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5 Ways That Brock Lesnar Could Return To WWE

Riju Dasgupta
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#4 Attacking the brand new Paul Heyman guy

Now, this could be a potentially exciting storyline
Now, this could be a potentially exciting storyline for sure

While Brock Lesnar may have left WWE for the time being, the rumour is that Paul Heyman will stay put, in the company. There has certainly been a lot of buzz about him aligning with Kevin Owens, and making him his new WWE client. If so, I can certainly imagine a very angry beast. One who will return for retribution and revenge when it's his time.

Owens or whoever Heyman's client is could definitely mix it up with Lesnar, when The Beast makes his big WWE return. In fact, this would be a far more interesting storyline than seeing a part-time champion who only contests against one challenger, time and time again. It would also be interesting to see Kevin Owens attempt sneaky tactics to get one up.

There's always the possibility that Owens will not be Paul Heyman's next client in WWE. If so, Lars Sullivan or whoever it is, could have a Beast vs. Beast encounter.

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