. I want to do the best I’ve ever done in WWE. I want to star in a movie to be released in theaters. I want to continue to host The Challenge. I want to be the best Dad I can be. I want to have the confidence to set goals that no matter how out of reach they are I know with hard work I will achieve them. #2017bestnine A post shared by Mike "The Miz" Mizanin (@mikethemiz) on

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