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Best and Worst of RAW- 27 August, 2018

Riju Dasgupta
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This week's episode of RAW had its ups and downs!
This week's episode of RAW had its ups and downs!

I personally love it when WWE goes to Canada for their shows. The audience is always enthusiastic and they lap up all the action in the ring. Therefore, I did not feel my interest wane throughout this week's RAW episode. The audience was loud and that's always half the battle won.

But then again, I did have a few issues with this week's show. I will detail them for you in this article, as I've done on a weekly basis thus far. Overall, I thought this week's episode was quite solid.

Then again, I know that you may have an opinion that is contrary to mine. I invite you to write in and share your thoughts about what transpired this week.

Here is my take on the good and bad from this week's episode of RAW.

#1 Best: The Intercontinental Championship open challenge match

Owens and Rollins put on the match of the night
Owens and Rollins put on the match of the night

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens stole the show in Canada. And when I say this, I do not just mean their fantastic back and forth contest in the squared circle. Kevin Owens came out, addressed the crowd in Toronto, and despite the monstrous reaction he got in the beginning, got them to boo him. It was masterfully done and certainly got me to pop quite hard.

And then, we were treated to a fantastic contest in the middle of the ring. At certain points, it even seemed like Owens would become the Intercontinental Champion before a Canadian audience. Rollins picked up a win, if only just barely.

I would really love to see more contests between these two men down the road. They are exceptionally gifted and never phone it in when the bell rings.

Maybe Owens will even become Intercontinental Champion, down the line.

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