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3 Superstars who could replace Seth Rollins in The Shield

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The Shield reunited after SummerSlam 2018
The Shield reunited after SummerSlam 2018

This week’s RAW wasn’t pretty for The Shield, as they were first arrested and taken to jail, but soon returned quickly only to be handed a beating by the heel side of the RAW roster.

While the rest of the roster decided that it was a good idea to sit back and watch the three men get beaten up, Corbin called out the heels to take down The Shield as they made their way to take on Ziggler, McIntyre, and Strowman.

Once the dust settled, it was seen that Seth Rollins of The Shield picked up a legitimate injury during the beating and was seen bleeding profusely from his left arm. This was a result of being thrown through the police van window that The Shield has commandeered in order to return to RAW.

The extent of Seth’s injury is unknown, and we are unaware if he will require some time off to recover from the injury or not. Here we speculate the names of a few superstars who could take his place in The Shield for the days to come, in case he is set to miss out to recover.

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#3 Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle joined The Shield for TLC PPV and house shows
Kurt Angle joined The Shield for TLC PPV and house shows

The current General Manager of RAW has been sent on a vacation by Stephanie McMahon as The Authority was not happy with the way he justly handled the superstars. Instead, they’ve appointed Baron Corbin, who plays a heel, as the acting General Manager of RAW.

Reports suggest that Kurt Angle has already been training hard and plans to make an in-ring return sooner than later. It’s still unknown whether he plans to do so as a part-time or full-time wrestler. However, it’s safe to assume that this storyline will play a major role in him making his comeback as a wrestler.

Angle has been a part of The Shield for a few matches in the past replacing Roman Reigns during TLC. He could possibly make his return as a substitute for the injured Rollins, and help Reigns and Ambrose go against Ziggler, McIntyre, and Strowman before going after Corbin and getting his authority back on RAW.

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