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What if Brock Lesnar leaves WWE with the Universal Championship after SummerSlam?

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Brock Lesnar walks into SummerSlam as Universal Champion. But what if he walks out the same way?
Brock Lesnar walks into SummerSlam as Universal Champion. But what if he walks out the same way--and leaves the company?

Brock Lesnar has now held the Universal Championship for well over a year. There are elements of his reign that have worked well, like being a dominant monster heel and his part-time schedule facilitate a special aura around him. However, there are also pieces of this title run that have been less comfortable, like pervasive rumors that he’s leaving WWE, and the uncertainty imposed by his appearance at UFC 226 when he challenged heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier to a fight.

WWE is all but defined these days by walking a razor’s edge between fact and fiction, and playing the perceptions of fans and dirt sheets into storylines to take advantage of extra intrigue. Additionally, there's the latest report that Lesnar has a special meeting with officials coming up shortly.

But there remains the possibility that Lesnar actually is at odds with WWE management, and is either looking to leave and pursue MMA alone for the months ahead or is at least willing to screw WWE in favor of his UFC ambitions. Underlying all of this drama is the fact that Lesnar is big, legitimately dangerous man. To put a finer point on it, while Lesnar hasn’t shown the strongest commitment to wrestling or caring about his legacy in WWE, there’s still no making him do business in the ring. While it would likely ruin his relationship with WWE, he probably could go into business for himself and never be physically forced to lose his title if he didn’t want to.

This article speculates what might happen if Brock Lesnar were to leave WWE with the Universal Championship.

#5 Lesnar Goes On the Blacklist

Lesnar Shane
If Brock Lesnar walks with the title, he'll have a hard time ever repairing his relationship with WWE.

While Brock Lesnar may not always see eye to eye with Vince McMahon and other top executives at WWE, he nonetheless seems to understand wrestling as a business, does what he needs to maintain his place in that business.

There is a question, though, as to whether how far Lesnar would be willing to bend in terms of dates worked, or his image if WWE wanted him to do something he really didn’t want to, like work a show he wasn’t interested in working and lose a match he didn’t want to lose.

If Lesnar were to either make his own decisions about how to perform in a match or simply not agree to appear after retaining his title, it would mean committing one of WWE’s least forgivable sins. To walk from WWE with a title carries the old school implication of being kayfabe better than anyone in the company, and leaving behind a second-rate roster that could never beat him.

It’s clear WWE sees money in Lesnar, and thus gives him big money contracts and works around his very limited schedule. If he were to walk with the title, though, it’s unlikely WWE would be willing to work with him again.

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